Star Wars-The Force Unleashed: Locate Black Lightsaber Crystal

Q: Where can I find the black Lightsaber crystal in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

A: It’s in the last area of the Death Star. It’s at the very top of the room. Take a beam all the way to the very top and you will see it above one of the lenses for the laser.

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  1. younger ss says

    can u tell me a cheat for ps2 how can i get ulimtid life
    thaks yo now hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jat says

      the link for the black lightsaber crystal on wii didn’t work. can u just tell us what level and where to get it? thanks

  2. Something says

    Can’t you get the black lightsaber on wii/ps2 by getting all of the holocrons and/or lightsaber crystals including the fourth?

  3. Zymin57 says

    For wii the 3/4 red lightsaber crystals means u must find 3 since u start with one theta you can’t use after u find all 4

  4. Ethan says

    Dude, the psp version is like a dumbed down wii version. There’s no black crystal. I have played and beaten both the Wii and the PSP versions. Sorry.

  5. wowo says

    well i did this went up the lift
    then jumped over to the thing thats curvy by going a,a,lb then ran up and got it then went and killed the emperor
    also this was xbox360

  6. none says

    OK first of all there is no black crystal in the ps2 version or Wii version..The black crystal is ONLY on the 360 and ps3 ONLY!!! nothing else!! quit asking! For all those who cant read….look up at previous posts they tell you where the black crystal is!

  7. Yourmother says

    I wonder if anyone noticed that the different lightsabers have different attack power…
    Basic color- 1 (normal damage)
    Compressed- 1.5 (times normal damage)
    Unstable- 2 (Double normal damag)
    Black- 2.5 (times normal damage)

  8. shadowgaurd says

    Yo, MR.DUDE, do u know if theres a black lightsaber crystal for the ps2 version of strwrs the force unleashed, or was that just a made up story?
    If u know, plz let me know where it is.

    • TheDizle says

      I haven’t tested that version, but I would imagine it’s obtained the same way if it is. If anyone has verified this please post it.

  9. GM says

    i stacked the the rings on top of each other on the platform that the beam sits on. it took me about 7 min to do it and i believe it to be the easiest way to get thje holocron

  10. chris says

    peice of cake, just double jump then rush onto the ‘shoulder’ of the curved thing holding itup, you can then just single jump onto the holocron

  11. Cam says

    you could just take one of the firing rings and carefully place it against the long piece of metal that the holocron is on. it would look something like this ( -O_ )the holocron would be on the higher bar and you’d be on the flotation ring (the lower bar) then just jump on it and walk up it like a staircase. (careful not to throw the firing ring across the room by mistake.)

    this worked on my first try as compared to doing what i read here almost seven times. so i figured i’d post it. (sry for the long explanation)

    (and to punk – it’s the room right before the fight with darth vader)

  12. Cynic says

    Easier way to do this that doesn’t require any hard tactics is just get to the top of the grav lift (highest standing point), jump ONCE into the gravity, let it float you till the highest point, at that stage, hold forward to get out of the gravity, while still floating,and do your second jump forward towards the sphere, and do a force dash mid air. Took me about 3-4 attempts, but I got it.

  13. Mr.Dude says

    that stinks that you need to play the game over again.were you talking to me or to someone else and was what you said for me to know were the black lightsaber is for ps2????

  14. Aztek says

    Is there any level select, cos’ if there isn’t, I gotta play through the whole damn game all over again…

  15. game master says

    i just took one of the firing rings then i evened it by pushing the bottom of it against a grav ring note: hard to do then i put it in the curved thing that leads up to the crystal jumped on its edge and grabbed the crystal it took me a long time to perfect that trick

  16. Parker Vock says

    if you want the orange one get to the at-st fight on the death star and jump on the ledge to the right and it will be there

  17. Your Doom says

    Google it for the Wii, mate. And 360/PS3(? Don’t have one) users, yes, you can get there, just think like your playing one of those long ass Zelda games and figure out the puzzle, and you don’t die if you fall, so big deal. My advice: Try try try try try again, and set the difficulty to Apprentice so you don’t get owned by all the EMpirials in there(happened to me. >.<) and soon you’ll have a badass black lightsaber. Get it? Got it? Gooood.

  18. Dylan1O8 says

    Yeh but when you get all 3 red crystals on the wii version it says below the preview of the crystal: 3/4. Whats that all about and if there is a hidden red or black crystal for the wii can you PLEASE post its location as a reply?

  19. Pete says

    it’s not that hard, just frustrating. stand on the highest grav lift, the let it push you, dash in the air out of it then double jump on to the beam.

  20. Zioni says

    yeah but if I put the ring on the top of the highest grav lift it just gets sucked straight up. How did you avoid that?

  21. Nicholas Dufton says

    no easier way to get it than that use the grav lift and wait till u go to the top and it makes u rest on the side on the very top grav beam ring look at the holocron above the laser the platform it rests on has a huge curved arm extending out of it as the is supposed to support the laser beam structure you can jump on this and run along it straight to the holocron!

  22. Coxy says

    stand on top of one of the grav lifts, use force grip to pull out one of the focusing rings. (the rings the death star laser shoots threw,) carefully pull the ring towards you and rest it against the grav lift. jump on top of it and then onto the platform were the black crystal lies.

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