The Sims 3: How to Have an Alien Baby

In both PC and Console versions of The Sims 3, you can add an alien baby to your family.

This has to be done with a male character. Have the male sim look through the telescope, and there is a chance that he will be abducted and implanted with an alien baby.

The baby doesn’t act any differently, it acts exactly as any other baby would, it’s just greenish blue and has huge eyes.

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  1. Lilly says

    That’s not true the base game of sims 3 doesn’t have aliens but the newly released pack Seasons does. you can increase your chances of abduction by collecting space rocks, you can also have aliens join your family and have kids that way,normal bio rules males only get pregnant by abductions.
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  2. BetsyJayne says

    There are no alien abductions in The Sims 3. The instructions you gave are for having a sim abducted in The Sims 2. The only way to add an alien to your family is to create one in CAS and add it (and it won’t really be alien, just alien looking).

      • BetsyJayne says

        If you look at the reply on my comment, it was made long before Seasons was released. Seasons was released in Nov 2012. My comment was accurate at the time it was posted.

  3. Willow says

    Does it have to be a young adult sim or does that work for teenagers, too?
    Any idea what would happen if he were a ghost?

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