The Sims 3 – Pets: Cheats & Cheat Codes

In The Sims 3: Pets for the PC, as in the previous versions, there are cheats that you can enter for various effects.

On the keyboard, hold Ctrl + Shift and hit the C button to bring up the command prompt. From here you type in your cheat and hit Enter.

1,000 Simoleons – kaching
50,000 Simoleons – motherlode

Display Cheats List – help

Disable Clothing Category Filters – disableclothingfilter

Llama Warning Icons On (default) – enablellamas on
Llama Warning Icons Off – enablellamas off

Movie Maker Mode On – moviemakercheatsenabled true
Movie Maker Mode Off (default) – moviemakercheatsenabled false

Objects Can Be Placed Anywhere in Build or Buy Modes – moveobjects on
Objects Can Only Be Placed in Valid Spots in Build or Buy Modes (default) – moveobjects off

Objects Fade on Close Camera (default) – fadeobjects on
Objects Don’t Fade on Close Camera – fadeobjects off

Testing Cheats On – testingcheatsenabled true
Testing Cheats Off (default) – testingcheatsenabled false

Toggle Frame Rate Display – fps
Toggle Full Screen – fullscreen

Testing Cheats Mode

With testingcheatsenabled set to true (listed above), there several extra cheats you can enter in the command prompt, and a lot of additional actions you can take from the click menus on various objects, sims, and in the interface.

Interface Options:

With testingcheatsenabled set to true (listed above), you can hold the Ctrl key then click and drag any selected Sim’s need bars, relationship bars, etc. Hold Ctrl and click on moodlets to remove them, which can be helpful for removing negative moodlets. You can also hold Ctrl on the Select Family screen to modify the lifetime happiness box.

Extra Cheat Codes:

With testingcheatsenabled set to true (listed above), you can use some extra cheat codes that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

Buy Mode With Debug Objects – buydebug on (buydebug off to turn off)
Make Toddlers That Grows to Children Become NPC’s – ageuptonpc
Record Gameplay Video – recordvideo
Set Total Simoleons for Family – familyfunds “last name” amount
Set Game Speed – speed (options are 0 to 4)
Toggle Map Tags Off – maptags off
Toggle Map Tags On – maptags on
Toggle All Audio Off – playsounds off
Toggle All Audio On – playsounds on

Click Menu Cheats:

With testingcheatsenabled set to true (lisetd above), you can hold the Shift key and click on certain things to gain access to new options that weren’t there before.

Active Sim

  • Modify Traits for Active Sim

Any Object

  • Delete

Any Sim

  • Add to Active Household
  • Trigger Age Transition


  • Build on This Lot
  • Buy on This Lot
  • Teleport


  • Force Visitor
  • Force NPC options
  • Make All Happy
  • Make Friends For Me
  • Make Needs Static or Make Needs Dynamic
  • Make Me Know Everyone
  • Set Career options

Non-Household Sim

  • Add to Active Household

Work Place

  • Force Opportunity
  • Force Event”
  • Force All Events

Movie Maker Mode

With moviemakercheatsenabled set to true, there are additional actions you can take from the click menus on Sims when you hold Shift and click on them.

Any Sim

  • Disable All Lookouts – Disables all Lookouts for all Sims
  • Set Looping to On/One-Off – Sets animations to looped or one-off
  • Sim Shutdown – Sims only do player initiated actions

Active Sim

  • Animation – Plays a selected animation on the Sim
  • Edit in CAS – Bring selected Sim into Create-A-Sim mode to edit them

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  1. alycat says

    hay why dont yall just need to let all sims be ritch and thay will be buying pretty mouch all
    the stuff you want them to buy but pretty plaese no dowlonds i know that gives yall more
    money but that is so not write at all and just have all the downlodes that yall have a
    fable for use all ready on there and just make it all raedy on the sims

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