Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2: Unlock Secondary Lightsaber Crystals

In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 for the PS3, and Xbox 360, and Wii, you can unlock the ability to have a secondary crystal in your lightsaber.

To unlock secondary crystals, you need to complete the first ten challenges with a rating of gold or higher.

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  1. Broman says

    How do I get the secondary chaos lightsaber crystal, iv done the first ten challenges and I cant get it

  2. The Cooly says

    2nd Black crystal is acquired by completing 9th challenge in under 1:00. The other one is found during the game. There is NOT a cheat that unlocks all the crystals, you have to get gold on some of the challenges but to be honest that dont impress me, the black one disintegrates but usually right as im killing the guy anyways. both defense sabers for me, but the black ones just look awesome.

  3. Marco says

    The second black lightsaber is found on the scout trooper trial if you can get a gold on it you will get the lightsaber. But that’s is that u have star wars the force unleashed 2!


  4. ted says

    To unlock the secondary black lightsaber crystal you need to get gold on the second to last challenge which you unlock after beating the game i just got it so it works Good luck!

  5. WookieCookie says

    To get some (notice “some” not all) secondary lightsaber cystals. You have to complete challenges with a silver or gold medal. Getting Bronze gives EXP points: Silver gives cystal and EXP if not already unlocking the EXP for that challenge; Gold gives you a new costume(pretty cool blowing up people as Boba Fett); and Platinum is just awesome and gives you everything listed before. It also gives you an achievment/trophy. I thought the easiest challenge to get platinum on whats the deflection trial. BTW, just getting bronze also gets you a cinematic, but you know, what a big deal that is (yawns).

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