Soul Calibur 5: How to Get All Unlockables

So far there are twelve bonus stages, six bonus characters, two game modes, one fighting style, and a ton of character creation equipment you can unlock  in Soul Calibur 5 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (excluding DLC).

If you’re trying to figure out how to unlock all of them, then look no further.

Here are all of the major unlockables, and how to unlock them.

Unlockable Game Modes

Extra Route in Arcade Mode – Reach player level 17
Legendary Souls Mode – Complete Story mode with any character

Unlockable Bonus Stages

Ancient Citadel – Peacetime: Complete Episode 4 in Story mode, or reach player level 7
Astral Chaos – Crossing Points: Reach player level 25
Astral Chaos – Pathway: Fight Alpha Patroklos in Quick Battle mode, or reach player level 25
Conqueror’s Coliseum – Underground Fight: Reach player level 13
Denever Castle – Assualt: Complete episode 18 in Story mode, or reach player level 18
Denever Castle – Eye of Chaos: Beat Pyrrha Omega in Story mode
Last Rites on the Battleground: Complete episode 18 in Story mode, or reach player level 40
Penitentiary of Destiny: Beat Kilik in Arcade mode or Legendary Souls mode
Tower of Glory – Most Holy Dichotomy: Beat Angol Fear in Arcade mode or Legendary Souls mode
Tower of Glory – Spiral of Good And Evil: Beat Edge Master in Arcade mode or Legendary Souls mode
Unknown Forest – Dark Night: Complete episode 7 in Story mode, or reach Player Level 21
Utopia of The Blessed: Beat Elysium in Story mode

Unlockable Bonus Characters

Alpha Patroklos – Complete Story mode
Algol – Beat Algol in Arcade mode or Legendary Souls mode
Edge Master – Complete Story mode
Elysium – Complete Story mode
Kilik – Beat Kilik in Arcade mode or Legendary Souls mode
Pyrrha Omega – Complete Story mode

Unlockable Fighting Styles

There is one fighting style that you can unlock for use only with custom created characters.

Soul of Devil Jin (from Tekken) – Beat Harada in Quick Battle mode, or beat him in Legendary Souls mode. Alternatively, it will unlock automatically by reaching level 5.

Unlockable Achievements and Trophies

Check out my other guides for a full achievements list and trophies list.

Unlockable Equipment for Character Creation

Equipment for character creation is all unlocked by gaining player levels.

Here is the list of equipment found so far listed by category from head to toe, with special equipment listed at the bottom (stickers, weapon effects, etc.) and with the player level you need to reach for each piece.

Head Equipment
Aviator’s Cap – Player Level 2
Butterfly Sallet – Player Level 18
Demonic Kabuto – Player Level 18
Carnival Headdress – Player Level 18
Deer Head – Player Level 2
Demonic Mask – Player Level 50
Field Work Hat – Player Level 18
Gorgon Armet – Player Level 34
Griffin – Player Level 34
Hennin – Player Level 2
Horse Head – Player Level 2
Kittymewo Head – Player Level 50
Knitted Cap – Player Level 18
Kouchu Kabuto – Player Level 2
Leviathan Burgonet – Player Level 34
Lusca Armet – Player Level 34
Medusa’s Head – Player Level 50
Menghu Helm – Player Level 18
Minotaur – Player Level 34
Old Cap – Player Level 2
Pegasus Sallet – Player Level 34
Phoenix Kabuto – Player Level 18
Prayer Helm – Player Level 2
Siren’s Helm – Player Level 34
Skull Helm – Player Level 34
Straw Hat – Player Level 2
Tiger Lily Kabuto – Player Level 50
Voodoo Crown – Player Level 18
Warlord’s Long Helmet – Player Level 2
Warthog Bascinet – Player Level 34
Werewolf – Player Level 18

Face Equipment
Aviator Glasses – Player Level 9
Big Frames – Player Level 18
Chinese Opera Mask – Player Level 9
Fox Mask – Player Level 34
Hanny’s Mask – Player Level 34
Intelligent Glasses – Player Level 50
Mask of an Ancient Tribe – Player Level 9
Phantom Mask – Player Level 18
Tengu Mask – Player Level 18
Serial Killer’s Mask – Player Level 50

Neck & Back Equipment
Angel Wings – Player Level 52
Ashigaru Flag – Player Level 52
Collar – Player Level 38
Crimson Wings – Player Level 38
Demon’s Cloak Long – Player Level 38
Demon’s Cloak Short – Player Level 22
Fur Neck Wrap – Player Level 22
Gale Cloak – Player Level 6
Pioneer’s Cloak – Player Level 6
Red Hood – Player Level 22
Snake Collar – Player Level 22
Studded Choker – Player Level 52
Wesekh – Player Level 6
Witch Doctor’s Necklace – Player Level 6

Shoulder Equipment
Demon King’s Pauldrons – Player Level 22
Demonic Pauldrons – Player Level 52
Epaulettes – Player Level 6
Gorgon Spaulders – Player Level 38
Leviathan Pauldrons – Player Level 38
Lusca Spaulders – Player Level 38
Tiger Lily Pauldrons – Player Level 52
Warrior’s Shoulder – Player Level 6
Warthog Pauldrons – Player Level 38

Arm Equipment
Adept’s Sleeves – Player Level 22
Arm Bands – Player Level 52
Arm Warmers – Player Level 6
Bladed Armlets – Player Level 6
Gorgon Gauntlets – Player Level 38
Jeweled Gauntlets – Player Level 22
Lily Armlets – Player Level 6
Lusca Gauntlets – Player Level 38
Rocker’s Gloves – Player Level 52
Studded Bracelets – Player Level 22
Succubus Gauntlets – Player Level 22
Voodoo Armlets – Player Level 22
Warthog Gauntlets – Player Level 38
Wide-Opening Gloves – Player Level 6

Undergarments (Female)
Black Tights – Player Level 10
Bustier – Player Level 22
Dancer’s Breastplate – Player Level 6
Loincloth – Player Level 26
Mini Dress – Player Level 6
Mummified – Player Level 22
Tear Leotard – Player Level 38
Tear Unitard – Player Level 22
Tiger Lily Stockings – Player Level 42
Triangle Bikini – Player Level 52

Undergarments (Male)
Body Hair – Player Level 22
Boomerang Briefs – Player Level 10
Loincloth – Player Level 26
Mummified – Player Level 22
Silk Wrap – Player Level 10

Upper Body Equipment (Female)
Dancer’s Top – Player Level 22
Frilled Apron – Player Level 52
Glossy Top – Player Level 52
Kittymeow Suit – Player Level 52
Off The Shoulder Dress – Player Level 6
Mini Chinese Dress – Player Level 38
New Centurion – Player Level 9
Rocaille Suit – Player Level 22

Upper Body Equipment (Male)
Kittymeow Suit – Player Level 52
New Centurion – Player Level 6

Upper Body Covering (Female)
Archery Breast Plate – Player Level 22
Demonic Gear – Player Level 52
Fur Coat – Player Level 6
Fur Vest – Player Level 6
General’s Armor – Player Level 22
Leviathan’s Cuirass – Player Level 38
Long Leather Coat – Player Level 6
Lusca Cuirass – Player Level 38
Menghu Cuirass – Player Level 22
Tiger Lily Breastplates – Player Level 52
Voodoo Breastplate – Player Level 22
Warthog Cuirass – Player Level 38

Upper Body Covering (Male)
Demonic Gear – Player Level 52
Fur Coat – Player Level 6
General’s Armor – Player Level 22
Gorgon Cuirass – Player Level 38
Leviathan Cuirass – Player Level 38
Long Leather Coat – Player Level 6
Lusca Cuirass – Player Level 38
Menghu Cuirass – Player Level 22
Warthog Cuirass – Player Level 38

Hip Equipment
Babarian’s Wrap – Player Level 10
Chains – Player Level 10
Demonic Fauld – Player Level 42
Gorgon Fauld – Player Level 42
Lusca Tassets – Player Level 42
Magus Fauld (Female Only) – Player Level 26
Short Apron – Player Level 26
Tiger Lily Fauld – Player Level 42
Voodoo Fauld – Player Level 26
Warlord’s Belt – Player Level 10
Warthog Fauld – Player Level 42

Lower Body Equipment
Chiffon Skirt – Player Level 10
Flared Mini Skirt – Player Level 42
Glossy Leggings – Player Level 26
Pleated Skirt – Player Level 26
Slit Short Slops – Player Level 26
Were Pants – Player Level 10

Feet Equipment
Back Lace Boots (Female Only) – Player Level 10
Gorgon Greaves – Player Level 42
Horse Legs – Player Level 10
Menghu Boots – Player Level 26
Laced Boots – Player Level 10
Leg Warmers Cloth – Player Level 42
Leg Warmers Fur – Player Level 26
Lusca Sabatons – Player Level 42
Prisoner’s Shackles – Player Level 26
Succubus Boots – Player Level 26
Tiger Lily Greaves – Player Level 42
Voodoo Greaves – Player Level 26
Warthog Boots – Player Level 42
Western Boots – Player Level 10

Specialized Equipment
Ant Antennas – Player Level 14
Ball – Player Level 14
Bat Wings – Player Level 30
Box – Player Level 14
Butterfly Antennas – Player Level 30
Cat Tail – Player Level 30
Centurion’s Plume – Player Level 46
Cogwheel – Player Level 14
Cone – Player Level 14
Cylinder – Player Level 14
Demon’s Horns – Player Level 46
Demon’s Tail – Player Level 46
Elf Ears – Player Level 46
Feathers of Strength – Player Level 30
Helmet Ornament Iris – Player Level 30
Pure Ring – Player Level 46
Pyramid – Player Level 14
Rabbit Ears – Player Level 30
Snake Horn – Player Level 30
Thunder God’s Drums – Player Level 46
Turtle Shell – Player Level 46
Vicious Horns – Player Level 14

A New Rose  – Player Level 60
Bow  – Player Level 60
Bullet Hole Scar  – Player Level 60
Chinese Characters  – Player Level 60

Weapon Effects
Angel Pack – Player Level 58
Demon Pack – Player Level 58

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  1. says

    In order to unlock all the custom character equipment, simply level your character profile to 100. You will have armory collection at 100%, DLC and pre-order bonuses do not count towards it. The fastest way to level up is by running through arcade mode on normal through whatever route you desire and don’t lose any battles or rounds at all. The reason why this levels you up faster than quick battle is obvious, you get more points each round and a bonus 200 for completing it. Quick battle gives you a max of 108 per battle, Arcade mode gives you a max of roughly 130 each battle so long as you don’t lose a round.

  2. Raikou says

    If you are looking for a good way to “grind” levels in quick match. I found a character named WINGHILL who is inexplicably level B5. If you use natsu or a character with the Soul of Natsu style you will almost certainly win every match. Heres how… WINGHILL uses Astaroth’s style in that really cheap way where he is constantly rushing you (there are other characters like this but I’m not sure if it works on them) all you have to do is stand there and guard and as soon as you block his rush unleash natsu’s Scroll of Darkness attack (B+A its set to R1 or RB automatically I think) it pretty much scores a hit every time. your guard will eventually break but just hold down guard and, more than likely youll still guard his next rush. He throws a little bit but you should still pull out a win. Good Luck :)

  3. noah says

    how to unlock all characters and weapons in soul calibur 5 in one cheat to unlock every thing in characters creation in one cheat code.

  4. Daylight says

    Uum you can’t find a list of the unlockable weapons for this game anywhere on the internet…

    • MegaGrassman says

      that wasn’t a reply it bugged, and you cant unlock weapons, you can use a couple different weapons for your create a character

      • Raikou says

        certain weapons do eventually unlock, I’m not sure if it’s based on your level or just how many times you use a character but you can unlock the master’s weapons (which are the unique weapons the edgemaster uses to impersonate character styles) and I beleive some others

  5. Aidan says

    Just a heads-up to anyone wondering how to get 100% armor completion, you have to buy the Collectors Edition to get two special armors: White knight armor, and Dark knight armor. That should solve the confusion.

  6. marco says

    I have seen the exact same list posted on many sites, but I don’t think this is a complete list. I have 94% customization equipment unlocked at level 64. This list only shows unlocks up to level 60.

    • Pulsecrawler says

      I think it’s weird too Marco. I am level 63 and I haven’t received any new equipment for the last three times I leveled. Usually it’s at least every other level am I right ? I don’t know if I should just keep playing arcade ladders over and over again on normal difficulty, or jack it up to hard and see if I unlock anything, and then try Legendary Souls mode. Do you even get any equipment unlocks from LSM ? It’s just frustrating to be working blindly towards a goal when you are so close to hitting 100%

    • chance2be says

      Im at leval 69 and mine says that i have unlocked only 95% and so far i havnt found a list that goes farther then leval 60 also

  7. Prince Oji says

    theres a variety of weapon effects that are unlocked later on.
    such as the comic pack and the japanese version of the comic pack.

    uppppdate yourrrr infooooo

    • Emmy says

      Actually you can. I unlocked him in Arcade Mode. Where it says Standard, you switch it until you see ‘Extra’. He’s the last one you fight.

    • Paul says

      Actually in Extra Arcade you do have to fight him the first time through, you can do that with Kilik as well by going through the Asia Route.

  8. Sean says

    Am I the only one who noticed they didn’t put a gallery in this game? Is it something I have to unlock, or is it actually not part of the game?

  9. Jordan says

    kinda diapointed in how many characters are left out. i know they are the same for the most part but i still wish cassandra and sophitia were still around.. i find it dumb how alot of characters were left out, talim, seung mina, zassalamel.. sorry if i butchered that., im sure there are more but i cant recall them all, maybe in the future some DLC will bring them back or at least let us make customs with those styles.

    • Aidan says

      Well if you didnt know already, this game takes place at least 17 years after soul calibur 4, so they couldnt add everyone from 4 to 5…

      • Tracy says

        That comment dont make a whole lot of since. So 17 years later alot of the characters have been replaced with exact look a likes of themselves. Cervantes is human again and younger and Killik Ivy Mitsurugi all of em havent aged a day. Dont make since if they wanted to go that route shoulda started fresh not just take out some really good characters and replace them with gayer clones and 3 characters with the charade style of fighting. I love the char customization but as far as original characters this game pissed me off

        • Jared says

          The three charade styles are bloody useful. You can either use all styles, only male styles, or only female styles. I miss some of the characters that were left out, especially Mr. Zassasawhosit, but I like the distinctive charade styles.

    • Christian says

      yah setska too. now alpha patrokolas has her fighting style but it’s wacker than shit since it’s not her with the sword concealed in her umbrella. if you ask me soul caliber 5 was a fail. Im glad i only rented it. 3 and 4 were better than 5 i think.

      • Raikou says

        Yeah, Screw cantinuity or story I want my old characters back, except for Taki, Natsu beats her by a mile, the rest of them I miss though, Yoshimitsu 2 isnt as cool as his da.

    • ashley says

      they are unlocked as pre-order they are codes for white knight and dark knight creation items not sure if they can be unlocked from gameplay

    • Mike says

      IIRC one weapon for Natsu, Xiba, Leixia and Maxi each are unlocked when you defeat them in Story Mode (Xiba’s weapon is Kali-Yuga, no less).
      Master Weapons are unlocked at level 25.
      An assortment of weapons for all fighters is unlocked at level 41. Can’t give you all the names off the top of my head, but I remember that Nightmare gets Chrome Blade (a plain-looking sword), Mitsurugi gets Shishi-Oh (colorable), Ivy gets Viper Blade and Leixia gets No-Name (Xianghua’s weapon from SC4).
      Joke Weapons are unlocked at level 53.
      There’s also one more set unlocked before Master Weapons, but I don’t remember at which level (10 maybe? All I know that it’s very early.) – Raphael gets Amy (his ultimate weapon from SC4), Sieg gets “Soul Calibur (Hidden)” (kinda “Protoss” looking), Leixia gets “Sapara” (a khopesh) and Ivy gets Alraune or Kaleidoscope (I don’t remember which one).

    • Miasmahex says

      because he isnt a Soul Calibur based character, he is a guest, the only reason you can use JIN is because he is a guest soul…

  10. Jimmy says

    How does one unlock the Soul Calibur 4 suit you see on Siegfried and Nightmare in Legendary Souls? By far my favorite look for those 2. Thanks

  11. Gee says

    I notice a fighting style when I was playing as edge master similar to setsuka from soul calibur 3 is there anyway to unlock it?

    • Jordan says

      i dont know if its just me but he spams a uppercut that knocks you back, i have noticed that in hard mode and ledgendary souls that the bots spam the same moves either they took game input from testers or they do crap like that for laughs, either way its annoying i would rather get my ass whooped by a awesome combo instead of a flurry of power upercuts

    • chad says

      Use xiba and hold back and keep pressing y, thats how i did it and it hits almost everytime, i even got a perfect on him doing that

  12. Darrell says

    When i go to the stage BGM selection menu, I have 1 stage that is still “Locked”, but I have all the stages you listed above. I beat the story mode, have all characters and am level 24.
    It’s between the stages ‘Astral Chaos’ and ‘Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy’ in the BGM options menu. Does anyone know what it is?

    • Darrell says

      Nevermind. I am just a fool who misread… I have ‘Astral Chaos’, but I did not have ‘Astral Chaos: Pathway’ that you actually listed already. ^^;

  13. Brennan says

    As of this typing, no this is false. I haven’t bumped into Harada yet, and I still managed to get the Devil Jin fighting style while going through Story mode.

  14. pouchcotato says

    i just unlocked soul of devil jin myself. i did it while in story mode right after hitting level 5. i have yet to play against said fighting style

  15. demonlordraiden says

    I have not once fought another Devil Jin, and git it upon level 5. Dual condition? Also, is there an easy way to make Angol Fear show up?

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