The Amazing Spider-Man: Unlockable Suits / Costumes

There are quite a few nice unlockable costumes in The Amazing Spider-Man on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Here are the suits you can unlock, and what you need to do to unlock them.

Regular Unlockable Costumes

These costumes are available by regular means, and just require you to do a certain task to unlock them.

Black Suit – Successfully complete the game with a 100% completion
Classic Suit – Register any of the game’s DLC, including any preorder code
Cross Species Suit – Complete the game on any difficulty
Original Suit (no belt) – Unlocked by default, you’ll find it in Peter’s apartment closet

Spider-Man Emblem Costumes

These costumes are a little bit trickier. Once you have access to the camera, you’ll need to change the date on your system to around January 1, 2013 to access all of these since they’re releasing them one at a time after the movie comes out. Make sure to disconnect your system from internet access to make sure it works. Once the costume is unlocked it will stay unlocked even after you switch your console time back.

With access to the camera, and the right date set on your console, go to these locations and look for the Spider-Man Emblems to snag a picture of them and unlock the corresponding costumes.

Big Time Suit – Search behind the red bleachers in Time Square
Classic Black Suit – Under the Gazebo in the narrow park to the left of the main Oscorp Building downtown
Future Foundation Suit – One block east of the North bridge in a small alley behind a gas station
Negative Zone Suit – On the top of the Beenox building, which is near the Brooklyn Bridge
Scarlet Spider (2012) Suit – North of the middle fountain in Central Park until you find the bridge in the very middle of the park, the emblem is on the side of the bridge

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