The Sims Medieval: Cheat Codes

The Sims Medieval for the PC has some cheat codes that can help you out. I’ll be posting more here as they become available.

Cheat Codes

These have to be done from the cheat console. To bring up the console, hit Ctrl+Shift+C. Type in the following codes for the corresponding cheat:

1,000 Simoleons – kaching

50,000 Simoleons – motherlode

FPS Counter – fps on (to disable, type fps off)

Full Screen – fullscreen on

Hide Sims Thought Bubbles – hideheadlineeffects on (to disable, type hideheadlineeffects off)

Llama Mode – enablellamas on (to disable, type enablellamas off)

Re-Roll Current Quests – rerollquests

Set Resources – setkp # (example: SetKP 100)

Set Quest Points – setqp # (example: SetQP 100)

Turn Off Responsibilities – enablerespos

Turn On Responsibilities – disablerespos

Unlock All Quests – showallquests

Window Mode – fullscreen off

General Cheats

Change Light Color and Options – In Furnishing mode, hover over a light fixture and press Ctrl+Shift on your keyboard. It will bring up a couple options, like to turn off the light, light sensitivity, and color.

Partial Floor Pattern – In Furnishing mode, selec the floor pattern you want. Press and hold the Shift button over the floor panel you want to cover. When you left click while holding shift, you’ll be able to place a partial floor pattern instead of filling the entire square.

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  1. jacey! says

    hi, I have done all the file changing and changing the 0 to 1 but when i went back on to my game, I typed in setKP and it said unknown command? and I was doing the command changing while sims medieval open in the tab, please help! I don’t know what I have done wrong!

  2. Ingrid says

    I have the simsmedieval original, and that evening i was looking for that “game data” and that other things….. But i don’t find!!!! Please, help I really need :”(

  3. keke says

    Ok so i changed the testingcheatsenabled in the folder of gamedata then non packages then ini. The resources cheat is not working at all what now only the money and if i put these cheats in will i be able to do my quest since it makes the game interesting.

  4. Pknight says

    Can anyone help me, I uncheck read only so I could change testingCheatsenable=0 to testingCheatsenable=1 but when I apply changes an error came up saying error applying attributes access is denied. Is there any way I could enable testingCheatsenable orhelp me with this error. Please help and sorry for my English.

    • Hackz GoD says

      You have to right click the Commands.ini file, and go to “Properties”. Then you must uncheck the “Read Only” attribute. Then you have to go to “Security” and edit the “Users” permissions. Just check all the boxes for permissions and it should be allright ;) REMEMBER TO CREATE A BACKUP FILE OF THE COMMANDS.INI

  5. Mike says

    Hello, i did what you said, and when i am clicking on the save button it says i am not allowed too, i don’t have internet explorer, i use google chrome, what do i do now?

    • Michelle says

      You need to save it to the desktop (make sure you have a backup file of the original) and drag it into where the original was located!

  6. Laura PendulumPixie says

    I’ve unlocked all the ambitions and my watcher achievement level has gone up to ‘Gazemaster’ But I’ve completed stuff towards it (like making a perfect doomsword, and other stuff) & it’s not gone up. I’ve tried both testingcheatsenabled both ON and OFF. I’m on ambition: An Eternal Kingdom, and I just want to unlock things with the Watcher achievement level. I keep doing tasks towards it but it doesn’t do anything. Whether it’s to do with that particular ambition, I don’t know. Please help if you can! :)

    • AlexandriaSharli says

      When u first start the Eternal Kingdom It tells u anything u complete will never satisficing so u can never complete the Enternal Kingdom or get more points on ur watcher achievement levels so i would suggest maybe u starting another kingdom on a different ambition so u can get points on ur watcher achievements because the enternal Kingdom is just for fun.

  7. KT says

    I have enabled the testing cheats and finished the first Ambition but failed because i just put up 5 buildings instead of 6. Now my RP is in 0. I tried using the cheats setKP or setkingdompoints but my RP is still not increasing.

    What do I do? Please help!

  8. Helpmeplz says

    Okay i have trying to change the Command file but everytime i have set 0 to 1 and saves it it asks me if i want to overwrite the old one then i click yes and then it says acces Denied???? and the file isnt writeting protected help fast plz

    • dani says

      mine dose that to even after i turned off my user account settings and im administrator. it wont let me uncheck the read only it denies it every damn time

        • Hackz GoD says

          You have to right click the Commands.ini file, and go to “Properties”. Then you must uncheck the “Read Only” attribute. Then you have to go to “Security” and edit the “Users” permissions. Just check all the boxes for permissions and it should be allright REMEMBER TO CREATE A BACKUP FILE OF THE COMMANDS.INI

  9. Leona McKinney says

    Has the new 2.0 patch interferred with some of these cheats? I can no longer drag the hunger or energy bar up, or enter the quest points and resource points cheats.

  10. Cam says

    Hey, I modified the ini file and everything works as you said it should, but I can no longer save any of my games. When i hit save (and hits save multiple times) it acts like it has saved, but then when i quit and open the game again, it says no games are saved and i have to create a new one every time. help!!

    • says

      An ini file is just a text file with commands in it. If you’re not familiar or comfortable with that though, you may want to leave that part alone.

  11. EmpressEmmie says

    + any sim pulls up the wheel that allows you to set relationship, profession, etc. This was HUGELY helpful with the marriage quests.

    • Haily says

      I have done all that you have said about changing the admin and the testingcheats but i still can not change the clothes. plus i did the cheat to unlock all quests, but when i try to do the quest political marriage it wont let me i dont know why. I have put all my spy and knight onto high level and monarch is not married just started new game thinking that is what it was. But it still says that the monarch has to be unmarried. please help i’m getting really fustrated. And is there a cheat to up the watcher points?

  12. Jennie says

    I have opened all the files but they don’t have a “testingcheatsenabled = 0″ anywhere. I have looked through about 4 times! Help??

  13. Lillith says

    Sorry nevermind I figured it out. I had to go to properties, then I unchecked “read me only”…now it works like a charm!

  14. Lillith says

    I am running on Windows 7 and I’m trying to modify the comand file on my laptop but it’s a read me only file.

    I’ve done the UAC thing to disable the controls, I’ve also done the internet explorer thing where you run as administrater and it’s still not letting me save the changes to the commands file. Does anyone know a way to fix this?

  15. Alisha says

    Go to the INI folder in your Sims 3 install directory (Default: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini) and right click “Commands.ini”. Select “properties”, and uncheck “Read Only”. Not right click again and choose to “Open With…” notepad. Change “TestingCheatsEnabled=0″ to “TestingCheatsEnabled=1″ (WITHOUT quotation marks). Save this, and if asked to overwrite, choose Yes. Now when you load up the game, you should be able to just click and drag the Hunger/Energy bars left or right to make them full or empty, same with your sim relationship bars. In addition, the “help” console command should give you a list of additional cheats.

    • Lithandra says

      I’m running Vista and when I go to change the INI file for my Sims Medieval it won’t allow the changes. I am set as the Admin and I allow it when the popup comes up, however it fails every time. Suggestions?

      • says

        You may want to look into turning off User Account Control. If not, maybe try to run Explorer as an administrator. Even though you’re logged in as an admin, it doesn’t always give you admin rights to all folders (because MS thinks you’re dumb like that). Click Start -> Accessories and right click the Explorer icon, and click Run as Adminstrator. Browse to the file and see if you can modify it properly.

        • Amber says

          Ok now i have done all that you said about the settings. Now the cheats work but I still cant change the dam clothes ive tried. When I do either left or right click. When I left click I get animation choices which I dont know what half of them mean. But when I right click it just shows a 4 way arrow, then I go to dresser and nothing so what now? Maybe i’m still doing it wrong?

  16. Amber says

    I tried changing the childrens clothes and it doesnt work for me. Is there something I could be doing wrong? hold shift down and right click right? and your showallquests doesnt work either.

  17. Amber says

    So I guess this is probably a dumb question but do the children ever grown up and how many babies can a hero have? I have asked all over and no one answers me. I like your set up very easy to find answers thank you.

    • says

      I don’t believe so, that’s more in The Sims 3. This version is more adventuring than micro-management from TS3. And thanks for the compliment, always appreciated.

  18. Amyt says

    I have been looking for the testingheatsEnabled true cheat, i have looked EVERYWHERE but i cant find it. PLEASE HELP ME.

    P.S. you can find me on facebook as amytaylor. the pitcher is a cat with a shot gun.

    • northpm says

      amyt, you have to edit a file for that one, open your game directory, \The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini follow those folders, open command.ini, change 0 to 1 after testingcheatsenabled, save, and then you have the cheat

      • Amber says

        how can some one like me( not totally illiterate of the computer) do that? i downloaded a file called regwork to open packages is that what i need to do, cuz i’d really like to use more cheats on the game but cant. I can only use so far is the money part. Is there an easy way for you to explain how to be a real gamer like you helped amyt?

        • Amber says

          oh my god you insult my name. just to let you know the folder named NONPACKAGED doesnt contain packages you get into the folder. Open the ini folder, and find the Commands document, make sure to save a copy of this file ON YOUR DESKTOP for EASY ACCESS. Then open the document called Commands. after that highlight this line ‘ TestingCheatsEnabled=0 ‘ and right click paste THIS LINE where that one is ‘ TestingCheatsEnabled=1 ‘

  19. LordLago says

    My daughter Princess Serenity looks like a boy so thanks for the tip on how to change the childrens clothes.

  20. Mary Watkins says

    You can change the clothing and hair style of the children in the game ( most look like street urchins!)by right clicking on one of them while holding ‘Shift’ down. This will add the selected child to the list of current playable people. Then select the child, click on any closet or trunk to open it and you can change what their wearing. To de-select them you do the same thing. I did this and now my children look much better and my princess looks like a princess!

  21. CPBonner says


    It appears that it IS required to modify the INI file for that cheat to work. I was trying to use ‘SetKingdomPoints’, but it wouldn’t work until I altered the INI file.

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