WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011: Unlock Alternate Costumes

In WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 for PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, and Wii, you can unlock alternate costumes for a lot of your favorite superstars by completing various different tasks.

Batista’s Civilian Outfit – In Jericho’s RTWM, beat Kofi, Henry, and Batista in week 8
Chris Jericho’s Civilian Outfit – In Jericho’s RTWM, talk to Stephanie McMahon in the GM’s office, then win the week 1 Match of the Week while executing at least one finisher and not taking heavy damage.
Christian’s Civilian Outfit – In Christian’s RTWM, defeat Tyson Kidd or William Regal in a Royal Rumble side story match
Christian’s Conquistador Outfit – Start the week 4 challenge in Rey Mysterio’s RTWM
Edge’s Civilian Outfit – In Christian’s RTWM, beat Big Show in a locker room area during the “Elimination Chamber”.
Jack Swagger’s Civilian Outfit – In Rey Mysterio’s RTWM, partner with Jack Swagger in week 3, and win the Match of the Week as Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger’s Todo Americano Outfit – In Rey Mysterio’s RTWM, perform a finisher on Todo Americano in week 12
John Cena’s Civilian Outfit – In Cena’s RTWM, beat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in week 8
Kane’s Mask Outfit – Beat Masked Kane in the Vs. Undertaker RTWM
MVP’s Civilian Outfit – In John Cena’s RTWM, beat R-Truth and Mike Knox in the Tag Team Challenge Matches against them
Randy Orton’s Referee Outfit – In John Cena’s RTWM, beat Randy Orton in the WrestleMania Match of the Week after losing week 9’s event
Randy Orton’s Suit Outfit – In John Cena’s RTWM, beat Randy Orton in the WrestleMania Match of the Week after winning week 9’s event
Randy Orton’s T-Shirt Outfit – In John Cena’s RTWM, beat Randy Orton in under 3 minutes in the week 12 match after losing in week 9’s event
Rey Mysterio’s Civilian Outfit – In Rey Mysterio’s RTWM, eliminate Evan Bourne in the Royal Rumble and win the match
Rey Mysterio’s Evil Outfit – Win Rey Mysterio’s RTWM with Rey set to Evil
Shawn Michaels’ Civilian Outfit – Purchase “ALL Axxess” in the WWE Shop
Ted DiBiase’s T-Shirt Outfit – In John Cena’s RTWM, win the week 11 Tag Team Challenge Match against Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.
Triple H’s Civilian Outfit – In Jericho’s RTWM, escape to the parking lot without losing to Triple H in week 6
Vince McMahon’ Suit Outfit – In Jericho’s RTWM, win the WWE Championship against Triple H at WrestleMania XXVI

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  1. titansforeever says

    u have to choose to side with jack swagger after the ladder match…and then complete the rtwm…it should unlock the “evil” attire once you complete it

    • nabeel says

      play john cena road to wrestling mania and complete all challenge matches in the wrestling mania before triple threat match go to green room and give challenge mr.mcmahon you have unlock mr.mcmahon

  2. ryanght457 says

    have you hear you can unlock shark boy from tna by downloading a cwf piso 1000 and you can beat your player at rr in christan rtwm for psp and ps2 and psp vita and psp 3 or 8.

    • Me says

      -Do both Finishers (2 stars)
      -Do both Signatures (2 stars)
      -Jump through the announcers table (1 star)
      NOTE: Some people have only one signature or finisher. Just do it twice.

      • Chan kar seng (smk methodist acs kampar) says

        Use Kofi Kingston,Then how to get 5star perform first normal finisher,then perform normal signature movement,then prees at youranalog stick ps2 hold (up)then press triangle button,u will get kofi kinston S.O.S finisher,now u get 4star,then press o button pick the shawn michaeel to anouncer table then i will automaticly will see finisher prees triangle button,then u will get 5star,then pin u will defeat undertacker challange 3 tlb match and fight his mangerpaul bearer…

  3. browndog91 says

    okay guys i have figured out how to get edges civilian gear:

    okay first its elimination chamber and after you win the money in the bank ladder match go to the middle locker room (the biggest one) and you will find big show in there, beat him and you should get edges civilan gear.

  4. awsome art says

    i can not find big show anywhere at EC on christians road to wrestle mania so i can’t get edge’s civilian can anyone be suspific and tell me where he is

    • Saeef says

      show is in the locker room oposite yours in royal rumble not ec. he is lifting wieghts. he talks crap leaves forgets his number and you can take it and give it to evan bourn or big show. he is nowhere in ec. it still does not unlock edge civilain :(

  5. peto says

    in the royal rumble in christian’s rtwm ziggler is coming to distract the ref and meanwhile i get hit with a steel chair. how do i get rid of ziggler?

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