Minecraft: How to Make a Bookshelf

In Minecraft for the PC, bookshelves used to be just for decoration, but now they are used to power up enchantment tables to make them more powerful.

Making a bookshelf can be rather time consuming, since you’ll need three books for each bookshelf.

Instead of making books, If you can find a village that has a library you can destroy the bookshelves to get three books each.

To make a bookshelf, place three books and six wooden planks into the crafting table like the picture shows below.

Minecraft: How to make a bookshelf

Surround your enchantment table with as many bookshelves as you can to create more powerful enchantments. You need to have at least one block of air away from the enchantment table though.

Minecraft: Enchantment table surrounded with bookshelves

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