Super Mario 3D Land: How to Unlock the Final Level S8-Crown

In Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS, unlocking the final hidden level in the game S8-Crown can be quite a feat.

To unlock S8-Crown, you need to collect all 290 Star Medals, beat every level as both Mario and Luigi, and get golden flagpoles on every level.

Note that when it says “collect all 290 star medals”, that does not include mystery boxes. This means, you must collect all 290 star medals hidden in the levels of the game.

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  1. steven stanton says

    i won every level easily but the last level i used over 50 lives(i have 612 now)
    i won the last level it was very hard but it doesnt show a star on the level like on most of the levels i won

  2. steven stanton says

    i have 330 star coins.
    i played (and won the whole game) but i dont know about the last level cause there was no star coins.there was no star over the level when you complete it like on most levels. the last level was very hard i used over 50 lives (but i have 608 now)

    • AskMe! says

      well, it isnt that hard to find them, i already got all star coins in world 1 to 8 and special worlds 1 to 3 :P 5 worlds to go, even golden flagpoles too :)

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