Red Dead Redemption: Dueling Tips

In Red Dead Redemption for the PS3 and Xbox 360, dueling is a fun little game in itself. Some people will randomly duel you, some missions will force a duel, and if you get caught at poker you’ll be forced into a duel. You had better be prepared, and the tutorial in game doesn’t exactly tell you everything you need to know.

First off, once the duel starts hold the right analog stick down (direction down, not clicked down) to ready your hand for the draw. Once the word “Draw” comes up on the screen, quickly push up on the right analog stick to position your reticle over your opponent.

You’ll notice a few things. You and your opponent both have bars in the bottom right hand of the screen, yours is blue and your opponents is red. Whoever fills their bar the quickest with accurate shots wins the duel. Also, you’ll notice that your reticle goes from red to white in a pulsing fashion when you have your opponent targeted. Squeeze the right trigger right as soon as the reticle goes white to fill your bar faster.

You can either target head and body shots for a quick kill, or target their draw hand to disarm them and get more honor. Don’t unload into their arm though, because you can still kill them that way. It only takes about two well timed shots to their draw hand to disarm them, and you get +100 honor every time you win a duel this way, so it is to your benefit if you want high honor.

You can force a lot of duels by getting caught cheating at poker with the Elegant Suit. Use the disarm method every time and you’ll rack up a lot of easy honor with minimal work.

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