Dead Rising 2: Combo Weapons List (Including Case West)

In Dead Rising 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, there are fifty combo weapons you can create by mixing different weapons together. Here is a list of every combo weapon.

Remember that combo weapons created without their combo card won’t have their power attack and won’t gain as much PP per kill.

If you need help getting all of the combo cards, check out my full combo card locations guide for help.

Air Horn – Traffic Cone + Spray Paint
Auger – Pitchfork + Drill Motor
Beer Hat – Hard Hat + Beer
Blambow – Bow And Arrows + Dynamite
Blazing Aces – Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch
Blitzkrieg – Electric Wheel Chair + Merc Assault Rifle or Light Machine Gun
Boomstick – Pitchfork + Shotgun
Burning Skull – Bull Skull + Motor Oil
Defiler – Axe + Sledgehammer
Drill Bucket – Bucket + Drill
Driller – Spear + Drill
Dynameat – Hunk of Meat + Dynamite
Electric Chair – Wheel Chair + Battery
Electric Rake – Leaf Rake + Battery
Exsanguinator – Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade
Fire Spitter – Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch
Flamethrower – Gas Can + Super Soaker
Flaming Gloves – Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil
Fountain Lizard – Lizard Head Mask + Lead Pipe
Freedom Bear – Giant Teddy Bear + Light Machine Gun
Freeze Bomb – Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite
Gem Blower – Leaf Blower + Gems
Hacker – Computer Case + Flashlight
Hail Mary – Football + Grenade
Handy Chipper – Wheelchair + Lawnmower
Heliblade – Toy Helicopter + Machete
Holy Arms – Training Sword + Nails
IED – Propane Tank + Box of Nails
Infernal Arms – Training Sword + Motor Oil
Knife Gloves – Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife
Laser Sword – Flashlight + Gems
Molotov – Whiskey + Newspaper
Paddlesaw – Canoe Paddle + Chainsaw
Parablower – Leaf Blower + Parasol
Plate Launcher – Cement Saw + Plates
Pole Weapon – Broom + Machete
Porta-Mower – Lawn Mower + Two By Four
Power Guitar – Guitar + Amp
Ripper – Cement Saw + Saw Blade
Roaring Thunder – Goblin Mask + Battery
Rocket Launcher – Lead Pipe + Rocket Fireworks
Snowball Cannon – Fire Extinguisher + Water Gun
Spiked Bat – Baseball Bat + Box of Nails
Spear Launcher – Leaf Blower + Spear
Sticky Bomb – Lawn Dart + Dynamite
Super BFG – BFG (Blast Frequency Gun) + Amp
Super Slicer – Lawnmower + Servbot Mask
Tenderizers – MMA Gloves + Box of Nails
Tesla Ball – Bingo Ball Cage + Battery
Wingman – Queen + Nectar

Here is the list of new combo weapons introduced in the Dead Rising 2: Case West expansion.

Impact Blaster – Blast Frequency Gun (BFG) + Impact Hammer
Laser Gun – Laser Sword + Lightning Gun
Lightning Gun – Blast Frequency Gun (BFG) + Electric Prod
Reaper – Katana + Sickle
Shocker – Defibrillator + Medical Tray
Sterilizer – Chemicals + Syringe Gun
Zap N’ Shine – Electric Prod + Floor Buffer

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  1. benyboy bbk says

    its very helpful but most of the things needed i cant find like boxing gloves and traing sword do u think u could help

  2. Ravenhunter says

    Thanks for the list. one correction on the Fountain Lizard its the roman candle type fireworks ( fountain fireworks i think is what the game calls it not sure) and the lizard mask.

  3. Dr2 says

    Holy Arms = Motor oil + training sword, not nails. Unless its called something else. I’m 100% sure that training sword + motor oil makes flaming sword + shield combo.

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