The Sims Medieval: Free Resources Cheat

In The Sims Medieval, you need resources in order to build the buildings in the game. You normally get them by doing quests, but you can enter a cheat to set however many resources you want.

Hit Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat console at the top of the screen. Type in setkp followed by a number, then press enter to set your resources to that number. For example, if you type setkp 100 and press enter, you’ll now have 100 resources to build with.

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  1. jess says

    That cheat is real actually but you have to go into your EA files in program files on your c drive and then you have to find this folder where you can open the cheat thing and turn a zero to a one. there are videos and other sites that will tell you how to get this to work.
    i’ve used it a lot and really enjoy it.
    good luck

  2. irvan says

    You must uncheck the read only first in property file.

    Just right click on commands.ini and uncheck the readonly. Hope this help :)


  3. Maya :) x says

    i’ve done the testingcheatsenabled thing and everything works fine, i can set profession levels and eveything but when i do the setkp or setqp cheats they just don’t work, and i have tried it like 100 times, also i then tried a quest and i couldnt get any rp from completing that… HELP!!!

  4. KC says

    it works but you need to go and enable testingcheatsenabled true cheat, and it is not just going willy nilly and typing enable the cheat yu must first go to, where your Sims Medieval is, then find GameData then Shared then NonPackages then Ini then find the file called Commands.ini. then find testingcheatsenablrf 0. change the 0 to 1. hope it helped!


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