Resident Evil 6 (RE 6): How to Use and Combine Herbs

Using and combining herbs in Resident Evil 6 is a little different than it was in Resident Evil 5.

You still have the standard green and red herbs, but they magically turn into pills now (it’s a pill society right?) instead of one shot health.

When you pick up a green herb in Resident Evil 6, it stays in your inventory until you either turn that herb by itself into a single health tablet by putting it in the pill case, or combine it with another herb to make more tablets. Red herbs still can’t be used by themselves.

When you click on an herb in your inventory, it presents you with multiple options. You can either put it into your pill case to get one health tablet, combine it with another herb, or discard it.

You don’t want put a single green herb into your pill case unless it’s an absolute emergency, because you only get one health tablet from it. At a minimum, you should always mix two green herbs together, which will net you three health tablets. Combining a green herb with a red herb will net you six health tablets instead, which is the optimum combination.

Even after you combine herbs to get tablets, you still have to select the tablets you have made and place them into the pill case so that you can use them.

Once you place the tablets into your pill case you’ll see a number above your health bar in the HUD, which is the number of health tablets currently in your case.

If you have health tablets available, press RB on the Xbox 360, or R1 on the PS3 to use a single health tablet and restore one bar of health per tablet.

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