Twisted Metal: Complete Trophies List

Here is the complete list of unlockable trophies in Twisted Metal for the PS3.

There is one secret trophy listed at the bottom.

…and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal. (Bronze) – Complete Story mode on any difficulty
60 to 0 (Bronze) – Kill a player with full health in one shot
A la Mode (Silver) – Win 10 Ranked games in each game type
All sales are final (Bronze) – Win at least 1 Ranked Online game per day for 30 straight days
Am I not merciful? (Bronze) – Kill 100 flaming gunners and/or drivers in campaign mode
Another Level (Silver) – Win 10 Ranked games in each map Map size does not matter
Any car will do (Gold) – Earn 50 Kills with Each Vehicle in Online Ranked Games
Because I care (Bronze) – Complete a campaign game without hitting a single pedestrian
Birth Control (Bronze) – Defeat the semi before a single enemy is spawned in Juggernaut DM – Watkyn’s Harbor
Blah, Blah, Blah, Gimme the trophy (Bronze) – Play and finish the “Live Training” tutorial mode
Calypso (Bronze) – Achieve the Highest Online Rank
Cookie Party (Bronze) – Kill 3 enemies in a single game using drop mines
Fire in the sky (Bronze) – Shoot down an enemy missile 1 time in a ranked game of NUKE
Grace Under Fire (Bronze) – Beat Metro Square Electric Cage on Hard Mode with 5 seconds left in your grace period meter – Cooperative Story is allowed
Grimm’s Dark Trip Back (Bronze) – Complete the Grimm story on any difficulty
He’s not heavy (Bronze) – As Talon, pick up teammate (ranked, unranked, split screen, campaign co-op)
I am Sweet Tooth (Platinum) – Get all trophies
I h8 poachers (Bronze) – Finish a ranked game with the most damage done and fewest kills overall
In your Face (Bronze) – Hit a statue with a Nuke
Make up your mind (Bronze) – Use the garage 25 times
Medic! (Bronze) – Heal a teammate
Old School (Bronze) – Play a 2, 3, 4 player split screen local game
Point, Shoot, Kill (Gold) – Kill 100 enemies with every missile during Ranked games
Racing? In a Twisted Metal game?! (Silver) – Don’t miss any gates and win the battle in Race #2, one player only
Remote Nuke (Silver) – Kill 3 players with a single remote bomb
Right Place, Right Time (Bronze) – Kill a player less than 5 seconds after you respawn, in an online game
Tantric Twisted (Gold) – Reach 50 cars killed by yourself in Endurance mode
That. Just. Happened. (Bronze) – Kill yourself with a freeze cheap shot in ranked DM or LMS, or in any unranked or offline play
The most dangerous game (Bronze) – Be The Hunted/Stay the Hunted in ranked, unranked, or split screen local-hunted game mode for at least 4 minutes
The One That Got Away (Bronze) – Complete the Sweet Tooth story on any difficulty
TMA (Gold) – Complete Story mode without dying or switching cars in the garage
Tradin’ Paint (Bronze) – Ram 5 players to death in a single online game
Truly Twisted (Silver) – Complete the Story mode on Twisted Difficulty
Twisted Gold (Gold) – Earn a gold medal in every campaign event and boss fight on Twisted difficulty
Twofer (Bronze) – Kill two enemies with a single rat rocket
Up, Up and Away (Bronze) – Launch a Nuke
Watch Me Shine! (Bronze) – Complete the Doll Face story on any difficulty
We buy gold! (Bronze) – Earn a gold medal on every campaign event in any difficulty mode including co-op
You think this game made itself? (Bronze) – Watch the credits, start to finish

Here is the one secret trophy you can unlock in the game.

So much anger… (Bronze) – Discover the secret of Sophie Kane

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