The Sims 3: How to Have a Ghost Baby

In The Sims 3 for the PC, you can have a ghost baby in your family.

First you’ll need a sim with a trait of Kleptomaniac so you can steal things, and a female sim with the Fertility Treatment award.

Make your Kleptomaniac sim visit the graveyard and steal male remains, and place them in your home. This will make a ghost appear in your house from 11pm to 4am every other night.

Have your female Fertility sim interact with this ghost sim just like any other, and try to woo them. Once you get them to Best Friend status, they’ll visit every night. Keep trying until you can get a woohoo with them, and your sim will eventually get pregnant, and you’ll have your ghost baby.

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  1. says

    hey right people that have wii lisen up to have a gost baby u have to go to the graveyard and make friends with a ghost and then let him move in then try for a baby xxx

  2. Noodle says

    So I’ve pretty much done this, but the problem is it doesnt follow this exactly. When the ghost appears its well after 11pm.. Its like 1am to 1:30am and then the ghost leaves about 4am to 6am. Now each ghost has only shown up once. Is there anything that I could have done wrong?

  3. cazzaDEspazza says

    he/she isnt talking about wii version, they’re talking about pc version. you cant even get ghosts on wii version! sorry guys;)

  4. Sophia says

    Okay ….. heres the thing I read this site and many others to try and find ways of having a ghost baby and after trying for ages i thought it wasnt possible but it is !!!!!

    Okay first I tried going to the grave yard to steal a grave(you must have the kleptomaniac trait to be able to this) your sim wont steal a grave if anyone is watching sooo you should wait till just before the ghosts come at 12 when there no people or when the the sun is rising and the ghosts have disapeared ( the option dosnt always come up so keep trying) now after lots of trying my sim finally stole one yesss !!! … but it was a girl :( so i gave up on this option as i wasnt really sure haveing a ghost baby was real but i think if you make sure its a mans grave your stealing it will work.

    After this I got a house with a guy and girl and decided to try again …. attempt number 2 … so I decided to kill the boyfriend buy locking him a small room with nothing in it to starve him but this was taking ages he was still complaining after 2 days soo i stuck a fireplace and a mat in there and after a few attemptes the room set on fire and killed him !!! then youll get an urn or gravestone …. now this is when i thought it was a complete fail becouse i waited for 3 days and no ghost but then on the 4th day theres he was standing in the kitchen wooohooo ( he wont come every night and it may vary on how long it takes him to appear in the first place, but he comes more frequent the better the relationship is) sooo i just carryed on building up the relationship ( which by the way took ages becouse he dosnt come very often or for very long) until the option came up to “prepose” now they didnt become husband and wife they just become bf and gf like they had befor ! then he was comeing more often till the option of kissing came and then woohoo came up so i had woohoo and no baby !! then a new option came “try for a baby ” you need to use this not woohoo to achieve a baby and then vwaaalaaa she got pregnant and had a ghost baby who is the same colour as the ghost dad and has flames going through it …… Now i just need to figer away of getting the father back to the livving …. hope this helped you guys :)

      • says

        you can bring him back to life you have to master cooking skill and learn to make ambrosia the recipe is in book store then u hace to get fishing skills up and catch deathfish or something like that .. not fully sure google it .. then u have to make the ambrosia.without any distractions an ot will be all sparkly.. then put it in the fridge and ghost will come in and eat t and come back to life.@:-)

      • Bontle says

        I once got a gift from the Grim Reaper; it was an opportunity and you had do go to the Science place to complete it. The opportunity made my ghost playable and when I completed it they came back to life.

  5. classified info says

    there isnt a kleptomaniac trait do you have to unlock it? PLZ HELP!! I am goin nutso cause i cant find the freakin kleptomaniac trait…..THX

    • sims says

      press shift and click on the sims then click on modify sims active traits or something like that then go to life style and click on kleptomaniac trait if you already have 5 traits loose one and add the one you want hope it helps!

  6. Flumpt says

    On the wii game, I have searched and searched for a kleptomaniac trait but there it isnt there. Please help me, I cant even find male remains LOL!!!

  7. Brookie says

    Thank you this was very help-full. But Its taking a long time for her to get pregnant, I’v been woo-whoo’in every damn day and hour she just wont get pregnant. does it ever pop up to try for baby?

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