WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011: Secret Achievements List

Here are all of the secret achievements in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 for the Xbox 360.

Check my other guide if you’re looking for the full list of achievements for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011.

Note that unless they say specifically that it is an xbox live achievement, these have to be done on a solo match offline.

Button Mash Expert (10 points) – Win a collar and elbow mini-game
Chairs Upside Your Head (20 points) – Destroy 50 chairs
Check for Splinters (10 points) – Put an opponent through a table using a corner top grapple move
Creative With the Moves (10 points) – Create a front, top rope, and corner finisher in Create a Finisher
Man of 1004 Holds (100 points) – Perform a total of 1004 signature and finishing moves in any mode of play
One Step Closer to The Gold (10 points) – Become the number one contender for any title in WWE Universe using a created character
Original Brand Logo (10 points) – Create an original Brand Logo using paint tools
Pinning’s Not The Only Way (10 points) – Win a match by submitting an opponent
Please Don’t Try This At Home (50 points) – Push an opponent off a ladder so that they fall out of the ring and break a table
Sign of the Times (10 points) – Create an original Crowd Sign using paint tools
That’ll Shorten Your Career (10 points) – During a Hell In A Cell match, perform a wall destroying finisher
The Magic Number (10 points) – Win a match by pinning an opponent
Unhealthy Obsession With Wood (20 points) – Destroy 50 tables
Well Scouted (10 points) – Reverse an opponent’s finishing move
Win or Lose, at Least You Tried (20 points) – Finish a Royal Rumble match on Xbox Live
Worth Having to Re-Climb (10 points) – Perform a successful ladder finisher

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