Mortal Kombat 9 (2011): Unlockable Alternate Costume Locations in the Krypt

In Mortal Kombat (aka Mortal Kombat 9, 2011 Version) for the PS3 and Xbox 360, there are a lot of alternate costumes you can purchase in the Krypt from the Extras menu.

In each land of the Krypt, there are numbered markers that you can purchase. Once you purchase them, go to the Nekropolis and click on the corresponding character in order to have access to the costume you purchased. On the character selection screen, you need to press Start in order to change a characters costume once you’ve unlocked them.

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Blood Marsh

BM5 – Noob Saibot’s Alternate Costume
BM19 – Sindel’s Alternate Costume
BM38 – Kung Lao’s Alternate Costume
BM50 – Jade’s Alternate Costume
BM68 – Ermac’s Alternate Costume
BM82 – Smoke’s Alternate Costume

Dead Lands

DL7 – Reptile’s Alternate Costume
DL15 – Johnny Cage’s Alternate Costume
DL28 – Sheeva’s Alternate Costume
DL40 – Baraka’s Alternate Costume
DL47 – Sektor’s Alternate Costume
DL56 – Stryker’s Alternate Costume
DL63 – Quan Chi’s Alternate Costume
DL69 – Kitana’s Alternate Costume
DL88 – Kabal’s Alternate Costume
DL101 – Shang Tsung’s Alternate Costume
DL110 – Nightwolf’s Alternate Costume
DL119 – Scorpion’s Alternate Costume

Hollow of Infestation

HI8 – Liu Kang’s Alternate Costume
HI22 – Sonya Blade’s Alternate Costume
HI33 – Mileena’s Alternate Costume

Meadow of Despair

MD6 – Cyrax’s Alternate Costume
MD14 – Raiden’s Alternate Costume
MD25 – Kano’s Alternate Costume
MD36 – Jax’s Alternate Costume
MD54 – Sub-Zero’s Alternate Costume

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  1. tim says

    to get kratos you have to type in the armless combat code dont know where though got tol by freind so don’t blame me if i’ts wrong

    • lauren says

      All u have to do is use kratos on the ladder it doesn’t matter if its team or not as long as kratos is player one an it does not matter wht level either but u have to beat shao Kahn.

  2. Reiko says

    Lol all the questions are similar , lemme ask a new one , I downloaded kitana’s and jade’s classis costumes from PS store for free , its called pack 3 there and has rain’s picture on it (its free) , and I installed it when the downloads finished , but I can’t see any classis costumes in the game for kitana and jade , howcome? reply please.

    • says

      I haven’t tried these personally yet, but do you need to go to the Nekropolis first and select that character to unlock them like the others? If not, make sure you’re pressing the Start button on the character select screen with that character selected to bring up the costume selection prompt.

      • Reiko says

        Im sure I pressed start on the character select screen..the klassic costumes didnt appear..I guess the klassic costumes are just not free as some people said anyway..right?

        • Andrew says

          No there not free sorry bro but if you pre-ordered it that you would of gotten Scorpions and some others i want to get the game soon but i need to rent it first

  3. KMac says

    Thanx a lot man. This guide really helped. I just picked this game up( a Lil late I kno but MvC3 is my main game) so I’m having a hard time finding good combo tutorials. Do u have a article documenting them or could you kindly point me in the right direction? Thanx again

    • Boost-Machine says

      And if you press start, pick an alternate costume and pick it with start you can get a blue Liu Kang, blue Shang Shung,blue Shiva and so on ;)

  4. pothMyster says

    Sorry still battling , i found various alternate costumes in the krypt but can seem to ever use em ..pls help

  5. kingjames83 says

    so to unlock the dlc costumes you have to pre-order the game right, that includes reptile’s sub-zero’s and scorpions fatalities right

    • says

      So far yes, you would have had to pre-order the game before it was released. I’m unsure if they will be released as purchasable DLC at a later date or not.

    • Joe says

      Kind of like scorpion, they’re special deals. you get Sub-Zero klassic from buying the game at Best Buy, like me. I’m not sure about Reptile, But you can get Ermac’s from buying special editions of the game.

  6. MK fan says

    Hey TheDizle, just wanna say thanks for the comprehensive guide. Saved me a lot of time and koins. Cheers.

  7. Tim McMileenaPants says

    i think that kratos is mean every once in a while…
    he dosent seem like a nice guy either, i allways fugured him for the “kuddlyboy” type guess i was wrong how do you unlock
    Skarlet’s alternate costume?

  8. some1 says

    i dont understand how to unlock subzero’s alt costume, i have unlocked it in the cyrpt, but it is not letting me pick it in the character select. please help

    • says

      After you unlock it in the Krypt, you have to go to the Nekropolis and click on Sub-Zero’s statue to fully unlock it. After that, press Start on him in the character selection screen to select the alternate costume.

  9. Nick N says

    After your done the story mode and unlock quan chi you notice that you have to press <- on cyber sub zero to reveal kratos. Cyber sub zero is also on the bottom right side too. Do u think goro, kintaro, shao khan, or someone elso is unlockable? The way the arrows point kinda suggest that there might be one more unlockable character.

  10. Tibor95-addme says

    I love you man, can you yell me hoe to enter the cheats you can unlock?
    Thanks for posting ur list, dont mind dem stupid reactions

  11. papagapiou says

    i just unlocked the achievement for getting every alternate costume, i can confirm Cyber Sub-Zero does not have an alternate

  12. 3456789 says

    To unlock the alternate costumes for characters you finish the arcade ladder (on any difficulty) with that character, you dont have to finish all the 10 fights with that character, only the last one. Then go to the nekropolis and select that character, it should then say that it has unlocked their second costume so that the next time you select a character press start on the character you want and (assuming you have more than their default costume) it should come up with costume 1 and costume 2.

  13. Roan says

    For Kratos alternate costume, first you have to beat arcade mode with him, to get the Blades of Exile item, and then you go to Nekropolis, and click on him.

  14. Dw1981 says

    Kratos’s Costume is ONLY unlocked by finishing the 1 Player Ladder matches with him. After you view his ending you’ll get the message that you’ve unlocked his alternate costume. THEN go to Nekropolis and select Kratos to unlock his alternate costume.

  15. tommy the cat says

    How do you unlock cyber sub-zero’s alt costume and mileena’s other alt costume. There’s a trophy for best “alt costume ever”, and I read somewhere else its for mileena’s 2nd alt.

    • says

      You have to beat the challenge tower to get Mileena’s other alternate costume. It’s commonly referred to as her “3rd alternate” but it’s actually her third costume, second alternate. I’m actually not sure about Cyber Sub-Zero’s yet.

    • says

      I need more information. Are you following the steps exactly as described? Once you purchase an alternate costume, you should see an item sitting in front of the character that you bought it for in the Nekropolis, and clicking on them should unlock the costume if you purchased the correct one.

  16. Ninjhetto says

    I don’t like how the Krypt don’t really tell you that you unlocked their costumes, but only got the artwork and have to hope it’s the costume.

    • says

      Kratos’ alternate outfit is unlocked in a different way. Beat Arcade mode with him, then go to the Nekropolis and click on Kratos’ statue and you will unlock his alternate costume.

    • says

      Actually, it is. MD6 unlocks Cyrax’s Bomb, and if you go to the Nekropolis after you purchase it you’ll receive the alternate outfit. Please read my guides fully before posting that something is incorrect.

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