Injustice: Gods Among Us – Super Moves List for All Characters

Each character has a different Super Move that is unique to them in Injustice: Gods Among Us for the PS3, WiiU, and Xbox 360.

Unlike Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter though, all Super Moves are performed the same way, by pressing the Flip Stance and Meter Burn buttons at the same time.

On Xbox 360: LT + RT

On PS3: L2 + R2

On WiiU: ZL + ZR

Here is the complete description of all of the Super Moves for all of the different characters in the game.

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Super Moves List

Aquaman’s Super Move: Atlantean Rage – Aquaman summons a wave that floods the stage, then stabs his trident into his opponent’s chest and lifts them up into the mouth of a Great White that chews them up and drops them back to the ground.

Ares’ Super Move: Annihilator – Ares slices his enemy with a sword and teleports them both to another location. He then calls down a volley of arrows to hit the opponent, and then becomes very large and slams the opponent with his hand. Ares then teleports them back to the fight stage.

Bane’s Super Move: Break the Bat – Bane runs forward to grab the opponent and punches them in the stomach, launches them into the air with an uppercut, grabs their legs to slam them back onto the ground, and then finally finishes them off with a killer back breaker.

Batman’s Super Move: The Dark Knight – Batman tosses a smoke batarang at the opponent, inputs his coordinates to the Batmobile, hits them with his Tazer + knee move, and then throws an explosive batarang and immediately does a backflip to miss the Batmobile that runs over the opponent.

Black Adam’s Super Move: Teth-Adam – Black Adam dashes forward to punch his opponent, then uppercuts them with a lightning punch that knockes them into the air where he follows up with a knee to the face before grabbing them and shouting “Shazam.” He then throws them back to the ground where a lightning bolt strikes them, and then finally lands on them with a falling kick.

Catwoman’s Super Move: Nine Lives – Catwoman blows a kiss at the opponent, kicks them into the air, and then slams them back to the ground using her whip. She then jumps on them and scratches their face a few times, then slams them to the ground using with her legs.

Cyborg’s Super Move: Target Locked – Cyborg summons a giant laser cannon and blasts the opponent with hit.

Deathstroke’s Super Move: Eye for an Eye – Deathstroke slashes the opponent with his sword, then throws the sword into the air and shoots them with a gun, kicks the sword into their chest, and then finishes up by shooting them a few more times.

Doomsday’s Super Move: Mass Destruction – Doomsday slams his opponent onto the ground, then begins to punch them continuously through the center of the Earth until they come out the other side. He then finishes by punching them back through the hole.

Green Arrow’s Super Move: Arsenal Assault – Green Arrow fires an explosive arrow that launches the opponent in the air, then grapples them back to the ground and jumps over them while shooting exploding arrows at them.

Green Lantern’s Super Move: Beware My Power – Green Lantern teleports his opponent to Oa, then proceeds to hit them with a hammer, two large busses, and then several jet air planes before teleporting them both back to the fighting area.

Harley Quinn’s Super Move: Mallet Bomb – Harley knocks the opponent back with a large mallet, then runs and slides between their legs while placing an exploding pie beneath them.

Hawkgirl’s Super Move: The Power of Nth – Hawkgirl throws the opponent into the sky, flies in to hit them in the face with her mace, then throws them down to crash heavily on the ground.

Killer Frost’s Super Move: Endless Whiteout – Killer Frost creates three ice spikes beneath the opponent to impale them, then creates a large ice vortex around them both. She then makes spiked ice walls on both sides of the opponent to crash into them, then makes another spiked ice wall above them to smash them to the ground.

Lex Luthor’s Super Move: Coordinates Received – Lex Luthor traps his opponent in an energy field, then types in some coordinates to a satellite out in space. The satellite shoots down a laser beam, which Lex redirects into an energy ball that he smashes into the opponent.

Nightwing’s Super Move: Dark as Night – Nightwing gets onto his motorcycle and slashes the opponent several times with his electrified gauntlets. He then jumps off of his motorcycle at full speed to slam his electrified staff into them.

Raven’s Super Move: Deadly Sin – Raven teleports her opponent to another dimension, and summons three demons to attack the opponent. She then summons her father Trigon to attack the opponent with rays from his eyes, which teleports both of them back to the fight area.

Shazam’s Super Move: The Power of SHAZAM – Shazam knocks the opponent into space, and then pummels them with several blows. He then elbows them in the back, grabs them by the legs, spins them around, and throws throws them back down to crash heavily on the ground.

Sinestro’s Super Move: Sinestro’s Might – Sinestro teleports the opponent into space, and then collides two meteors into them. He then creates a laser beam and blasts them back down to earth with it.

Solomon Grundy’s Super Move: Grave Digger – Solomon Grundy slices the opponent with a cleaver, then throws them to the ground. As the opponent begins to get up, he pulls out his tombstone from his chest smashes it over their head.

Superman’s Super Move: Kryptonian Smash – Superman flies toward the opponent and grabs them, then uppercuts them into space. He then smashes them with a hard punch that sends them back down to Earth.

The Flash’s Super Move: Speed Zone – The Flash runs around the entire planet at super speed, punches them into the air, and then punches them again back down to the ground.

The Joker’s Super Move: Let’s be Serious – The Joker tosses a pie at his opponent, then whacks them with a crowbar, tehn again with a bat, then shoots them in the face to knock them down. He then gets on top of them and shoots them at point blank range with a rocket launcher.

Wonder Woman’s Super Move: Justice Javelin – Wonder Women wraps up her opponent with her lasso and calls for the aid of two Amazons. One of them holds the opponent and knees them in the back, while the other breaks a spear and smacks them with it in the face. Wonder Woman finishes by pulling the enemy back to her and slashing them with her sword.

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