SimCity 5 (2013): DirectX Setup Error – An Internal Error Occurred

I’ve been a SimCity player since the very first version, so naturally I had to check out the latest edition of SimCity, which is SimCity 5 (the 2013 edition).

DirectX is required for this game, and when I ran the installer it failed once it got to the DirectX installation for some reason throwing up the following error: DirectX Setup Error: An internal error occurred.

SimCity 5 Installation Error: DirectX Setup Error - An Internal Error Occurred

Once you hit OK, the installation just stops and there isn’t any more information.

The fix for this is pretty simple though. All you need to do is follow this link to Microsoft’s DirectX download page.

Download the file on the page, and run the installation. Once that is complete, try to run the SimCity 5 installation again, and it should complete without any problems.

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  1. RoeM says

    Got it fixed! Instal and at 25% mark when you get error goto Taskmanager and choose end process for the directx installer; it will promt you to restart and after the restart instal again, now it will complete to 100% :)

  2. RoeM says

    Didn’t work for me Jamie, even when I oper directx in the folder and without the cab files it still errors out when I run the exe. My directx web initaller says I’m current.

  3. Ming says

    I successfully installed the game but i got directx error when run it, the game cannot be started and error box showed the directx cannot be used

  4. Jamie says

    Hey I fixed the problem, first install the game and after you get the error, go into your install directry here/ simcity/_installer/directx and delete all cab files there, then just leave the 2 dll files and the exe. Then click on the exe file and after it installs, go back and hit install on sim city so it can begin where it left off, it will jump past the 25% mark and finish installing.

    Make sure you also have direct x web installer current.

  5. RoeM says

    I have the same issue, directX error at 25% of installation. I have tried everything. I am running Windows 7. Everything is up to date including graphic card drivers. I’m very frustrated, spent $60 and it wont even intall. They wont reimburse me either…

      • Trinity says

        No. I got the following error:

        DirectX setup has determined that a newer or equivalent version of DirectX has been installed already. No installation is necessary. I even tried to download DirectX 9 as I’m running DirectX 11 and I believe it is not supported. Not sure what else to do…

        • says

          I’m guessing you’re on Windows 7, DirectX can’t be uninstalled in Windows 7 and you definitely can’t install version 9 on it either.

          It sounds like it might be more of a driver issue. Try to update your video card drivers, or uninstall and reinstall them. Also make sure you’re on the latest service pack for whatever version of Windows you’re on, and try the DirectX update again after all of those are updated.
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