Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Regular and Secret Trophies List

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is out for the PS3, so it’s time to swoon some women play some golf with the best in the world.

Here is the complete list of unlockable trophies in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, with three secret trophies to unlock listed at the bottom.

Amateur Years (Bronze) – Complete the Amateur Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Can you give me a Boost? (Bronze) – Play an 18 hole round with Boost Pins equipped
Check out my Custom Settings (Bronze) – Complete an 18 hole round using a Custom Difficulty
Dig Deep (Silver) – Land within 1 yard of the flagstick from a bunker
Don’t quit your day job (Bronze) – Win the Masters as an amateur
Early Years (Bronze) – Complete the Early Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge
From the Ladies Tees (Bronze) – Complete an 18 hole round using the Red Tees
Going Green with a Hybrid (Bronze) – Land on the green from over 175 yards away using a Hybrid
He’s going the distance (Bronze) – Hit a drive over 400 yards
I Finally Belong! (Bronze) – Create or Join a Country Club in Game
I Need a Commitment (Bronze) – Earn a Four Day loyalty Bonus
I Own this Place (Silver) – Defend your title in any Major
Internal Conflict (Silver) – Compete with a teammate in a head-to-head match launched from the Clubhouse lobby
It’s a Start (Bronze) – Master 1 course
It’s all in the Hips (Bronze) – Sink a 40ft putt
Junior Years (Bronze) – Complete the Junior Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge
King of the Hill (Bronze) – Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings
Like a Boss (Gold) – Master 16 Courses
Like a Homing Pigeon (Bronze) – From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 150 yards out
Like a Metronome (Bronze) – Complete 10 perfect Tempo Swings with TOUR Pro Difficulty or better
Live from your couch (Bronze) – Play in a Live Tournament
Members Only (Bronze) – Play in a Country Club Tournament
Never leave home without it (Bronze) – Earn PGA TOUR card
No Handouts Please (Bronze) – Actually get a hole in 1 in the 1982 First Hole in One event in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Now we’re talking (Bronze) – Master 8 courses
One Small Step for Mankind (Bronze) – Win the Green Jacket in Career Mode
Play Date (Bronze) – Play a Four Player online match with all players using toddlers
Present Day (Silver) – Complete the Present Day in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Pro Gamer (Platinum) – Congratulations for unlocking all trophies in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13!
Pro Years (Bronze) – Complete the Pro Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Putt from the rough (Bronze) – Make a putt from the rough
Rookie Years (Bronze) – Complete the Rookie Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Shouting at Amen Corner (Silver) – Complete Amen Corner (Augusta 11,12,13) with a birdie or better on each in a single round
Small Tiger, Big Bite (Bronze) – Complete an 18 hole online head-to-head match with toddler Tiger
So Much Easier than Putting (Silver) – Make a hole in one
That was GIRrrreat! (Bronze) – Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent GIR GIR = Green in Regulation
The Future (Bronze) – Complete the Future in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Tiger Slam (Bronze) – Complete the Tiger Slam in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Tigers have FIR (Bronze) – Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent FIR FIR = Fairway in Regulation
Toddler Years (Bronze) – Complete Toddler Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge
Top 10 Hits (Bronze) – Break the top 10 in EA SPORTS Golf Rankings
Top 50 Countdown (Bronze) – Break the top 50 in EA SPORTS Golf Rankings
Unstoppable! (Bronze) – Win the Green Jacket for a Record 7 times in Career Mode
When do we get paid? (Bronze) – Compete in an amateur championship

Here are the three secret trophioes to unlock in the game.

Child’s Play (Silver) – Complete an 18 hole round with toddler Ricky
Swing and a miss (Bronze) – Whiff the ball
That was Easy (Gold) – Beat the course record of 63 at the Masters (in Career Mode)

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