League of Legends: How to Get IP Fast

In League of Legends, you get IP primarily by winning matches, but what are the fastest ways to get IP in the game? Here are some tips to help you out, especially if you’re a beginner that’s new to the game.

  • Every 22 hours you get 150IP for winning a match, so this should always be your first priority
  • Win more matches than you lose, since you get more from winning than you do from losing
  • Play Normal matches and Summoner’s Rift as these don’t have IP penalties like Custom matches do
  • Try to win a match right around 11 minutes to maximize your IP, since you don’t gain IP for matches under 11 minutes
  • Refer friends to play the game and get them to level 5 to gain RP which you can spend on champions or skins
  • If you’re having trouble winning matches, play custom games against bots to maximize your IP gains and learn the basics
  • Got some money sitting around? Buy IP bonuses from the Store

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