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Top 5 Things That Need Fixed in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is still in its infancy, so naturally it has some glaring issues that have some people in an uproar and need to be resolved.

This list consists of the top five things that (I believe) need to be fixed as soon as possible.

These aren’t necessarily in any kind of order, so please don’t rant at me for the order they’re in!

1. Bots

Every MMO has bots, that’s all there is to it. Unfortunately though, The Elder Scrolls Online is setup perfectly for bot farmers.

Solo Dungeons for example, bosses spawn at a rate of about once per minute, in the exact same spot. This is a botters dream come true!

While I realize that every MMO will have bots to some degree, ESO has a ton of them, and most are completely blatant.

There were a couple instances where I couldn’t even get enough hits on a solo dungeon boss to get any loot.

While GM’s have been a little active lately in killing and banning these bots, these efforts need to be ramped up, and hopefully changes don’t majorly effect us regular dungeon delvers.

**Update – A patch has changed the looting rules in dungeons so that bosses only drop loot every eight minutes. This kinda sucks for the rest of us trying to get a blue drop since they’re not guaranteed, but it sure seems to have stopped the bots from farming them.

2. Gold Spammers

While every MMO has bots, every MMO also has gold spammers because of it. The gold sellers are typically running these bots after all, which is what funds their gold farming efforts.

While MMO’s will always have gold farming, the in game gold spamming needs to be dealt with.

Honestly, zone chat on its own is bad enough without spammers advertising their websites back to back countless times. With ignore lists being limited, it has made us resort to using addons to detect spam scripts, which shouldn’t even be necessary in the first place. Why isn’t the server doing this for us?

3. Instant Respawn Jute Nodes

Bots LOVE these things, since they’re one of the best ways currently to farm easy gold.

This glitch really needs to be fixed, and I’m not even sure why it hasn’t been addressed already. Countless people have reported them, and they’re talked about in zone chat all the time. Surely it’s not that hard of a fix?

4. Guild Store UI

So you can join up to five guilds, and each guild with 50 members or more can have a guild store to sell their loot.. so far this is sounding like a great idea.

Now let’s not only make it to where you can’t sort by name, but there’s no search function either.

Wait.. say what?

While I do understand the thought behind not having a server wide Auction House, because it would literally destroy prices and the market very quickly, I don’t know who’s great idea it was to gimp the Guild Store so badly.

Even though you can find some good addons that enable a search feature, it’s still not pretty, and it really shouldn’t even be necessary.

5. Inventory and Bank Space

I’m a natural hoarder of things, I can’t help this fact about myself. I’m not as bad as those people on TV (are you kidding me people?) but, I will admit that I have a hard time letting go of things I think I might need.. eventually.

This transfers into my video games as well. You should see the amount of crap I have hoarded in Skyrim.. it’s ridiculous. Barrels upon barrels at different houses stuffed full of crap. Endless supplies of armor I’ll probably never use again. A nearly limitless supply of Alchemy regents.. and I don’t even mess with potions much, but I might one day!

Naturally, this is a big problem for me in ESO, because inventory space and bank space is so limited.

While I can’t really argue my point of being a hoarder, the game kind of makes me want or need to be a hoarder.

Take provisioning as an example. How many different provisioning materials are there? How many do you currently have in your bank because you haven’t found the recipe yet?

How about other crafting skills. How many weapon and armor pieces are you currently saving for those traits that you can’t research yet, because your timer still has days left on it?

My argument is, while I love the crafting in the game and it’s honestly pretty cool, the inventory and bank space gimps your ability to get much done, and creates a situation where you really need to save a bunch of crap in your bank, or carry it around.

Maybe Zenimax wants us to create alts for these things, maybe they want us to only master one crafting skill, but even one can be difficult with the current inventory and bank space setup, let alone the cost for the max slots.

And don’t even get me started about shared bank space across all of my characters.. you’re killing me guys!

Chime In!

Agree with this list? That’s cool.. Disagree? That’s cool too. Leave me some comments below and discuss what you think needs to be fixed in The Elder Scrolls Online!

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  1. Derek says

    The game needs variety. The combat is so subpar compared to every other mmo. Even guild wars 2 has a limited number of abilities but it goes beyond ESO’s combat. ESO is just a lazy design using the controller as an excuse.

  2. Jeremiah K. Garrett says

    I played the beta twice and couldn’t get into it, despite my love for Elder Scrolls, especially Skyrim, and MMOs. I have kept my preorder for the PS4 version of the game, but these comments continue to steer me to stick with FFXIV. Hopefully they can get this issues fixed, because they are major issues, especially for self-identified hoarders like you and me.

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