Call of Duty – Black Ops: Computer Login Names and Passwords

In Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, you can do some pseudo hacking on the computer in the main menu if you know some simple commands, and a few login names and passwords.

First you need to access the computer on the main menu. To access the computer, you need to mash the aim and shoot buttons (on PC, just mash the spacebar) until you break free of your restraints. Once you break free, walk up to one of the computers behind you and you’ll see an old DOS prompt.

Type in LOGIN and hit enter to be prompted for a login name and password.

Here are the login names and passwords I’ve found so far.

Alex Mason: AMASON – PASSWORD (this is your character, logged in by default)
D. King: DKING – MFK
Dr. Adrienne Smith: ASMITH – ROXY
Frank Woods: FWOODS – PHILLY
Grigori Weaver: GWEAVER – GEDEON
Jason Hudson: JHUDSON – BRYANT1950
Joseph Bowman: JBOWMAN – UWD
Richard Helms: RHELMS – LEROSEY
Richard Kain: RKAIN – SUNWU
Richard Nixon: RNIXON – CHECKERS
T. Walker: TWALKER – RADI0
Terrance Brooks: TBROOKS – LAUREN
William Raborn: WRABORN – BROMLOW

Once you’re logged in, you can use several different commands to view files and email. Type MAIL to access that users email account. Type DIR to see a list of files you can open. Use the CAT command to open any files you see. (eg: CAT filename.txt)

There is also an alternate login command you can use to access the dreamland server. Type RLOGIN DREAMLAND and it will prompt you for a login name and password, which are different from the ones above.


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  1. Kolby says

    Thanks for the tips was cool, but one qs. There is a trophy for typing in ZORK and i didnt get it, any tips on that?

  2. dngsolutions says

    If you login and type in CD .. do this twice and you will be in the root of the system.
    Then type in cd bin
    There is a list of programs there.
    Type in Zork
    this is a really old Dos based game but when you run it … it gives you unlocks.

  3. thatwhitekid says

    What exactly is the point of this? Does it help the gameplay or what?
    and how do you add computer players on split screen when you cant connect to the internet?

  4. quest says

    What is the password for the twalker account on the DREAMLAND server? Also, how did the writer of this article figure out the passwords?

  5. casey says

    wtf the limericks contradict themselves and you can open most of the mail witout loging in to an caccount fyi

  6. James says

    In the v.bush login theres an email, from what looks like a P. Cypen? (My tv is tiny, cant read it properly) with cypens password, which needs to be decrypted, its in a line by itself all in capitals. Im not even going to attempt to try and write it, although appears to have 13 characters.. Any knowledge about this?

  7. efilecin says

    Well the trailers look familiar to some other games but some of the blogs i’ve read speak as if the game is ehh, ok! It’s just $10, I blow that on crap anyways. I downloaded Dead Nation and thought it would be a sorry game and it turned out to be one of the regulars that I play. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if its worth it. Thanks for the info anyways.

  8. ***REDACTED*** says

    Mail Version 0.72. Type ? for help.
    Central Intelligence Agency Data system

    Unauthorized use of this system is against the law.

    Security Privileges Required
    id from date subject
    0 Dreamland Admin Wed Jul 14 1954 Server Access
    1 Richard Kain Mon Apr 17 1961 Op-40 Contact
    2 John McCone Sun Oct 7 1962 Soviet Missiles
    3 Evelyn Cross Wed Jun 26 1963 Last Chance
    4 Jason Hudson Fri Oct 8 1963 Mason Briefing
    5 John Trent Thur Nov 21 1963 Last Chance
    Mail Version 0.72. Type ? for help.

  9. Somebody says

    Dr. Maxis is the lead of the project and basically is the one who created all the zombies and whatnot, as far as I can remember right now, and the German you can play as in Nazi Zombies was Dr. Maxis’ assistant, just a cool thing to know.
    All of the maps are related to each other and have a meaning. I learned this from reading files and emails from emails from R. Oppen’s account. The American you play as in Zombies, Tank Dempsy, was sent on a mission to attempt to retrieve someone from Shi No Numa, if you’ve played WaW you should know this map. Just read the emails of R. Oppen to learn a lot of detailed stuff about the zombies and all that.

  10. Mullins says

    1: my name is john they call me banana i once work at a tex mex cabana but now i am here as walking dead near with nothing on me as a Bandana

    2: i once knew a soldger named smokey he slaped meh on the head and awoke meh turns out he was dead i cut off his head but yet headless he still tryed to choke me

    3:Despite the scary feeling killins walking dead is apealing my frist kill felt great flet like my frist date kicking their brains right up to the ceiling.

    4: smokey and i were traped in a room we accepted our impending doom till we noticed a monkey which seemed kid of funkey untill we threw it and it went boom.

    these Limericks were found on the computer in Call of duty black ops. under a V. Bush account and a R. Oppen account under the Rlogin Dreamland Server. what i want to know is who is John and it also said something about Vurrcukt and Der rise two maps from Call of duty world at war and they called Der Rise the Der rise Datenbediensteter Project with someone named Dr.Maxis involved also what i wanna know is Who is Dr.Maxis an John and what happen at Verrcukt and Der Rise and what is the Datenbediensteter Project?

    • Wolfstint says

      Der reise Datenbediensteter Project was the Project to turn the tide of the war for Germany. Dr. Maxis lead the Project but was killed [Confirmed in a WaW Easter egg] by Richtofan. Dr. Maxis wanted to create improved soldiers and war-dogs so that Germany wouldn’t have to use real people. He had been working on a Teleportation gun and System simultaneously. The Teleportation gun turned to be a huge failure, as it just killed test subjects instead of teleporting. The System Teleportation was a major sucess. Back to the Improved soldier project, it was a Major failure. It was released on some German soldiers but it went haywire, thus, spreading the virus to all dead germans at the Reichstag. Back to Dr. maxis and Samantha’s death, Samantha was 6 when she got Fluffy, a German Shepard. Fluffy gave birth to some other German Shepards and when they were all old enough, tested on. It was a major fail, the Helldog was made. That’s when Richtofan murdered Dr. Maxis and his daughter by shutting the door on them when they went into the Test chamber. The Dog had killed Dr. Maxis but grew to love Samantha and didn’t attack her. Instead she just got infected from her father. She is the little girl in every single Zombies Map. The one who laughs and stuff.

    • Wolfstint says

      Also, about John in Verruckt. Verruckt means “Asylum” in German. John was arrested and sent to the Asylum for Unknown Reasons (Might be told in Black Ops 2). John turned out to be the first person implanted to translate the “Numbers” in Campaign. They succeeded but John went insane. “Smokey” used to be his Brother who fought with him in World War I. Smokey had gone mental and turned on him, hitting him in the back of the head then choking him before being shot. John went to the Asylum due to PTSD. Before that, he tried to be normal and work at Cabana. He killed his customers and in the Aslym he dreamed about Smokey and the Cabana. He made riddles. Then he began to torture all his cellmates and splatter a body part somewhere in the cell. He escaped his Cell and turned the Power off to the Asylum when the Virus spread, so that everyone was plunged into Darkness like him. That’s why you have to turn the Power on in Zombie Verruckt. His arm can be seen on the Power lever.

      • Wolfstint says

        By the way, if you haven’t noticed that the Power levers in both Der Reise and Zombie Verruckt both have John’s arm, it’s because Der Reise and Zombie Verruckt have big stories and putting items that connect them (Richtofan’s plan to mess up the dog at the Facility in Zombie Verruckt, John’s arm in Der Reise) would make players look it up.

    • Wolfstint says

      [SORRY, Don’t mean to spam, just hard to put this all in one page, last post]
      If you’re wondering why there are blood stains and an empty Browning in a small room. That Room is the Power Room. The zombies broke in and John’s only weapon was a Browning (Originally an MG42 found in the fountain but Treyarch changed the story to Browning) He emptied the entire Browning on the zombies, of course that wasn’t enough, and he ended up dying from the electrical shock after pulling the lever. Everything but his arm was eaten and/or ripped apart. How the gun ended up in the fountain, you tell me.

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