Resident Evil 5: How to Unlock Infinite Ammo for Any Weapon

Q: How do I get unlimited ammo for the weapons in Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360 or PS3?

A: There are few requirements in order unlock infinite ammo for the weapons in Resident Evil 5. It is possible to get unlimited ammo for every major weapon in the game, but to unlock infinite ammo for the rocket launcher is little bit harder.

First we’ll to through the main weapons, so this applies to all weapons except for the rocket launcher and grenade launcher. The grenade launcher does not have an infinite ammo option.

1) The first criteria is that you have to finish the game on any difficulty.

2) You have to upgrade all attributes of a weapon that you want to have unlimited ammo with. This includes piercing, critical hit, or any other extra stat. Every possible upgrade must be purchased.

3) Go to Bonus Features and purchase the unlimited ammo cheat for that gun with the points you’ve been getting from ranks and emblems during levels. This must be done for every weapon you want unlimited ammo for.

4) Go to Special Settings and turn on Unlimited Ammo, this should only need to be done once.

5) Now there should be a setting when you start a new game to enable infinite ammo. It’s on one of the last screens when you start a game, on the same screen as choosing your network settings, etc.

You should now have unlimited ammo with the weapon(s) you’ve unlocked so far, and it should automatically apply the cheat for any new weapons you purchase it for as well.

Check out my other article if you’re trying to unlock infinite ammo for the rocket launcher.


  • If you need more points, run through short levels (like Savanna, level 2-3) with a powerful weapon multiple times to get maximum points for your time. Level 3-1 has a few gems in the starting spot as well if you have a keen eye, so don’t forget to pick them up before you save and quit, to get a little extra money. One is on the left in a skull, the other is a bug on the fence on the right.
  • Max out a magnum first and unlock the unlimited ammo for it, this will speed up the time it takes to get the points you need
  • One easy way to get a lot of money quickly is to go to the end of level 5-3 Uroboros Research Facility, where you fight Jill and Wesker. Once past the cut scene, grab all of the items in this level, totaling to about 10 to 11k worth of money. There are a ton of vases here with gold, ammo, herbs, gems, and a sarcophagus with several gems and a L. Hawk Magnum you can sell over and over again for money and magnum ammo. Once you have everything you want, do not restart but choose to Quit and you are able to save your character’s status. Keep continuing to this spot and you’ll rack up money pretty quickly, and even quicker with a partner.
  • Another easy way to get money is level 5-1 Underground Garden. You can either take them out very quickly if you have unlimited rocket launcher ammo, or you can pop them once with your fully upgraded S&W M500. Do the same thing here, Quit, save, and do it again.

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  1. michael says

    how do i get infinity ammo for sheva cause me friend upgradet the l hawk, he got everything you need to do for infinity ammo but when i start the game the infinity ammo wont work on sheva, but for chris

    mail me please

  2. rockefeller 2.0 says

    way way back the person who did this article wrote got to the underground garden and pop them once with the s and w 500 unlimited ammo or rocket launcher yea ummm pop wat exactly? plz answer asap thank you

    • Haider says

      Are you using a grenade launcher? Dont, its a crappy weapon against wesker. use a shotgun, magum or machine gun.

      • jamster says

        a shotgun against wesker! I am not on that level yet but wesker seems pretty hard I think a grenade launcher against wesker would be useful

  3. umar says

    I am sorry but my question is not related to unlimited ammo but do any of you know how to unlock the flame thrower

  4. Thatguytony says

    soo….i have to finish the game to get infinite ammo???? the game is hard enough once i don’t wanna replay it.

  5. Corey059 says

    If you want to get alot of bonus cash, the best chapter to get money on is 5-3. That chapter is worth 63,500. You dont have to break the crates for the money. Just get the jewels and mow down the big black guys and the lickers. Plus if you want the heart of africa treasure (Worth 10,000) bring along a Rocket launcher from chapter 3-1. To get the Heart of africa at the end of the chapter when you have 7 minuts to run from wesker, just go upstairs on the balcony, get the jewel, then jump down and examine the blue door. Wesker will kick you into the door. run throughout the corridors and get all the treasures in there. Now back to the heart of africa. When wesker cant see you in the corridors shoot him with the rocket launcher. He will grab the rocket and hold it infront of his face, shoot the rocket and he will fall to a knee, then either shoot him with a powerfull gun or combo melee him. He will say self ritchous fools or somthing like that and then run away and cut the 7 minuts short (thats how you know you did it right). Anyways once you start the part where your pulling the thing off jills chest, run downstairs and inbetween the stairs next to the green herb should be the heart of africa. (Worth 10,000 and also only place ((that ive found)) to get in the game) — sorry for rambling and not giving best instructions, im really tired. lol

  6. Anonymous says

    Just google and grab the RE5 trainer. Infinite health, ammo, money, experience, etc. You can ammo and gold farm anyways, so the trainer just cuts out the hours of saving and replaying.

  7. Fearful spectre says

    I’m having trouble getting unlimited ammo, and need help (xbox), if you can help, add “Fearful Spectre”. The problem is that I just killed wesker, skipped the credits, and saved, (on amateur), When I went to the bonus features, I scrolled down and saw the guns I’ve fully upgraded. There was no amount of points necessary to buy them, and when I pressed A, a dull noise sounded. When I got to the “New game+”, no extra option is shown. Did I do something wrong?

    • says

      Go back to the level select screen and make sure you have a registered “played” time on all levels. Did it unlock the Mercenary mode on the main screen? If not then this might be the issue, like a level didn’t get registered so it thinks you didn’t fully beat the game.

  8. darkangel says

    hehe i think i figured it out all by myself just keep running around collect all ammo and mines and grenades so i have anough to defeat the big machine gun guy to get the keycard A too get in the door i needed 2 keycards after i got all ammo i quit and saved game a few times and heading back to the tanker now to defeat him..

  9. darkangel says

    I have a problem im stuck on the ship trying to defead the big fat machine gun guy so i can get the keycard A from him for the door that keeps following me around i have little ammo and 2 proxmity minds and 2 grenades and not much ammo please help ty

    • moeeram45 says

      hey listen just add me on the xbox360 and i well help u ok cuz i got alot of infenite ammo and longbow,galtting gun and s&w m5000 fully upgrade just please add me my account name is moeeram45

  10. victoria says

    i tried to get infinite ammo my partner has it but i cant get it i have all the same guns can someone please tell me how i can get it

    • says

      @victoria Follow the directions.. it’s all laid out for you in my guide. It doesn’t matter if your partner has the same guns or not, you have to do everything to unlock them on your profile.

  11. Elva says

    is there any way to get infinite hand and incendinary grenades, and golden eggs for Resident evil 5 (system: xbox 360)

  12. CrystalPhoenix2 says

    Ok, you guys need to read for once, all of you are asking questions that have already been answered!

    Infinite Rocket: Any mode complete all chapters in under 5 hours, (5:00:00) totoal game play

    You get infinate ammo option for the 1 gun you fully upgrade, if you wish to upgrade other weapons then be sure to upgrade every last one of them fully, then once you did the game on any difficulty at any time then you can exchange points at the Bonus Features for the infinit ammo at the bottom of the list, then once you have exchanged the exact points for the ammo, go to specil features and turn the limit OFF, the when you start the game and make sure you don’t have any ammo restrictions when it asks you before you start the game.

    And for those of you idiots who havent noticed how to get points, you have to get the the end of a mission to earn it, you don’t get points for BSAA Emblems, they just unlock figures and outfits in Bonus Features! You can also earn points at the end of a mercanairies game.

    I came on this site for one reason, to find out how people get infinite eggs, or atleast hold over 800 or 1400 granades or gold eggs in 1 slot each, and what do I find? Idiots asking questions that have been answered but they are to lazy to read through any one elses comments to find what their looking for, I honistly feel sorry for the people who tryed to tell you what to do, they more than likely feel like they wasted their time on you, next time don’t rush through things, stop and read before you ask the same question as someone else who got an answer that can be seen by other people, this does not apply to the people who have’nt asked a prev question by someone else.

    P.S: The reason people who join your game don’t have infinite ammo and you do, the answer is simple, they have’nt completed the game and unlocked the ammo!
    Also your AI partner can use infinite ammo.

    Now if anyone needs any help if they are stuck then feel free to ask me for help and let me take care of all the enemys, I could also help you get infinite rocket launcher, I have it as well as all shot guns infinite, all magnums infinite, all but 1 hand gun infinte, 1 or 2 infinite machine guns, 1 infinite rifle, sheva’s bow and chris’s Gattlen Gun.
    If you need help then my XboxLive name is exactly the same as the one I am using to post this, “CrystalPhoenix2″. Send me a message asking for help and I will invite you if I am not helping someone else or playing something else.

    Now then, other than duplicating them, (Sick of hearing about duplicating eggs!) how do you get infinate eggs and or granades?

  13. Mikes big dick says

    Me and my friend beat the whole game on split screen co op and were on our second run thru. I already have unlimited ammo for the M4, and he just upgraded the magnum ALL THE WAY. For some reason it will not allow us to get infinite ammo for the magnum. When he upgraded it, it gave us the new S+W 500 mag, but we cannot, for some reason, get the ammo for the Magnum. He is second player (Sheva). I was wondering if its because hes second player, or is there some other reason why??? Please answer ASAP, it would be appreciated

    • says

      Did you purchase the unlimited ammo for the S&W 500 under Bonus Features? Each player has to upgrade the gun fully before you can purchase the unlimited ammo as well. Also, each person has to do it from the menu, so if the second player needs to purchase the unlimited ammo upgrade, have them sign in and start the game to access Bonus Features on their profile, purchase it, then save and quit.

  14. Dazia says

    So, my friend upgraded the Magnum, got the unlimited ammo. I tried to at the second player, upgraded the SAME model gun… and I do not have infinite ammo :/

    • says

      @Dazia Don’t forget you have to go to Bonus Features on YOUR profile and purchase the unlimited ammo upgrade for yourself as well. A lot of people forget this step.

      • JoBo says

        Actually, there IS a bug in RE5 XBOX, where you will NOT see the infinite ammo symbol next to the upgraded weapon on the inventory screen. But when you start the next level it shows up. I have inf ammo for both magnums and we plow thru ganados like they’re paper mache…

  15. kelmo says

    actually the big fat machinegunners are called jay jays or gatlingunmajini , and u dont go to town on the shoot them in the face with any magnum 2 times then kick,or hook them then repeat.

  16. Unbeatable says

    I beat the whole game, I bought unlimited ammo for my magnum, I went to special settings and then turned it on, then I went into game and turned it on and I still did not have unlimited ammo. HELP?

    • aynonyoms says

      y dont u click start then quit the go back to the mission and it wiil pop up and say options for your partner and under that is infinate ammo if off then turn it on and there u go

  17. William Birkins says

    I already have infinite ammo for all weapons including the rocket launcher, just needed to see if there was infinite ammo for the Grenade Launhcer. Oh well though, probably gonna start a new account to play through from the beginning again.

  18. Leon s kennedy says

    I bought a ps3 two days back and completed this game today morn.. I really enjoyed this experience and am now looking forward to playing it all again from the beginning. But, if u don’t mind me sayin, don’t u guys think this game is a little short compared to the rest of the ps3 games? Anyways thank you all soooo much for all these tips on unlimited ammo.. Keep rockin…

  19. Jacob says

    Now i know how to get infinite ammo for the guns now,thank you everyone,or someone.i don’t know.Now i can get more of those blue things in the game!

  20. lil rocky says

    there are somethng you have to do to get some good weapons which is through story mode in the beginging were you first start getting weapons like here are some examples
    vz61= gattling gun for chris only tho
    itcha= hydra
    magnum= s&w
    s75= long bow for sheva only but gives 1,500 damage

    enjoy i hope this helps with some of your guys questions and hope to play with you guys on re5 sometime =D

  21. noobs says

    lol.. to all whos wondering how to get the unlimited ammo
    =all the guns can be unlimited easily except the rocket launcher and grende launcher….. JUST FULLY UPGRADE THE GUN UNTIL THERES NOTHING ELSE TO UPGRADE THEN…. GO TO BONUS FEATURES AND BUY THE FUNCTION TO BE UNLIMITED
    EX. Hydra (unlimited sign) ammo
    =now for the rocket launcher finish the freaking game in any diffculty in less than 5 hours… if your really fast you can already get it on chapter 5 and up :D
    TIP: do it on amateur mode do not mind the loots just keep going to your destination…

    like me I finished every chapter in less than 15 minutes :D

    =Im not really sure how to get unlimited ammo in the grenade launcher =.=

  22. HELLGOD says

    If you want to get a lot of extra money, play either chapter 3-2, 4-1, or 4-2. Kill all of the extra enemies(chainsaw man, giant majini, etc.) If youve beat the game once, the chainsaw man and big man majini will drop more valuble treasures than in the first playthrough. You should get around 25,000 gold on each of these chapters, which you can complete in about 15 minutes each.

  23. Oliver Winston says

    does anyone have a step by step procedure for completing the savannah level on veteran mode? No matter what strategy I employ, my health-bar immediately decreases by at least a quarter, and sometimes by even half, long before I’m even close to finishing the Ndesu with the gatling gun in the back of the jeep. Some sessions I’ve sat and died and re-started back-to-back for 2-3 hours (on veteran mode only), and just cannot get it done. What am I doing wrong?

    • says

      @helper B.O.W. stands for “Bio Organic Weapon”. Basically, most of the creatures you roam around killing used to be humans or animals, that are now turned into B.O.W.’s.

  24. helper says

    To get unlimited ammo all you have to do is beat the game on any diffacalty and upgrade the gun you want it for all the way, then go to special settings and turn on ulimited ammo and buy the thing with your points and there you go

  25. helper says

    To get easy money all you have to do is replay the first level, kill the big dude with the axe and grab his ring when you killed him. His ring is worth 5,000 dollars. To skip the movies like in the first level when jill is walking around the guy and turns him into a zombie, all you have to do is hit the select button. Note- this is for the PS3.

  26. sami says

    i already finish the game and easy mode and it came on the network screen infinite ammo i put yes then it still dosnt come infinite ammo

    • Pyro says

      Well I have only played the campaign once or twice but you have to beat the campaign on any difficulty > fully upgrade any weapon you want > then unlock the feature that costs 15,000 > then on special settings make sure you make the ammo limit “on” > then you make it so it shows unlimited ammo where you are talking about “on the network screen infinite ammo i put yes then it still dosnt come infinite ammo” have fun playing RE 5.

  27. Ross says

    To beat to two fat guys with mini guns, I used proximity mines I had spare (they are cheap to buy anyways) I planted them at the tops of all the ladders and on ramps etc where I knew they’d definitely get walked into and hid up the top of the level where you get the first aid spray, waited for them to make their way up then finished them off once they reached me, simples

  28. :) REEADDDDDDD says




    Anyone need my help on Xbox Live for unlimited ammo, campaign help or anything else, contact me by sending me a message to the Gamertag of Turbo Toaster 4 (Spaces and caps)

    • says

      @KaRM3nS InF3RnO lol.. it’s a game my friend, do you expect it to be like real life? And your previous comments probably got deleted for being off topic.. not to mention your derogatory comment, which I don’t allow. Kids read this blog after all. As far as L4D2, sure it’s a decent game.. but personally, I prefer RE5 because of the unlockables and the gameplay. If you don’t care for RE5 then go play L4D2 by all means.. I don’t see why it’s necessary to get on here to complain about RE5.

    • Sam says

      Hey guys i’m finishing resident evil 5 in all difficulty(amatepur,normal,vetranand professional).and i’m upgrade all weapon and unlimited it.the game is to hard .

  29. J-RAD says

    Thanx a-bunch dude for this guide! i knew u could get infaninte ammo on here but i just didnt know how. but i only hev one question: WTF is a S&W M500?

  30. daniel da bomb says

    the easiest was to destroy the to fat guys and bugs is wait till the fat guys come and go were they came frome an u will find a turret u can use it took me 2-3 min. u guys eally need to be more observent it saves lots of ammo and for those who run oput of ammo just buy a rocket launcher and wait till u see his chest and bammmmmm!!!!!

  31. Katie says

    Ok I have been reading, and the best way to defeat the 2 mini gun guys, (I forgot which level) if you look around, there is a emplaced Mini gun.. I had my Ai partner get on it and bam..easy, as for the last boss I sacfriced my pistol which needed 1 more upgrade to be full done, and bought a Rpg, so before hand going into the fight, savve a rpg, it took him out in 1 hit for me =D

  32. WhiteGhost90 says

    I’ll help u get infinite ammo on RE5 , If u give me a $50 dollar psn card just add WhiteGhost90 & send me a psn card code & ill help u get infinite ammo 4 all ur guns.

  33. WhiteGhost90 says

    Who needs help on RE5 with trying 2 get infinite ammo, treasure & the BSAA emblems. Just add WhiteGhost90 & i’ll try 2 help u get all of it. (PS3 only)

  34. madasever7 says

    i am so mad i maxed out a shotgun a hydra a magnum the l hawk and when trying to get infinite ammo i couldnt buyi t and it wasnt on special features do i need gold edition if i do i will be pissed

    • says

      @madasever7 Did you complete story mode first? Are you sure that the gun is maxed out on every stat? I know the guide works, so please double check what you’ve done so far and that you’re doing it properly.

  35. Agnes Monica (Malaysia) says

    I’ve purchased some weapons for unlimited ammo at the bonus features, completed the amateur levels with ACE, even got a medal for Bad Blood and played more than 6:00:00 combined but why hasn’t my rocket launcher being upgraded automatically or is there another way or have l missed on something?
    PS: Can’t wait for RE: Afterlife on 3D;)

    • says

      @Agnes Monica It’s all in the guide. You have to beat the game in under 5 hours, and each level is cumulative so keep running through each level trying to beat it a bit quicker with your maxed out weapons. Once that’s done, it will be unlocked in Bonus Features and it’s a free upgrade.

  36. will says

    there is a money cheat well its not really a cheat its a glitch….first get a golden egg save it….keep the golden egg in inventory….go to main menu screen go to inventory mangement and put golden egg in inventory…not in your hand….then put it back in your hand sell it (1000)and its still there ….put back in inventory then in hand sell it and keep doing the same thing over and over

  37. WhiteGhost90 says

    If anybody needs help on Resident Evil 5 & wants infinite ammo just request a friend to me. My profile name is WhiteGhost90 & ill help you try to get everything on Resident Evil 5.

  38. snipe69er says

    i finshed it on rookie and it says infinty ammo but u have to upgrade the gun to the max :( and the nu have to buy it with the points from emblems so look up a guide on youtube how to get alot of muny and were all the emblems are so u can cheat and finish it on veteran with unlimited ammo!!!!! yay and then get achivement lol hope this help alot of ppl

  39. ????????????? says

    to all you people who dont know why you cant seem to buy the rocket launchers infinite ammo it is because you can’t……too get it you have to beat the game in under five hours……..but here is somthing to all you people who cant manage to beat it in under five hours [Just go back and replay the chapters to shape up the ammount of time it took.]

  40. Zalaxis says

    i reached in volcano island nd there i m stuck with wesker not enough ammo nd life to kill him ..can u send the cheat to get unlimited ammo nd life to my mail address

  41. Jacob says

    Yea, I beat the game.. I didn’t do all that fancy stuff though..I guess i can try that now.. I feel like a lame person on here talking to you guys..THANKS :D

  42. davidxxv says

    Gday all. To get the unlimited ammo option does the game need to be completed in normal level or above, or can it be completed at rookie level?

  43. VanBob says

    In the fight with Jill and Wesker, if you have a infinite ammo weapon just keep shooting at Wesker youe’ll get an achievment and when you fight Jill alone you’ll find the Heart of Africa worth 10k.

  44. commerchialphree says

    shoot him with the rocket launcher after u turn the lights off.NOTE:be close enough to him then stab and shoot him he will fall and push square or x to restrain him

  45. WezKur says

    Your AI partner can use the infinite ammo, they just have to have the same weapon model as the one you fully upgraded (on the PS3 at any rate).

  46. Azri says

    hey, just wondering, if I manage to get an infinite ammo for any wepon, can the AI use this feature as well?

    • TheDizle says

      No, your AI partner can’t use it as far as I know since you have to turn it on for yourself in the options.. but feel free to test this out and let me know what you find out.

  47. Dabest says

    I beat the whole game and the last part with wesker and the lava i had noo ammo. i used my knife everytime he put his arm up and you doged it
    its pretty easy i want to get unlimited ammo now because i will pass the game so much quicker.

  48. Liam_Barnett says

    Hi people yeah I’ve done all this and it works but when I put it on when I’m playing two player only works for player one! Why?

  49. Alexander says

    Just saying this but… If you really desperately need magnum ammo you can just buy the magnum for 4k repeatedly until you have enough. Just sell the un-used magnums. That’s what I did since I needed magnum ammo

  50. ryan says

    hey i ran out of ammo at the part with weskedr at the end but i managed to kill him. It takes ages with the knife but just keep hitting him and picking up your partner untikl the little red heart thing appears (usually on his chest or back) then slice that and once you have hit this enough you will have the opportunity to restrain him which will activate an action for you to kill him. Roll on cutscene and final thingy with the rocket launcher blah blah done :) and fly away on the cool little helicopter. Wkd.

  51. theman25 says

    what i did to unlock the infinitey rocket launcher i beat the game first over five hours got all the good guns upgraded and then plade the level over agin and on level it took me 48 mins then i tried it with the better wepons and it took me 9 mins

  52. KillerFS says

    Iv beaten the game for the second time i believe and my magnum and one of my machine guns are fully upgraded. Iv purchased the infinate ammo for each, and turne dit on. However, no matter what i seem to do, i still have no ammo.

    Is it because half way through my game another person joined me and helped me beat the game? Does that mess it up? We also beat the game on normal, and are now playing it on vertran, but….pelase tell me anyone, why cant i have infinate ammo? i dont undertand.
    i love my Hawk lol.

  53. TheSentinal says

    The two guys with machine guns can be easily defeated. First get to the side where the two guys come from. Once there look to your left, you should see a mounted machine gun. Get on it, and you should be able to light those guys up like the fourth of july. Note: They will try to climb up to the platform where you are, just blast them with the machine gun when they reach the top of the platform. If you are quick you can kill them before they get behind you.

  54. TheSentinal says

    Like it says in the paragraph above, you MUST FIRST fully upgrade a weapon and complete the game before you gain the option to unlock infinite ammo for that weapon under the bonus menu. For example: To get infinite ammo for the M92F pistol – Step 1: Complete the Game
    Step 2: Fully upgrade the M92F Pistol
    Step 3: Go to the Bonus Features Menu and locate
    the “Infinite ammo for M92F” option (Its
    towards the bottom)
    Step 4: Unlock Infinite ammo for the M92F by
    selecting it and exchanging 6,000
    exchange points
    Step 5: Go to the special settings menu and select
    the infinte ammo option, and then turn
    infinite ammo on (You should only have to do
    this once)

    Do this for all of the weapons except for the grenade launcher and the rocket launcher.

    Note: The Infinite ammo for the rocket launcher can be
    unlocked by completing the game in a combined time
    of 5 hours or less. (You do not have to purchase it at
    the bonus features menu, it is applied automatically).

  55. cliff203 says

    the two guys with machine guns is easy if you have a magnum and a shotgun. I did it by myself. I didn’t even die cause it went by too quick, so just get a magnum and a shotgun and go to town. lol.

  56. billy bob says

    all i did was go online and get somebody who was proffesional at the game and then asked him to help me finish the mission i just stood back with a sniper and the he did most of the work and it was easy as that =] easy

  57. da best says

    i’m stuck on chapter 6-3 bridge deck the one with the wierd bugs then 2 fat guys come with the mini guns and tips on how to defeat him??

  58. dopeman says

    if you want to gain alot of money and ammo. play chapter 5-3.
    you will collect over 23,000 by killing the bugs,collecting the diamond and the diamond necklace thats in the room with the last set of monsters before you hit the check point. after the checkpoint, quit the game and start the stage again. as for the ammo, one of the objectives is to conserve so precision is key in this stage. MY record time in completing that part of the stage is 15min.

  59. commercialphree says

    i too ran out of money and ammo to kill wesker so what I did is continue the game where you are with the crates. Break all crates and pick up everything you can and then allow wesker to kill you. When this happens press yes to continue. Go to organize menu and sell all that you don’t want. continue and then die again but this time dont continue and just start from where the crates are, again and repeat the process until you have enough ammo, life, guns, etc. Will take a while but you have to make do in times of desperation.

  60. matt2k9 says

    ON my xbox ive just completed it then i brought the gun i want infinity ammo for and turn the setting on but it still dont work… ;/

  61. sassy says

    i ran outta ammo too so i just kept getting close to him and stabbing him until you get to the point to restrain him

  62. Kimo'sShitSubs619 says

    i beat the game and i go to special settings for infinite ammo but its still not there, do i have to shoot most of the emblems or have money for it?? special setting for infinite ammo:)

  63. tony okane says

    iam at the end of the game wen wesker is in the volcano but i dont have enough ammunition to finish him off…wot can i do ..i have used all my money and treasures aswel?can u send it to my email adress

  64. READ READ READ says

    First we’ll to through the main weapons, so this applies to all weapons except for the rocket launcher and grenade launcher. The grenade launcher does not have an infinite ammo option.

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