Resident Evil – Operation Raccoon City: Multiplayer Tips

Walking Dead is done until fall, so where are you gonna get your brain stomping, gut ripping, zombie killing freak on? That’s right.. multiplayer in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City!!

Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you take names, while avoid having to change yours to “piss your pants zombie #1″.

The Best Multiplayer Characters

Of course anyone can like any class, but for pure ass kicking check out the highly overpowered assault class (Lupo and Dee-Ay). Level three will give you the ability to nullify five complete attacks, and boost your attacks by up to 30%.. Come get some!!!

Also the guns blazing ability allows you to not expend ammo…Schweet and Schweaty! Try with a nube toob to really bring the hate out of people!

Cheap Kills!!! (Gotta get that ratio up!)

Explosives: You can basically toggle explosions to keep anyone from getting up before becoming kibble. Note: This can be stopped with the demolition ability Blast Armor. Try following up an explosion with a Close Quarters Combat Kill.

Knifing: Jack the knife button like a 13 year old on Viagra to slash a target and stun them. Continue to slash for an easy kill. They’ll get the point!

Easy Player Kills (How to camp like a champ)


In Survivor versus mode, wait for the ghetto bird to land and post up like a light pole to smoke all the fools trying to hop a ride. This is a great way to get some easy kill streak achievements.

Now show those flesh puppets who’s boss, and post some comments with your own tactics!

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