Fallout – New Vegas: Easily Win Caravan Card Game

In Fallout: New Vegas for the Xbox 360, there is a way to win almost every hand of the Caravan card game by exploiting the mechanics of the game.

In Caravan, you’re simply trying to make stacks of cards with a value between 21 and 26. You can build your own deck though, so by setting specific cards in your hand, you can win almost every hand fairly easily.

To win each pile, you should aim to get twenty six points. To get an even twenty six points, all you need is a 10, a 9, and a 7 in each one, so your first goal is to put four of each of these into your deck. Fill your deck with eighteen other cards so you have thirty cards total.

In the first round, you can discard any number of cards you want. Discard everything except for three 10’s, three 9’s, and two 7’s (since you just need to win two piles).

Start by placing a 10 in each pile. The AI opponent will generally focus on one pile at a time, so use this to your advantage and build on piles they aren’t building on to win them easily.

Once you win two piles in just a few moves, then it’s game over and you win whatever amount of caps you bet with. Using this method, you can easily win tons of caps in very little time.

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