Xbox Live: How to Find the Windows Live ID Associated With Your Gamertag

When you signed up for Xbox Live, you had to provide or create a valid Windows Live ID to create your account. This is generally a hotmail or other windows live email address, and it isn’t necessarily the primary email address you receive notifications on.

To find your Windows Live ID, sign into your Xbox Live enabled profile on your Xbox 360. Hit the Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller and go to the Settings tab, then select Account Management, then Windows Live ID.

This will show you the email address associated with your Xbox 360 gamertag. If you don’t remember your password, go to and try to do a password reset.

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  1. Ghost says

    I cant believe I dont know which email i used neither but i know my gamertag lol Dumb usb wasnt recognized by my xbox after i transferred it to it :/

  2. Gary says

    I have this same problem, after 2 days of researching and xbox calls i have got no where, i forget my email address associated with the gamertag and xbox asked me for phone number but ive been through 4 different phones since the account was opened and i only was given 2 chances to get it right then xbox locked me out, all i need is the email i gave them with the gamertag, doesnt seem that hard, but oh my friend it is a challenge good luck and please inform me of any sollutions if you find any, and i will do the same.

  3. tjward says

    uhuh… easy enough but what if you have 20+ emails and dont even know some of them yet know your gamertag and password? i deleted my old tag off my xbox and cant use this method.

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