Wii Sports Bowling: Bowl a Strike Every Time

Wii BowlingWouldn’t it be great to shock and amaze your friends by bowling a strike every time while playing them at Wii Bowling? Well, unless you are a robot that can make exactly the same arm movements over and over again there really is no easy way. Although there are some tips you can follow to increase your chances.

A common approach for many would be to line up way to the left if you’re a left hander, or all the way to the right if you’re a right hander and aiming a striaght ball right at the pocket (between the first and second pin in the front). Throw a straight ball right at that area. If executed correctly, you will easily bowl a strike every time.

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  1. Abe says

    Go all the way to the right if right handed or left if left handed and curve it towards the middle works almost every time.

  2. JakeFrost says

    Yah but the ball always curves to the left if ur using ur right hand and vice versa so wat works for me is i move the ball to the right a little bit (i’m right handed) and then just plow the ball down the center and it usually gets me a strike or at least a spare of 1 pin left.
    Just advice not a quote from the bible lol. o.O

  3. Austin says

    I can EASILY bowl a strike everytime. All you need to do is move one click to the right. Then, throw a straight ball and do one of those late releases when the ball is up in the air after you release the ball.


    I rarely don’t get a 300 game. They need to make this harder!

  4. bowl says

    line up the ball between the #1 and #2 pins. then swing twice before you let go. (right handers: line it up between the #1 & #3 for lefties :D) x

  5. Clmocs says

    Or just go to the edge of the second arrow over. right if your right handed, left if your left handed.

  6. Matt Dowle says

    Yeh, fair enough this is a really good cheat. But what if someone couldn’t bowl that same ball every time? I have a skill level of 2000-ish, and not bragging, but I cant even do that every time. Not only is it really hard to do but not true, as i have tried that so much and all the time it has the same result. If someone could do that every time then fair play to them.

    Peace ;)

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