The Sims Medieval: No CD/DVD Crack

Ever since I started playing the original Sims game, I’ve hated having to keep my cd/dvd in the tray at all times to play the game. Luckily there are some very smart people out there that have always figured out ways to get around this limitation.

First, run the game once and download the latest updates (currently working on version 2.0.113 for the PC).

Next, open this link and download the two listed files to your computer.

Copy the files to the proper folder, typically it will be the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\Game\Bin

It should ask to replace the existing files, which you will want it to do.

That’s it, now you can pop your DVD out and play the game as much as you wish.

Remember that any future updates you download will most likely break this, so if you choose to update the game in the future you’ll have to install a new No DVD crack. I’ll try to keep this post up to date for future versions.

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  1. Amanda says

    This is the only crack I found that actually works on a Mac with the latest game version. Thank you so much for the upload!

    • Sincere says

      Hi, I found the solution to your problem (I had the same exact issue). See my post with the link to the correct working files. Enjoy. :-)

  2. Abby L says

    Hello, I downloaded the files, and i pasted them into the Sims Medieval folder. Then I used the game launcher, and I got to the main menu. Them it popped up with no game disc found, and I had to exit. What did i do wrong?? I don’t have the disc, I borrowed it from my cousin to download.

  3. Theor says

    Hey, I just installed the Sims Medieval but it just won’t load when I try to create my own landlord… Can someone help ?

  4. Phil G says

    ok i did the crack and now it says to update via the game launcher but when i try to start the game it dosent load

      • hoff99563 says

        I am having the same problem. The game gets to the load bar, fills all the way, then stops working and closes. I have the proper patch already downloaded and I launched the game via the TSM.exe but it still persists.

        • Derrin says

          I am also having the same problem. I have downloaded the update, installed the crack (I have installed cracks before and have had no problem) and when the loading bar gets full it sits for about 2 minutes and then crashes.

  5. HaleyBerryXD says

    Ok, so i downloaded custom content into my sims 2 game and it will not go into the game.! Its getting very annoying, i have the sims 2 university and i ‘ve tried everything to get it into the game, but it wont work.! What am i doing worng.??? Like, in the sims 2 bodyshop, it shows my custom content but in the real game.. IT WONT.! Please help me.!

    Thanks.! <33

    • Naiobi Citoc says

      this isn’t for the sims2, this is for the sims medieval. I believe that for the sims2 you have to make a separate folder for cc. But it’s been such a long time since I’ve played sims2 (sims3 is the better one) and so I really couldn’t tell you. has really good tutorials and guides that helped me to get started :D

  6. SophieLouise says

    Hi there. I was wondering if you can help, or can lead me in the right direction? I downloaded this, followed your instructions however once the intro has played, it starts to load the game however, then becomes unresponsive and I have to close the game down. Any ideas (this question is open to ANYONE) why it may not be working?

    Thank you!

  7. Sleepy head says

    Hi,I installed The Sims Medieval and then update it with The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles. It started loading but when it comes to selecting ambition it says “please insert The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles disc”.
    I didn’t have the disc just the soft copy of the installer that I just borrowed with my friend and he’s having the same issues as well.
    What should I do? Do I have to update it with new “TSM.exe” or whatever it is? And Where would I find those new updates?
    I’ve been trying to solve this problem for days and I don’t know if I will encounter further errors after this.

  8. Dawn says

    I did exactly what you told me to do but it gets past the intro and then the loading screen, the bar loads but then it becomes unresponsive

  9. Harry says

    Everything worked fine until the first create a sim page tried to load and it stays there forever….any ideas?

    • Harry says

      I can’t even choose one of the options it gives me…after clicking accept still says i need to choose a monarch. Apparently this doesn’t work???

          • Danio says

            Im having exactly the same problem, the game works up until i have to select a monach, it shows u 3 options but when you click on them it takes ages to relaod, and then nothing happens. Any fixes PLEASE :)

  10. Kristine says

    I was just curious. I lost my disc to Sims Medieval and it was Special Edition. If I were to get Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles would I be able to use that disc to run the game instead of having to go through the long download process for a downgraded version of the game? I know that this usually works for Sims 3 expansions so does it do it for Sims Medieval as well?

  11. agung says

    i reinstall the game, i choose custom installation, then i patch it to 2.0113. i use the crack. why it be very long time loading create sims and the throne room is cannot be seen?

  12. hansen says

    i reinstall the game, then I copy the crack you recommended, then I update to 2.013 version, I run TSM.exe(28MB), why it said “disc authorization failure”

  13. zen says

    will this bypass the serial thingy needed for the new patch?..cause i don’t know any serial,,ive searched the net so far i noticed its because of the new security they placed on the new patch..any help as to where i will be able to get the serial the game is asking before it starts?

  14. omghelp says

    I completely lost my disk, and so thankful I found this. Sadly, I do not have a game bin but I have Archive, Current Game.tsm, Installed Worlds, Saves, and Thumbnails. I have no idea what to do! I have the current game.tsm but when I try to play the game it doesn’t recognize the disk or whatever, and when I try to play it in the folder, it says Server Error or something. I really need help! Thanks!

    • Marisa says

      Are you looking in the right place? If you right click on the icon on your desktop (what you would left click on to get the game to play) there should be an “open file location” option. Click that, and that should bring you to the game bin.

  15. Daisy says

    ive done everything you say but it still wont work for me :/ it just says “Unable to start game Service initialization failed (0x039e8474) does any one know what thats on about ? please help ive tried this like 5 times but still the same, thanks :)

    • says

      I’m not sure without knowing what you’ve tried. At this point I would uninstall the game completely, install it and make sure it works with the disk first. If it does, try to copy the crack files and try again.

      • Jenny says

        I’m having this problem too and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice, tried different cracks from various versions, etc, and I’ve followed your instructions to a T. It won’t get passed the Create a Sim loading screen. I’ve done cracks before and never had a problem. Any suggestions?

        I even thought it might have been the bonus content that came with the game and didn’t put in that extra code and I’m still having problems. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

      • Esto says

        I just downloaded your link today(assuming that you have already posted the new updated file), however I’m still having the same issue of being stuck in create-a-sim mode. Is there any other way to fix it?

        • says

          First, make sure that it is actually overwriting those two files.

          If that doesn’t work, then I would probably backup your saved game files, uninstall and reinstall the game, then try the patch again. This seems to be happening randomly to some people but I can’t duplicate the problem.

  16. cat says

    ok so i copy n pasted the 2 files into game/bin it came up with the do u want to replace i said yes to both then i tried playing, it goes through the movie scene and then the load screen but once it reaches full load it stops responding, i tried using the old shortcut and the tsm shortcut but niether work please help.

  17. Lex says

    I get the launcher up just fine, but all I get is a black screen that is it… I’ve left it up thinking maybe just a issue with the resolution but NOTHING all I have is a black screen…?????

    • says

      Try to skip the launcher and run TSM.exe directly from the sims folder I listed in the guide and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work, try to uninstall and reinstall the game then try the crack again. Does the game work properly when using the cd?

  18. ello says

    i need help i did what i was supposed to do and all i need help with is how to run it as the exe file instead of the launcher

  19. Mikki says

    Thank you, you are a god amongst men and I will worship you forever. I’ve just spent two and a half hours trying to make the game run since it won’t recognize the disc. I should definitely have thought to try this sooner.

    Thank you.

    • soso82 says

      thanks it works great. but i noticed that you have to run the game from the exe file not from the launcher otherwise it still asks for the disk

  20. Lynn says

    Do you have a crack for Sims 3.
    Thanks ver much for the Medieval crack..
    My Medieval game works perfect now with the crack and also by downloading a program called “game booster”. It temporarily shuts down anything running in the background that could interfere with the game. It found 33 programs on my computer that were running in the background. Yeah….
    Thanks Lynn

  21. ly says

    oooooh thank you a lot!!!! you almost saved my life:D i was searching for some kind of crack everywhere for this game:D:D puszinyusz:D:D

  22. Simoleon1 says

    Works great, thank you my original CD is starting to get scratches having to keep it in the machine all the time. I have Windows 7 Home Basic, running 32bit Operating System. Installed game, played for about a week. Updated to version 1.3.13 found this patch and followed instructions and it works. People read the instructions properly and it will work. Thank you to uploader now my original disc will not get damaged having to use it all the time. Games played and levels completed do save fine.

  23. Kim says

    It doesn’t work for me
    I runned tsm.exe, but when the game started it says: there’s no cd founded
    What can I do to play the game without a cd??
    (sorry for my bad englisch)

    • says

      It sounds like you didn’t copy the files to the right location. Run the updates, then extract the files to a folder, then copy them to your Bin folder and make sure the existing files get overwritten.

    • says

      Have you tried running the TSM.exe file directly from the Bin folder? Several people have reported issues with the launcher after using the crack for some reason.

  24. Thehehehe says

    ive already updated the game from the launcher but when i open the TMS it shows this mesage, this version of the game is incompatible with the user data, please update it from the launcher, and ive already got the update and in the launcher it says version plssss help mee :( sory for my english is that im chilean

    • says

      Try this.. slick Start -> All Programs -> Accessories and try to right click on Windows Explorer and click Run As Administrator, then try to copy the file again. Did you extract the files to a temporary folder first or did you try to just extract them directly to the folder? If you tried to extract them directly to the folder, try to copy them to a temporary folder first and see if that helps.

      • -_- says

        Thanks! Now, just need to figure out WHY my graphics card won’t bloody work. Good luck with future games!

  25. Lynn says

    If I install this crack and it does not work properly can I revert back to the game using the dvd. If so what and how do I save certain files to put back on. Thank you.

    • says

      I need more info of what your problem is in order to fix it. If you want to revert to a fresh install, just uninstall and reinstall the game from the disc.

  26. garrickcc says

    I did everything as it was described.. I try to use the tsm.exe to launch, and it works, but it still says it can not validate that the CD is authentic.. I am also using Daemon tools lite.

  27. Mr.Poor says

    many thanks to you! it works for me perfectly.
    no more blackscreen crashes…
    i wish there were more people like you who helps the ones like me who can’t afford to buy the original game.
    if i know you personally i’d probably treat you for a drink right now.

    no more headaches for the blackscreen crash. i can play TSM perfectly now.

  28. Erica says

    It’s not working for me. I installed the game through my documents, and idk which folder to put the crack in. I tried all of them but every time I try to run the crack .exe thing it says ‘Unable to Start Game Service initiation failed’

  29. kai says

    the crack does not work from the launcher for me it runs if i just use the tsm but trying to launch it off the launcher just comes up no disk error i used windows explorer to extract the files then copy and pasted them to the right folder and it still doesnt work i cant understand why

    any help ?

    • says

      I’m not sure why this happens on some but not all machines. If it works from using the tsm.exe file direclty, then just create a shortcut to that file and place it on the desktop. I can’t tell you why it doesn’t work from the launcher unfortunately.

  30. puchay says

    for MAC user >>> PROBLEM SOLVED

    Mount the image.
    Install Game
    DO NOT USE THE CRACK on the disc
    Locate the app in yours apps folder
    right click and view contents.
    Find and replace TSM.EXE with the one in the crack dir.

    ADDITIONAL CRACK INFO – this bypasses the launcher / updater.
    When you view the app contents you will see a file named info.plist.
    use textedit open it and find this coding:

    C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\Game\Bin\S3LAUNCHER.EXE

    Change the last part (S3Launcher.exe) with (TSM.exe) to read TSM.exe instead of S3Launcher.exe
    save it
    Launch Game


    credit to vindassius

    ps: i updated to 1.3 and k’ed it first, than i change the info.plist ^_^

    • Required says

      Just want to say thanks for the info on the MAC. Was banging my head there for a bit. Will remember to check that pesky “info.plist” file in that cider versions if this happens on any other EA releases.

      Leaving the DVD in just annoys the hell out of me. Such a waste for the hardware to spin up the dang drive just to say “OK!”

      Again thanks.

    • honigherz says

      thank you so much, i thought that i’m finally failed, but you helped me, and voila – now i can play sims medieval
      thank you, again :)

  31. XeNoNTeK says

    For those having problems with 1.13.3 – try not using the launcher. Go to the folder you dropped the archived files into and run TSM.exe. Worked for me. If it works for you, just right click and click send to desktop – it will create a shortcut. :)

  32. ZiggyZing says

    Ok guys here is your problem on why the crack won’t work and why you get the error message of it saying “no cd in tray”

    crack will work.
    you either need to keep your ISO image running or burn the ISO to a DVD and pop it in the tray, then TSM should work.

    I’ve tried it and it worked fine for me.

    hope it helped!

    • klobaby says

      The old crack was making it impossible to save on the 1.3.13. The new crack isn’t working. The game says I need a cd.

      • says

        It’s working perfectly for me. If it’s not working from the launcher, try to open it up directly using the TSM.exe file in the Bin folder.

    • Cy says

      Hi, sorry to sound like a broken record but the crack doesn’t work for me. I replaced the existing files with the ones on the zip file but when I tried to play, it still asked for the DVD. :( Is anyone else experiencing the same thing as I am?

  33. Who are you?! says

    it wil want to start up now but it dont want play it and i cant place it in the bin because it says that there is no space

  34. justa person says

    I’m trying to use this with the new patch. It doesn’t seem to work, the game has no sound now.

    I hope there will be a new one for the new patch

  35. Cy says

    Sooo, I just tried to play again after I messaged a while ago, it seems that the game won’t save now. :( I played earlier and finished a quest and when I saved and quit, I thought everything was fine. However, upon checking now, my hero lost the level he gained when I played earlier and I lost the building I created too. Could this be because the patch messed up the crack? Help would be greatly appreciated!

  36. Cy says

    First of all, thanks for the crack! BUT, I just downloaded the new patch today (1.3.13) without thinking and the crack doesn’t work with this new patch, I think? :( Have any of you been able to use this crack with the new update? Any chance an updated crack will come out?

    • Al says

      Well, seemingly I thought new crack for 1.3.13 wasn’t working at all but then I tried to go on The Sims Medieval\Game\bin and run the game by clicking TSM.exe and worked!

      So I just changed my desktop shortcut with another one which directly goes to TSM.exe

  37. steve says

    i tried everything, extracting from winrar to the folder, even onto desktop then into the bin folder. One overwrites, but the other one “TSLhost.dll” says permission still needed. Dunno, what to do to get overwite permission, tried everything…game makers themselves have special permissions which i cant click for me as admin. lol funny stuff…

    • says

      No, that sounds like windows if you’re trying to copy the file to the folder and windows is telling you that there are security issues. Are you logged in as an admin on the computer? If you’re on Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories and right click on the Windows Explorer icon and select “Run as Administrator”, then try to copy the files. If that doesn’t work, try extracting the files just using the default windows extension instead of Winrar. I had some issues with Winrar messing up the files before.

  38. Dee says works great with 1.2.3 update.

    This No DVD tool works only if you guys update your game to higher version. If you check the DLL, that is signed by version 7372 and it won’t work with the older version. Like others said, update your game to 1.2.3 first and copy the files to “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\Game\Bin”.

  39. MB says

    Hello, the crack isn’t working for me. I did everything according to your instructions yet the launcher still tells me that there’s no disc. And i can’t do it like HIM suggested since i’m on a mac. Could you help me?


  40. Trojan says

    i have a question, when i click the picture of my character in the bottom part of the screen the game would suddenly crash..what do i need to do to fix this? :D

    • says

      I use the launcher and it still works fine. I think most issues are that they’re using a third party program to open the file, or they’re extracting the files to the wrong location.

  41. swiftylc says

    I have extracted straight from Winrar to the correct location but still get the “no cd” message.
    Can you advise please?

    • says

      Try just opening it with the resident zip program in windows. I had issues extracting them with anything else for some reason. Also, try to copy them to a different folder, and then copy them to the folder manually so you make sure to overwrite the existing files.

  42. says

    Not true.. the update must not replace that .exe file, because i’ve been running the game all week without a single crash, and without the disc. Before it was crashing several times per day.

  43. Milosoya says

    eventhough the crack can be used in v1.2.3, the blue screen still happens.. I’m guessing unless the crack is also updated, the patch is useless.. (will not fix anything)

    • says

      @Milosoya Not necessarily.. I haven’t had a single crash since the update, and the crack still works. You may be having crashes for a different reason. Have you tried the other tips in the crashing article?

  44. Leelath says

    So the no-cd patch works with version 1.2.3 for sure? I’m a bit reluctant to test it…
    Most no-cd patches I found are all still for the 1.10 version

  45. Vince says

    Hey, I just read on Facebook that another patch/update has been released. I won’t be downloading that patch until your great crack has been updated. I thank you for making this as I think my disc may actually have some problems with it starting up the game.

  46. says

    @Samy No problem, thanks for the waste of a comment. Maybe an error message, or what program you’re using to open it would help? Otherwise quit trolling on my comments.

  47. David says

    You also want to make sure you have actually copied and overwritten the original files( i suggest you save a copy of the originals first) instead of just creating a copy or shortcut. If you are not asked if you want to overwrite the files, then you haven’t done it correctly.

  48. Roy says

    Hey there, I put the crack in the bin, and started the game, but it gives me a no disk error after the main loading screen. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    • says

      @Roy You may want to try to copy them again. I’m currently using the same files for mine and it’s working fine. Did you use any software to extract them from the zip file or did you just use windows?

  49. marian says


    thanks for de no cd crack, but it does not work with me, i have replaced the file, but it says no cd found and i have to play with the cd again. do you know what i have to do, the problem is that he often cannot find the cd/dvd and i donot know why, it is an official dvd. Thanks in advange

  50. anonymous, but call me ken says

    just one curious question:

    i did it right but I was wonderin what would happen if you don’t let it update except for the crack not working and you being able to play it with no cd/dvd

    • says

      @ken If you don’t run the update, these files won’t work. Make sure to run the update first, since the update will overwrite these files. If you’re having issues, make sure the update has already run and try to copy the files again. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to take a look at my file again and make sure it’s not corrupt.

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