The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim: How to Level Destruction Quickly

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, Destruction can be rather slow to level while you’re out adventuring, especially if you switched to Destruction after the beginning of the game.

Level Destruction on NPC’s That Won’t Die

There are several opportunities in the game to continually hit NPC’s that can’t die.

At the very beginning of the game, choose to follow Hadvar out of Helgen. When you first start following him in the keep, you can cast as many spells on him as you’d like to train Destruction and he’ll never die.

When you first join the Companions in Whiterun, they will take you outside to duel another member. They want you to hit him with a sword, so you can keep shooting him over and over with Destruction spells and he’ll just keep telling you to use a sword.

Level Destruction With Conjuration

One of the best ways to level Destruction without searching out caves and dungeons to fight in is by conjuring a servant to beat up on. Turn the difficulty up as high as you can, and onjure the cheapest servant you can, then proceed to pound them with Destruction spells until they die. Obviously this method is very taxing on magicka, so I suggest equipping as many Magicka Regeneration items as possible, as well as items that reduce the cost of Destruction and Conjuration costs. Once your magicka is depleted, rest for an hour and repeat the process.┬áDon’t forget to turn the difficulty back down, or you may be surprised by the next real enemies you fight.

Level Destruction With Pickpocketing

If you’re ok using a rather “cheap” method to level Destruction extremely fast, then simply find a Destruction skill trainer, buy a skill point, then pickpocket the money back. Faralda in The College of Winterhold, and Wuunferth the Unliving at the Palace of Kings in Windhelm are both Destruction trainers.

This trick is only effective up to 51 skill points unless you have a pickpocketing skill of 100, since after 51 skill points the cost is increased by 1000 gold, making pickpocketing much more difficult.

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  1. Tyler says

    All I did was got atronach stone ability, then found a vampire who only casts vampiric drain, killed all the other vampires except for her, made sure it was a (blooded vampire), then moved into a spot where she never moves, then I continuously taped L1 and R1 (left hand cast and right hand cast, respectively) so that I was casting frostbite on her and healing on me (makes it so neither I nor the vampire could possibly die in any way), adjusted the difficulty setting respectively (for me it was set on adept) so that, again, there was no way either o us could die, then I turned the tv off and went to bed woke up with 100 destruction and restoration lol! Of course this method takes quite a few hours, you might have to do this for two nights since I started doing this at levels 58 and 55 restoration and destruction

  2. The Genius says

    Behold the genius technique to level up any spell. Even Destruction and healing.
    If you have ur servant Lydia. U can use spells on her. she will never attack u leave ur side or anything but dont kill her completely. Stop when she has little hp. She regenerates as u do. and do it again and again. if she starts to walk away slowly just ask her to follow u. put her in a place and say wait here. and spell her again. :D best way I promise u all.

  3. Guard64 says

    With the pickpocketing way of leveling, If you pay any trainer at any level and then hit them with a Ice Form shout, they will fall over, then just wait until they start to get up and pickpocket them. It will say 0% chance, but if you do it right when they start to “thaw” and get off the ground, you can pickpocket any amount of gold and they will not become hostile.

  4. soul says

    at the start of the game after the dragon attacks, you choose the rebels(Ralof) to follow. after you kill the imperials that find you, you can attack Ralof with what you want such as one-handed weapons or destruction spells, he cannot die and won’t attack you while your escaping so you can level up skills while your running through the caves or whatever. i got destruction up from 15 to 21 without any equipment except for the novice hood and robes and i got one-handed weapons up from 15 to 23 at the same time as well as conjuration from 20 to 24.

  5. Mattallica says

    Turning the game difficulty up in Skyrim does not affect leveling up like it used to in Oblivion. So unless you play on master anyway there is no reason to up the difficulty.

  6. Magnus says

    You can pickpocket Faralda by taking advantage of a bug,use the shout “Ice Form” on her then use “Healing Hands” on her,then when the ice breaks up and she is getting up pickpocket her.Ignore the 0% chance to steal(works on other NPC’s too like sergius tyrranus)

  7. ginAddiction says

    “Level Destruction, Conjuration, Light Armor & Restoration in one attempt”. The process is ultimately boring, i fell asleep countless times(prolly the reason it took me a while) but its actually easy and worth your while since you leveled 4 skills in 1 process… Enchant light armor items(Hide preferably, cheap) with destruction, fortify magicka & magicka regen & equip them. Choose an enclosed place; a prison cell, a room or small cave( i used “silent tree camp”).Set game difficulty to maximum(Master preferably). Summon “conjure familiar” then bombard them with destruction spells, obviously the familiar will “retaliate” (thus Light Armor will level since you equip them) & gradually your health will wore down due to repeated attacks, Restoration skill will be of use to you then… All in all, I’m true to my words – level 4 skills in 1 process, but don’t say I didn’t warned you “this almost bored me to death” but nah, for me its worth it… i hope it’s worthy enough for y’all!!!

  8. Carson says

    After buying the torture chamber in Dark Bortherhood Dawnstar sanct, you can cast sparks/flames/frost on the torture victims, while also casting healing hands at the same time… the spells nullify each other and you can just sit there getting xp from them.. I am sure you could also do this on shadowmere, i have not tried yet..

  9. deadricwalkerdragonslayer says

    An easy way to increase Destruction & Archery is to use shadowmere,destruction use an adept level spell on her like Fireball/bolt whilest in sneak to get to Lvl 100 will proberly take about one hour and a half as the spells cost alot of magicka if you are at a low Lvl (or haven’t added perks),do the same with Archery, use ancient nord arrows as what you hit shadowmere with you cannot get back afterwards this will proberly take about one hour (depending on your Lvl of skill to start with) doing either one of these will also improve your sneak. If you want to improve sneak another method is to go to the skyforge wait til the old geezer Grey-mare sits his arse down on the grind stone and sneak up behind him back and forth. If you want to improve your pickpocket skill then use the priest of dibella in Markarth (as you go in, this also improves sneak) killing dragons: use spells,blood dragon use fire, frost dragon use ice or just run straight at it head on with a sword (NOT RECOMENDED IF YOU HAVE LOW STAMMINA) if you have low stammina attack the dragons wing or attack from distance with bow,Also if you are a Low Lvl character (below Lvl 20) avoid fighting green dragons, and dragons that have names (ie. Ancient dragons) and thats about it, do these things and you will Lvl up quickly and avoid getting yourself killed, oh by the way avoid fighting Giants as they are ugly and kill you in like two hits.

  10. Dark Brotherhood says

    An easier way to train destruction: complete the dark brotherhood, so you have shadowmere.Turn up the difficulty to master and just keep casting spells on shadowmere. It’s almost almost impossible to kill her.

  11. ADL3 says

    actually, you can pickpocket the “surcharge” as you put it. At level 51 they tax an extra 1000 to every level, a price which goes up again at 60 I believe. when you train the pickpocketing skill to 100 with close to all the perks (didn’t have the carry cap increae, and 100% pickpocketing bonus yet), you can steal around 2500 with like a 30% chance of sucess. After that, it drops to 0%, and if you enter in and out of his pockets a few times, it may raise to like 20%, but the odds of you getting it on one save are low, and it takes a while if you reload llike I did. there is no “surcharge”, they just charge more. Otherwise, getting 100 would be easy, with each skill only going up by 10gold. It’d be a gamebreaker (not in the usual sense, but in an excitement sense) if at level 99 you only paid 990 gold to max out.

  12. w/e guy says

    i found a less interactive way to do this. for me i simply made a suit of armor that decreases magic and frost damage by a considerable amount, then found the astronauch stone so that spells give me mana. i then went to find a vampire. at casting range, a mage vampire will stick to casting ice spells and draining hp. their spells regen my mana infinitely, i take little to no damage, and all i have to do is cast ice spells since they take reduced dmg from it. with the vampire healing i don’t have to worry about killing it or anything. the exp gain rate is pretty constant also.

  13. thiefy says

    you can totally picket pocket past 51. ive been able to train up to 79 this way. after that there is a bug with pickpocketing where if you have any items on that enhance pick pocket chance, they actually do their percentage in pickpocket against you. i havent been able to picket pocket past 2500 gold.

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