The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim: How to Find Lost Companions & Mercenaries

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are several companions and mercenaries (aka followers) that can follow you around to help you fight and carry your stuff. Every now and then they may wander off and get lost, so what can you do to find them?

The first thing you can do is Fast Travel to a different location. Bring up the map, select a location you’ve visited before, and select Fast Travel Typically when you fast travel, any current followers will be teleported to you no matter where they were.

Another option if that doesn’t work is to visit your house if you have one, or visit the place where you first encountered them. If they’re not there, try to wait or sleep for three days. If you left your follower waiting somewhere, they will stop waiting on you after three days and return home.

If that doesn’t work, it might mean that they wandered off and died, and hopefully you have a saved game before that point.

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  1. says

    Can the deaf device guy please state the solution again I didn’t find it in the comments. I lost Benor and whenever I tried to get a new companion is says looks like you got someone already. I even tried getting rid of my dog and if I want the dog back it looks like I have to buy him again!

    • says

      Here is the original comment, which appears to be filtered out because of age:

      DethDevice Says
      DECEMBER 1, 2011 AT 11:02 PM (EDIT)

      Ok, so I have been having the same bug problem where whomever I ask to follow me they always end up telling me I have someone following me already. I have NO ONE following me, and its has been like that for the last 40 hours of gameplay (90 hrs total), this means that Im stuck at the Beothia’s calling quest and cant complete it.
      *Dark Brotherhood spoiler* But a possible fix!!
      I went to the DawnStar sacntaury and there I found one of the initiates. When I talked to them my only saying option was “Never mind I dont need anything” so this made me jump with the joy so after I said that I tried to get some one to follow me and it was still stuck at “you already have a follower” so after that I went to the initiate again, she was busy cooking food like always. I then atacked her untill she stopped cooking and attacked me. As soon as she attacked me i sheathed my weapon and she stopped. However I had to pay Nazir 300 gold for assualting a familt member. So after paying I could now freely again talk with the initaite whom I had probably asked to follow me a long time ago, but because she is always cooking she didnt actually follow me. But now because she wasnt cooking I could tell her “I dont need anything” and after saying that I could once again have followers! =D
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  2. Deathclock93 says

    the Huntress from the companions was with me and i dont know where she went and the last load i have is level 26 and im a 41 i’ve tried the methods and still nothing and she isnt dead because i cant get another companion

  3. Deathclaw1728 says

    My companion, lydia, had died a long time ago and forgot to load the last save and now that i want to get another follower with me, he says, ” looks like you got someone already” and lydias dead! Please help, im also playing this on xbox 360 with none of the title updates.

    • says

      She may not be dead, have you checked Whiterun?

      Followers shouldn’t die unless you gave the killing blow. When they get KO’d by monsters, they awake shortly after, and if you’ve already left then they can easily get stuck somewhere trying to get back to you.

      Check out DethDevice’s instructions in his comment below if you are sure she has died, his walkthrough has helped several other commenters on this site.

  4. Cristian says

    i have a follower that is cant find and i try to wait 3 days or fast travel but nothing worked, and to do this dawnguard mission i what to get rid of them. please help.

  5. McJohnson says

    I had a dog for a companion and when i told him to wait at my house (because i didn’t want him to die) he had vanished.I went back to where i bought him,then to both my houses and just can’t find him. he was adorable and since i lost him i feel an emptyness in my soul

  6. TAE94 says

    i’ve had j’zargo for a while now,and i went to do a side quest for the jarl involving killing a giant.first time he died from getting in the cross i reloaded 2nd time i killed the giant but ran to get some distance to kill the other giant. Now my buddy’s lost.i don’t want anyone else.and i pretty sure he’s not dead because i’ve asked other followers to follow me to see if that was the case,and their answers are always the same “looks like someone’s already following you.” im glad to hear that,i just need to find him.ANY SUGGESTIONS????? this is 360 not pc. PLEASE HELP.. “ive done the obvious people,return where i got him,even bought a house thinking that was it,also slept in the 3 beds i own 4 times each with a total of 106 hrs each”

    • says

      He’s probably stuck somewhere. I’ve seen some places in the game where they literally get stuck and can’t move. If you can’t reload your game again, then I’d suggest following the instructions given by DethDevice below. He seems to have found a glitch that will cancel out your previous follower.

    • Cysta says

      well, you either try and wait for 3 days for the npc to reset (home, or where they usually waiting), try to find them yourself, or use console…
      I had to use the third option, since my follower just disappeared, and no matter how long I’ve been waiting, nor where I went to find her, I couldn’t.
      So I used “player.moveto” to teleport myself to her and…
      she was in the freaking whiterun jail!!! for f*ck’s sake… so yeah… without quotes, and with the character’s ID (not the “base ID”), you can move yourself to your companion. it should look like this: player.moveto 0001A682
      (the loud priest in whiterun)

  7. garrett says

    So I was playing the new add on (Dawngaurd) mission, and to continue on the mission i needed to fallow this lady but it wouldn’t let me follow her because it said that i have a follower with me, the only problem was that i haven’t had a follower in days, i tried to wait for three days , that didn’t work, i looked online and it said to go to the place were i had first found them, but again i didn’t even now that i had a follower so i didn’t know who or where they came from. can some one please tell me what i can do to get out of this mess.

  8. awesome1 says

    ok i was force shouting one of ,my dark brotherhood minions and he wouldn’t die i started off by shouting him off the throat of the world and around the white run area and i think i least had him flying over some waterfalls around that time i caught the attention of a dragon left my minion and followed the dragon after i slayed the foul beast i lost track of where i left him does anyone know where i can find him again ive waited three days but nothing i just want to shout him around some more

  9. tim says

    I completed a major quest (forget the name – Meridia’s light?) and was lifted into the sky and spoken to by the goddess. When I returned to earth, my companion was gone. I searched, waited several days – eventually I thought to look for him (Marcutio) in Riften where I first came upon him. I re-hired him (he was at his usual table. When we got home to Whiterun, all his equipment immediately re-appeared. So don’t despair if you are in the same predicament! Try my trick (PC) it might work for you, too.

  10. Dovahkiin says

    I Left Aela ( WIFE ) at castle daur at te guard room siting on a chair went of for a few hours and BAM shes gone no sign of her like vanished, any tips?

    I mean she dont attack a guard for no reason while siting and do nothing?

  11. roy says

    If your follower is from whiterun and they die ther body might end up in the cryps there. When uthguard died her coffin ended up in the cryps in whiterun. I need to check to see if lydia is there, I lost her a while back.

  12. Crow says

    Your companion can indeed die. When they crouch like that it means they are close and any monsters attacking will lose aggro and go to you (or a summoned creature) but if your companion gets back up and takes a hard shot or is continually suffering from dps (say from a dragon) they will die.

  13. Luciana says

    Thanks, only had to sleep 2 days, been looking for him for sometime, lol. I lost him when I told him to wait in front of Maven’s house when I got back he had vanished. Thanks.

  14. maximi says

    Lost Lydia today and tried everything mentioned above but no luck.
    So I did little research and found a solution atleast for PC!

    1. Check your companions RefID from
    2. Open console and type ‘player.moveto ########’ ######## = RefID

    Hope it helps :)


    • Louie says

      Thank you i was looking for her for weeks and then i did this and i finally found my dark brotherhood intiate she was in jail

  15. Nolp7 says

    Fantastic but I told my first companion that chick from whiterun. to wait somewhere because i was doing somthing dangerous and now I seemed to have misplaced her. Ive forgotten where I left her any tips? She has like 20 dragon scales Id rather not leave her.

      • Red Vyper says

        1) Your companion cannot die unless you give her the last blow
        2) best wai to check if she is dead or alive is to talk to another NPC that you can get as a companion and ask her to join… if she accept, you previous companion is dead. If she does’t you compagno is still alive.

        • Dawichdokta says

          Your follower can die without you giving the final blow. Sometimes in combat NPCs will leave them alone when the follower has low hp but i have had them die a couple times from casters.

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