The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim: How to Find Lost Followers

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are a lot of followers in the game that can tag along and help you fight, carry your items, etc.

The AI for these followers isn’t always the best, so they can get into trouble sometimes and lose their way. Typically they will try to find a path to you, but every now and then they can get lost, so what do you do?

The first thing to try is to Fast Travel to a new location. Bring up the map, click on a place you’ve visited before, and select Fast Travel. This will teleport you quickly to that location, and will typically bring any follower to that location as well, regardless of where they were.

If that doesn’t work, look in your house, or the spot you originally encountered them. If they’re not there, try to wait or sleep for three days. If you left your follower waiting somewhere, they will stop waiting on you after three days and return home.

Unfortunately if that doesn’t work, it can mean that they wandered off and died, and hopefully you have a saved game before that point.

Remember kids.. save early, save often!

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  1. Vinny says

    I made my companion wait somewhere and I stopped playing skyrim for a while. I have no clue where I was or who it was. But I have a feeling it was a dark brotherhood member is there anyway to find them. (Also I tried the sleeping thing. It didn’t work)…

      • Minji Yumlam says

        My partner vikas frm companions just got lost. I dont think I told him to wait. Hes just lost. I left him at markarth. Then for some reason he got lost for many days. I tried waiting 4 3 days, fast travelled more than 50 times went to the companions hall, searched in breeze home. But cant find him anywhere. I thought him dead but every time I try to recruit someone else they keep saying that someone is already with me. Vikas was lost before I finished the main story line and the dragonborn mission. Now all these story lines are completed and still I cant find him. Is there anyway to get him back. (Ps3) please recommend something I want to finish the boethiah calling mission. And nobody follows me

  2. Mas says

    I left my wife somewhere and she wasn’t there when I went back so I went to where I found them and now she trying to kill me can you get her to stop?

  3. says

    Earlier today on Skyrim, I told my follower Serana to wait at my house in Whiterun. After that, I went to the High Hrothgar to get a location for a word of power from the Greybeards. After I got the word of power, I went back to my house to get Serana, and she wasn’t there, so I reloaded the game to where I was back at my house with her. I’m afraid that if I tell her to wait anywhere else, she won’t be there when I get back. What do you think I should do/try to do?

  4. Ridge says

    Hey everyone, I’ve had a bad problem with my follower Serana. So, I was near a dungeon area when I decided to climb over a little ridge bit. I went over but I think Serana fell through the map. I didn’t know it at the time so I returned and went into the dungeon. Since I lost her I’ve searched all over the place, waited for days at the castle and my houses, I’ve searched the vampire castle as well. I’ve fast traveled and everything. Eventually I found a way to make it so she wasn’t my followe anymore in the hopes it would reset her position. It didn’t. I need her so I can become a vampire lord again. Any and all suggestions and help would be great, thanks

  5. says

    I married the girl in the Drunken Huntsmen, and I asked her to follow me and for so reason I told her to wait somewheres and I forgot where, And I want a new follower but she is still with me and she is waiting somewheres and I can’t find her so I can’t get a new follower I didn’t know if you knew how to find her or some trick you might know.

  6. Xile says

    I lost Marcurio randomly when I was doing the Dawnguard questline and I was pretty sure he glitched out or died. :c Serana became my follower without any issues though during the questline… However, when Marcurio dies, you’re supposed to inherit 300 gold and that hasn’t happened? Anyone else have this sort of problem?

    I can’t remember exactly, but it probably happened around some point in the questline where Serana automatically becomes your follower for a while? Also, I’ve waited a lot since that happened, as well as slept. Marcurio is not back at the Bee and Barb either. I shall try sleeping for 3 full days as soon as I get home Saturday, and then head back to the Bee and Barb. :c He’s my favorite follower so I’m hopeful!

    Also, Serana disappeared too while I was doing the Dark Brotherhood questline. xD I haven’t checked back at the castle yet though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow glitched and headed back there. ^^’ I have horrible luck with followers.

    • says

      That’s precisely why I rarely use followers any longer. More often than not, if they’re not running off and getting lost or dying, then they are standing in the way, or standing on a trap, or something else completely stupid. If I do use one, I’ll usually park them at the entrance to help carry out the valuables I found like the pack mules they are.

      The resting three days trick usually works if they’re still alive. If they are dead, check the various tombs in the major cities to see if their bodies show up. If neither of those work, try the tip by DethDevice in the comments below. His tip has worked for several commenters here.
      Donny (admin) recently posted..DragonVale: How to Make Fast & Easy MoneyMy Profile

  7. Bob says

    my follower died so i cant get married because i cant find the body and the person im trying to marry doesn’t give you a second chance

  8. Angelica says

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Did a mission and almost lost my beloved Faendal because I told him to wait (since he kept dieing.) Couldn’t find him so I slept for 3 days, went to his house and FOUND HIM! Thank you so much!

  9. Drak says

    I lost my partner, he was a initiate from the dark brotherhood, idk where he is, but when i became a werewolf, everytime i transform into the beast he dissapears.I was in labyrinthian (idk how to write the name ) and he gone missing again.

  10. Dolph says

    I didnt even know i had a follower…but when asking someone to follow they say im already with someone…played 100 hours. How do I find out who is following me? and make them stop?

  11. Sean says

    I lost serana, from the Dawnguard DLC, somewhere and i’ve tried everything but whenever I ask someone else to follow me I always get, ” looks like you’ve got someone already ” so she’s not dead, what should I do?

    • ayhan uslu says

      she is probably stuck on rocks or somewhere like that. followers cant jump over some places. so she cant move anywhere. you have to look again where you exactly missed her. if u find her u cant move her, either. telling her to “go home” or “follow me” is useless. u can move her with a horse. drive the horse on her and push. when she falls on ground then she will follow u or else. (sorry for poor english)

  12. SnarkyWriter says

    I’m playing through one last time just to get the Daedric artifact achievement, and after doing Namira’s and killing the priest, I get the dreaded “you already have someone with you” thing. I reloaded the game five or six times, redoing that quest, but it doesn’t change. He’s dead, but everyone thinks he’s still following me around. Will the Dark Brotherhood fix work for me or should I just give up and start over–again?

    • says

      The Dark Brotherhood trick should work, but are you sure he’s dead? Even if you see them get knocked out, unless you did the killing, they’ll usually get back up a little while after combat is done.

  13. Evilninjagamer says

    I lost farkas in the quest proving honor. It’s been a week and he’s still nowhere to be found, and I can’t finish the quest without him :( I’m on playstation so I don’t have access to mods. Any help?

  14. HJK says

    I found a dod in the wild, I know about where all the dogs can be found in Skyrim. In fact there are several dogs in the wild you can get and save(health restore) and they follow you the player. I did a mission with a bad mage for the staff that effected dreams in people. But when i finished the dungeon the dog was gone, and he’s still alive because i cannot buy or receive another till that one, the missing one is dead. Problem is I don’t remember where I found it, where it has returned too …this bug and the ability for an AI dog to simply go missing is bad programming. If any one knows a code or somthin for getting a missing dog back thanks for the help.

    • Aurayne says

      Really? I have 4 dogs with me at the moment, which dog did you lose? if it’s Meeko or Vigilance try their houses, and even if it’s not, Meeko will follow you regardless of how many dogs you have, or at least he does in my game. Word of warning though, 4 dogs is a pain n the ass, they get in your way and smash shit up Marmaduke-style.

  15. Soren says

    I have no idea what happened to my follower, or who it was for that matter. I probably told him/her to wait for me in a dungeon somewhere and forgot about them. So, I was oblivious of that for weeks until today, when I finished the quest for the Khajit follower, Kharjo. “It seems someone is already following you, friend. May your roads lead you to warm sands.”


  16. Mori says

    I had lost Cicero… I told him to stay some place.. and since then I had forgotten. And then After awhile I noticed that he was not there when he was needed. I have fast traveled plenty of times… and slept more than 3 days… went to my home or to the brotherhood.. and he was not there. I cant hire anyone else… and I’ve saved alot too…. PLEASE HELP!!! TT_TT

    • Marnie says

      I know how you feel, the same thing has happened to me, My follower is gone and I have looked every where, fast traveled, slept, waited and they never show up. other followers won’t accompany me because they all say looks like you have someone with you already….. its so frustrating I love the game but I am sick of all these glitches!

  17. Pethom says

    I told Lydia to have a rest and said that she could gather me some ingredients, which is one of the options in a mod I’m using. Lydia went her way and I went my own way together with the dog, you can find by a hut, to gather some ingredients together with him. When I later on returned to the hut Lydia was nowhere to find. She had dissapeared with the 11500 gold I gave her to carry for me (another mod which gives gold some weight and has a banking system).

    I walked around the area looking for her, went home to Breezehome and back to the hut again where I waited for a couple of hours. She’s nowhere to find. The only reason to why I can’t find her could be that we visited Riften not long before she dissapeared with my money:-)

    I maybe should wait a couple of days and see if she’s sitting in Breezehome waiting for me.

    • says

      If you have access to mods, then you’re playing on PC and have access to the console command that will bring her to you. I cant’ remember what the command is, but I know a few people have listed it here.

  18. Prisoner of Skyrim says

    As I read through all of your scenarios posted here I must say that I have encountered something very different in terms of “losing” my companion. I had just cleared the North & South Watch areas located in the pine forests just south or Riverwood when I stepped out of the cavern I failed to realize that it was the edge of a cliff with no way down. I took one too many steps away from the cavern exit and began scaling down the mountain side. Having scaled mountain sides before I wasn’t concerned about dying (hence why I failed to save) but my first concern was that Lydia (she seems to give us all the most trouble apparently) would take forever to meet me at the bottom. While I was slowly sliding down the mountain, I looked up and saw that Lydia was also slowly sliding down the mountain! About half way down, I kept going but she stopped. She seemed to be stuck. Her feet were still moving but she seemed to be in the air. Upon reaching the bottom, I noticed she was gone. I thought that she was on her way to catch up so I waited for 12 hours but no Lydia. I made the walk to Riverwood (conveniently enough, not only did Lydia disappear here but my horse did too!) in the hopes that she would reappear and she didn’t. I walked back to the mountain side where I last saw her and she was gone. I have since slowly walked around the entire mountain and she is nowhere to be found. The Southern Watch has a couple of hides laid out for beds so I slept there for 24 hours and still nothing. I wouldn’t care so much if she hadn’t been carrying the greater majority of my valuable weapons!!!

    • JediWoman says

      I am playing on an XBox 360. Had Derkeethus as my follower. Against my better judgment I gave him some of my best stuff to carry. Like some other folks, I did the Diplomatic Immunity quest and that’s when he disappeared. I have tried all of the above suggestions without any luck. I also scoured the Hall of the Dead in Dragonreach – he isn’t entombed there. I should have done better research to find out that the AI is not reliable. I lost my best weapons and quest specific items that I cannot replace. Not sure what to do. I have a lot of hours into this game already – too many to just restart the game without much angst. Wish they’d release a patch to fix this sucker. Crazy to have as many complaints as there are about this and have no fix in the pipeline.

  19. J Law says

    I JUST made a full set of Daedric gear and a Daedric axe for my wife, then I made her wait in a dungeon, lost track of her, searched EVERY room in this gigantic friggen place, she was nowhere to be found. waited six days, tried the bar, my house, her house, nothing. I’m playin ps3 version, is there ANYTHING I can do? this sucks

  20. Amber says

    So I married Farkas, came under attack by an ancient dragon and the dragon killed him. I took everything from his body and read somewhere that I would be getting a letter with money for his death at “home” since we were married. Home for us is the champion’s home, so I kept going there every few days or so to check on that. Then I believe it was a week or so later, I went back to the champions home and low and behold, there standing by the front door inside is Farkas! He’s still not wearing anything, just as I left him when he died but now we are not married. I am not getting the $100 a day for our shop or the home cooked meals, but he is still able to follow me. I also read that you can’t remarry, so I figure I can be happy that he just “magically” appeared back into my life. Anyone ever have this happen? I was wondering if this is just because he still has possible missions for me to do since I didn’t heal either of the Werewolf brothers with the witch heads.

    • Amber says

      So Farkas got killed…..again. He hasn’t shown up like he did last time, his body is still at Winterhold lying on the ground. Now when I ask for a follower it says I already have one. Any advice??


  21. Jessalyn says

    I use Mjoll as my follower, and she got replaced by Aela on a Companion quest, now I can’t find her. She’s not at either of my houses, or in Riften. I’ve looked everywhere. What happened to her?

  22. the Moose says

    When I did the Companions questline, my follower, Erandur, left so Vilkas could take his place for the one quest where he is forced to be your follower. I finished the Companions questline, but when I went to get Erandur back, he had disappeared off the face of the earth. I’ve tried waiting for over a week in game, in Nightcaller Temple and outside of it, I’ve run the path he would logically take to get home once leaving, I’ve checked all over, but I can’t find him. He’s not in my services because I can recruit someone else. I really want him back, he’s my favorite…

    This is for my xbox profile, by the way.

    • says

      When others replace your follower, it should remove them from service they should start walking back where you met them. Erandur should have originally been found in Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar, I’m assuming you looked there? If he’s not there, then it’s possible that he could have died on the trip back, though that seems unlikely.

      • the Moose says

        I did look there. Unfortunately, he’s still missing. I’ve run the main path from Dawnstar to Whiterun twice, searching for him, but I can’t find him. I suppose he has died and his body’s disappeared… Which does seem unlikely… I mean, I once accidentally dismissed Derkeethus as a follower, and he disappeared, but I found him just downstream of the place he’s supposed to be, glitched on a waterfall, which was solved by punching his ass down the fall. But Erander has been more elusive.

        I really hope he didn’t die.

        Major sad face, now.

      • Bongoro says

        Erandur is found in the temple near the city he’s found in once the quest has been completed.

        I know I’m late.

    • Sciolist says

      This same thing happened to me. I found him in Nightcaller Temple. It was night time when he appeared. Hope you find him.

  23. jkulak says

    I lost my follower somewhere…
    – staying in prison for 7 days didn’t work,
    – going to location where I found her and sleeping there for a week didn’t work,
    – playing for another 20 hours of gameplay didn’t work,
    – I already finished Companions, so I wasn’t able to replace her

    What finally worked for me, was doing “Bring a follower to Delphine” quest. I gave my follower to her, quest isn’t completed, but I can get another follower, which is a win for me ;)

  24. Tuckbuscus says

    I had Ria, by Ustengrav, then I couldn’t find her, I waited like two weeks and still nothin’ what should I Do?

  25. Invader Mew says

    This is not completely correct. I was using Janessa (the dark elf mercenary found in the tavern in Whiterun) as a follower for a long time until at some point during a Companions quest she disappeared. I did all the steps in the article to no avail and was about ready to say a prayer for her death, cry a little, and start looking for a new follower. Then, while out in the middle of nowhere, while hunting with the purpose of filling soul gems, I rode past a dark elf that looked oddly familiar. I get off my horse and sure enough I hear Janessa’s sultry voice. I have never been so happy! The waiting/sleeping 3 days, did nothing. My boyfriend has had the same problem with Lydia, she just disappeared during a quest he was working on and still has yet to find her. His hope has been restored though after seeing me find my Janessa again. I guess the point of this is, don’t give up hope. I don’t know if some companions just can’t be killed or what was the case but I am proof that you just never know if you will cross paths with your missing follower. Good Luck!

    • Denni says

      Best story ever! My hubby misses his “janessie” as he calls her. Hes level 61 and just recently lost her :( Thanks for the hope obe-wan!

  26. 34 says

    I fell in a huge hole, landed in some water, had to find a different way out, jumped over a gap my partner couldn’t or woudn’t make it over. i left, haven’t seen her since. ????

  27. Trunce says

    C’mon guys, read the posts for cryin out loud!!! To get to a lost follower open the console and use player.placeatme then use the follower’s ID press enter and they’re there. Or use Player.moveto and ID and when you press enter you’ll be transported to where your follower is – alive or dead. Use disable and then enable in the console to reset a character. The console makes it easy. If you’re not using a PC so can’t use the console, what’s the matter with ya??? C’mon fol, trade up to the real deal.

    • Argonians Wearing Skulls says

      Not everyone has PC version. P.s. gamestop is fucking expensive most of the time and they don’t give you enough money for anything.

    • rufuckinkiddinme says

      Dumbass the ‘real deal’ is the modless, commandless console version. The Pc version is just that. A PC VERSION. Its a video game! Its meant for consoles!

  28. Flyzapper says

    Go to command window and type ‘help (character name ex. Marcurio) 0’….you will see NPC-:(I’d number) (name)……now type ‘player.placeat
    me (I’d number)….make sure not to include ‘ when you enter information

  29. Manabreakfast says

    If youre on the sacrifice quest for Boethiah, use DethDevice’s fix! Went to dark brotherhood dawnstar sanctuary, attacked an initiate until we both sheathed our weapons, paid nazir the fine and was then able to get followers again. Thanks!

    • Zachary johnson says

      I love you in a way i never thought possible ive been trying to fix that follower glitch for 2 months and you solved it.

  30. KILLERWILSH says

    I did the Diplomatic Immunity quest and had some dude following me i paid him 300 gold at the pub in Solitude but after completing the quest he hasnt returned and hasnt stayed at the farm where i left him so what can i do?

  31. dragoncorn says

    when i return to the place where they originally where, they have their original clothes on and they lost every item i gave them.
    like mjoln, she was my follower, i gave her pretty important things to hold, i was on a mountain and fell down, after that i couldnt find her anymore, sleeping and waiting and fast travelling didnt help so i travelled to riften to find her at her original place.
    there she was in her original status like you just met her for the first time.
    this happens on every follower.

    2 bad.

    its best to marry someone, who is very powerful, because after marrying someone they become immortal !!!

  32. Kukukuhchu says

    Right now I am trying to do the Boethiah quest and I need a follower. Every time I ask someone to follow me they say ” It looks like you already have someone following you”. I didn’t have anyone following me, none of the companions, not Lydia, no one is following me. Yet the still say someone is following me. I’ve had this problem for a while now fast traveling everywhere and sleeping a lot. Nothing works. I do save a lot and every one of my saves doesn’t have anyone following me. I have no clue what the problem is. I have Skyrim on the Playstation 3 btw.

    • Kraz says

      I couldn’t hire anyone as I kept getting told I had somebody with me already. It turned out to be Farkas, who though not a follower as such, was waiting for me to help him retrieve the fragment of Wuuthral, a quest started early in my game but left and ignored as I was too busy thieving and murdering elsewhere. Anybody with a similar missing follower should cross reference names from their outstanding quest list with a list of followers…

      • Justin says

        Thank you so much! I was busy thieving to and then i realized she didn’t fast travel with me so them I realize that stupid quest gave me some dumb partner, I just wasted 4 hours!!! :D

      • freedom says

        I am having the same problem aela was with me while i was fighting the giant chief and after that fight i can’t find her but every time i try to get a new follower they say someone is already with me please help me out

  33. JKINGV says

    I did a quest in the killreath part and after finishing the quest that one goddess teleported me back up to Skyrim and left my follower in the cave. I told her to wait in one spot and I can’t cant get back in because I need a key to open the door and theres no key. I can’t get a new follower because she still my follower. What do I do I can’t load it up because it didn’t autosave

    • says

      There is no way to retrieve your follower unless you’re on PC, which you can use console commands. This is currently a huge flaw in the game, and the primary reason I rarely use the wait function for very long.

  34. Zerocriptonyte says

    Ive tried all of the recomendations above except the dark brotherhood suggestion. I dont have a DB follower so IDK if that will work for me but Im willing to try anything at this point. Lost care for the follower now I need one and cant get a new one. Man the things we do for our followers.

    • says

      It may be worth a shot, since the Dark Brotherhood followers seem to be the only followers in the game that level properly at the moment. They really need to fix all of the issues with followers, because it’s a pretty big problem.

  35. Riddick says

    found marcurio just runnin around.. slept n waited for 3 days then i find him just runnin up to me -_-. if they arent dead n dont show up.. their stuck n will eventually find yu. lame loophole..

  36. itzNding says

    I had J’Zargo following me. I went to Labyrinthia and was attacked by 2 Ice Trolls. I killed them both. J’Zargo disappeared and I assumed he was dead. Tried to get Lydia back to no avail. Slept for 3 weeks (I know it’s a bit redundant but I will try anything) and nothing. Went home, he wasn’t there. Went back to the College (where he can be recruited) and he was there with all my stuff. BUT! I still can’t recruit him. I got fed up and killed him for the full enchanted Dragon Scale armor and everything else I gave him. Even sent home my dog Vigilance. Still cannot get another companion.

    This is very frustrating when my current companion goes back to his house and tells me I already have someone following me. IT’S YOU, YOU IDIOT! Just follow me pl0x *sigh*

  37. Shortc says

    It seems i have lost my follower Jennessa in time because of the scrolls reading on the throat of the world. I tried porting to her and it takes me to the spot you stood on to read the elder scrolls and go back in time for a cut scene. Is there anyway i can get her out of the portal back in time? My saved games are way to far back before i realized what had happened to go back. Also it tells me that i have a companion following so i can’t just replace her.

  38. sprish says

    Are you on pc?
    If so just type player.moveto (then the companions id)
    If you just want her back without seeing where she went, I have heard that player.placeatme (then companion id) works too.

  39. DethDevice says

    Ok, so I have been having the same bug problem where whomever I ask to follow me they always end up telling me I have someone following me already. I have NO ONE following me, and its has been like that for the last 40 hours of gameplay (90 hrs total), this means that Im stuck at the Beothia’s calling quest and cant complete it.
    *Dark Brotherhood spoiler* But a possible fix!!
    I went to the DawnStar sacntaury and there I found one of the initiates. When I talked to them my only saying option was “Never mind I dont need anything” so this made me jump with the joy so after I said that I tried to get some one to follow me and it was still stuck at “you already have a follower” so after that I went to the initiate again, she was busy cooking food like always. I then atacked her untill she stopped cooking and attacked me. As soon as she attacked me i sheathed my weapon and she stopped. However I had to pay Nazir 300 gold for assualting a familt member. So after paying I could now freely again talk with the initaite whom I had probably asked to follow me a long time ago, but because she is always cooking she didnt actually follow me. But now because she wasnt cooking I could tell her “I dont need anything” and after saying that I could once again have followers! =D

    • happy says

      The method DethDevice used worked for me too! So happy, it sucked since I had no follower and everyone said they wouldn’t follow me since I did. Thanks Deth

    • michael says

      omg, so, i had the girl initiate from the dark brotherhood downstar sanctuary as a follower, and she got lost somewhere near the sky haven temple, and waited over 4 weeks, still not here, and still couldnt have anyone else follow me, but i just came across your post, and attacked the other guy initiate that is in the downstar sanctuary, paid the fine, and went back to him, and could have him follow me,, this is some weird glitch but so glad you found a way past it. so thanks DethDevice!

    • Grizzly_17 says

      Hahaha I cant believe that worked! I don’t know how you managed to figure that out but its too cool! Thanks so much!

    • Tiffany says

      So what if I’ve already killed the Dark Brotherhood leader? Does anyone have any ideas on that because I’m lost and I’m tired of running around by myself. Somehow Uthgerd died (her body is in the catacombs) and the system still thinks I’m with someone.

        • dj_lucas says

          same thing happened to me but i left the sanctuary and waited (3) days then went back in and it was fine, but approach the girl first and then pay the 300 to Nazir or the game will glitch (big surprise huh)??

          but yeah it works & i have been so frustrated over 100 hrs of play since i lost my follower and now its fixed so friggin awesome thanks so much!~!! i hope everyone searching for ” help cannot find follower on Skyrim ” finds this post!!

    • dcres says

      I recently purchased Dawnguard add-on, and got as far as Chasing Echoes when i ran into the lost follower bug. Serana kept telling I had to lose my interloper before I could continue. I tried for days to fix this problem with no success. Finally came across this fix which worked perfectly. I have no idea how you discovered this, but I give you my thanks.

    • dragonblood says

      Dude – I am using ps3 – your brilliant idea worked – I attacked nazir until he drew his sword – then placed my sword back. I could then enlist a new follower. top stuff

    • Chris says

      Iv already killed the dark brotherhood so i cant do this is there anything else i could do though?
      already tried waiting for days and beating lydia but the gaurds wont talk to me or arrest me after almost killing her. it might be a mod problem which is what im going to check out but if its not?

      • says

        I’m guessing you’re on the PC version if you’re talking about mods, so if you’re on the PC then it’s irrelevant really, since there are commands that you can use to get them back. If you’re on the Xbox 360 version however, the method DethDevice talked about was the only reliable method I’ve seen.

    • Lexi says

      Seriously though, thank you so much. :)

      What happened with me is, I had Cicero as a follower, because I love, love, love Cicero; he’s like the most interesting character in the game. And, I suppose I told him to wait somewhere, because, he does tend to get in the way a lot, but I like him enough that it’s worth it. So I kinda forgot to tell him to follow me again, and I didn’t even realize he was gone until I’d forgotten where I left him. Soo… this was amazing. I’m stuck at the same quest you were and it really rather sucks. :”)

  40. Dio says

    I left my follower waiting in Myst Groves of all places. I asked her to wait before we came upon the people at the tables so I could sneak up and after I was done talking to the Deadra he kicked me out…. I had forgotten I asked her to wait and a few fast travels later I had noticed she was gone and went back to get her, got stuck in Myst Groves and had no save close enough to not lose a lot of play time to get her. I found this thread and went to my house and slept in the bed for two days, I got a message saying my follower was tired of waiting and went home. One more day of waiting and she walked into my house at Solitude.

  41. MacSauce says

    My follower (farkas) died fighting a giant somewhere near whiterun, and i knew for sure he was dead because i went over to him and it said search farkas, so after that i fast traveled to do a quest and farkas was with me and was buried halfway in the ground, i could still talk to him and told him to follow me but he was stuck in the ground, i am now too far ahead to load back and when i returned to the spot where it think he was i couldn’t find him, also i need to sacrifice a follower so i can do the boethians calling quest but i can’t get another one, help would be greatly appreciated

  42. Andrew m says

    My follower died while i was doing a quest and now when i try to get another follower i get the same massage “i see someone is already with you” i know they died i saw it happen it was me infact he accidently killed her. i tried to got back to her home location after 3 days i went to my house and did all the other things suggested to do but still cant get a follower plz help

    • says

      From what I’ve read on some forums, some of the followers (Lydia for example) actually get back up after a few minutes even after death. I haven’t tested this theory yet, but it’s worth a shot, especially since it sounds like your follower is still alive, or the game seems to think they are. Maybe try to go back to the spot they died at?

      I save a lot, so if (and when) my follower dies, I load my game. If anything else, I would load your game before your follower died if possible.

      I would highly suggest getting Marcurio from The Bee and Barb in Riften. He’s a mage, and in my opinion one of the best followers in the game. He uses really powerful destruction magic, and rarely dies.

  43. Sean says

    I had Uthgerd following me and hadn’t seen her in a long time. I realized Uthgerd died by going into the catacombs in the hall of the dead in Whiterun. Apparently if a follower dies you will find their coffin down there and you can recover anything they were carrying. I am pretty bummed because she died a while ago so I can’t just load a recent save. At least I got all the stuff back I had her lugging sround for me.

  44. MrKnowItAll says

    So if you’re here, you too have lost your companion. (360)
    Well I tried to recruit another companion and it said I still have mine. So that means Uthgerd (follower) must be waiting somewhere because she’s still alive.
    After searching forums etc. only 1 solution helped

    After waiting 3 days away from my companion I went to where I recruited them and there they were Inventory and everything intact.
    Hope that saves you some trouble.

  45. Matt Osborn says

    Anyone know how to find a companion who is lost, and they don’t turn up at home, fast travel with you, and not where you found them? He’s not dead, cause Lydia from Whiterun won’t join me because “You (I) already have a follower.”

    • Matt Osborn says

      Yeah, I found a guy in Darkwater Pass, a Falmer infected cave near Nilheim, who was trapped in a cell. When I freed him, you need to escort him out of cave. When you finish that, you can ask him for help and he becomes a companion. I tried going back multiple times and have looked around, can’t find him, but still can’t get other followers.

      • says

        Have you checked in your house? Also another commenter said it can take up to 3 days for them to show up at their original spot.. finding them in a dungeon though, i’m not sure if that would be different or not. They really need to fix this, it’s a common complaint i’m hearing quite a bit.

        • Matt Osborn says

          Yeah, tried the house and going back to the cave after 2, 3, 4 & 5 days, still won’t show up, and still he hasn’t died, otherwise I could get another follower. I bought a horse and am now trying to search the countryside

          • says

            Did you leave them waiting somewhere? I’ve tried fast traveling after asking them to wait, and they stayed there. I didn’t try waiting for days to test it, but I may. Try to back track where you’ve been, especially if you can remember asking them to wait. Also try sleeping if you’re just waiting. Sometimes sleeping can reset things better than waiting.

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