Super Street Fighter 4 – 3D Edition: Unlockable Figurine Passwords

In Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition for the Nintendo 3DS, there are various figurines you can unlock of characters.

From the main menu, select Figure Collection, then select Password. Enter one of the following passwords below to unlock the corresponding figurine.

All of these passwords are case sensitive. Note that any letter that looks like a lower case L is actually an upper case i.

Silver Figurines:
Silver Akuma Figurine – RYSsPxSbTh
Silver Balrog Figurine – PqUswOobWG
Silver Chun-Li Figurine – tLWkWvrblz
Silver Cody Figurine – naMkEQgbQG
Silver Dan Figurine – rDRkkSIbqS
Silver Ibuki Figurine – ilMsRBabpB
Silver Juri Figurine – OfQkARpbJR
Silver Ken Figurine – NyosHgybuW
Silver Makoto Figurine – GHakWCTbsl
Silver Rose Figurine – GKkkXXtbSe
Silver Sakura Figurine – uzTsXzIbKn

Golden Figurines:
Golden Blanka Figurine – DmdkeRvbxc
Golden Chun-Li Figurine – zAAkcHVbHk
Golden E. Honda Figurine – uUDsTlmbUN
Golden Guile Figurine – qeJkznDbKE
Golden Ryu Figurine – KjckTnSbwK
Golden Vega Figurine – CgIsQNWbHu
Golden Zangief Figurine – hinsVnebTu

Platinum Figurines:
Platinum Level 7 Ryu – DPrkMnybCd

Special Figurines:
Special Akuma Figurine – uQHkWgYbJC

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    • Dude says

      Vega’s Japanese name is Balrog, M. Bison’s Japanese name is Vega and Balrog’s Japanese name is M. Bison. Balrog’s Japanese name is Mike Bison but when Capcom brought it to English speaking countries they feared legal problems so they changed the names. These codes were probably from a Japanese site.

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