1. Cool page! I’ve started playing SMB3 again on my NES (it still works!), and I could not remember the levels for getting the white mushroom houses! Thanks so much,

    Just one thing to add about the White Treasure Ships: it helps to remember that you can end the level with an odd number of seconds left; just remember that the points will move up 5o. This helps immensely when you have coins that are a multiple of 11, but you can’t get more points by the 10s easily. For example, say you have 33 coins and “. . . . . 80” points. If you end at… say “2:27” versus “2:28” (any odd number really), it will bump your total points by 50–33 coins “. . . . . 30,’ wala! You get the ship. (As long as you’re in the right world 🙂 )

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