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Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Your Child a Wii-U for Christmas

The Wii-U definitely isn’t the most popular console out there right now, especially since the release of the Xbox One and PS4.

There are still some compelling reasons to buy one for your kid though for Christmas this year (and let’s be real here, for you as well).

Below are the top five reasons you should get a Wii-U for your kid if they’re asking for one, but you’re unsure about it.

5. The most well known exclusives of all time

If you say “Titanfall” or “Infamous”, you’ll still get a lot of people that have no idea what you’re talking about.. but if you say the word “Mario”, and everyone knows you’re talking about a plumber in blue overalls and a red shirt that breaks blocks with his head.

The Mario franchise has been around for nearly 30 years, and is still alive and kicking. Not to mention Mario Kart, which is still one of my all time favorite games.

4. Wii-U has more kid friendly games

Nintendo’s answer to the console wars lately has seemed to be “appeal to the younger crowd”, which has worked for them in the past. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they’re doing what works. Parents want to keep their kids happy and entertained, which means buying them video games, and it’s a nice comfort to some parents that there are more options on the Wii-U than just adult centric games.

3. You already own controllers

Part of the cost of any new console (that we usually forget about) is buying new controllers, which are never cheap. Luckily for you, if you currently own a Wii, then you already have all of the controllers you need since the Wii-U is backwards compatible with the Wii-motes.

2. Because you know that YOU want to play it too

Let’s be real for a moment, you like to indulge in some Super Mario, or Mario Kart from time to time. You know you do, it’s written all over your face! You probably wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t for that child inside of you screaming “LET ME OUT!”

It’s ok.. own it, embrace it, and let loose sometimes. It’s healthy!

1. Co-op games you can play with them

One thing that I love about Nintendo is that they still embrace what I like to call “couch co-op”, which means you can play games with someone else on the comfort of your own couch. You plop on the couch with your kids, put in the game, and play with them for some good old fashioned electronic fun.

Microsoft and Sony games lately seem to be going away from this, requiring co-op to be played online, which is really depressing to me. I don’t want to play co-op games with random strangers, it’s just not nearly as fun.

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  1. J says

    Reasons to buy a Wii U, Nintendo does something better then any console on the market, They make games. Nor 4 hour movies with sections of play, But games that are entertaining and the type of games we all grew up on.

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