Resident Evil 6 (RE 6): How to Unlock Infinite Ammo Cheat

Resident Evil 6 couldn’t be a Resident Evil game without an infinite ammo cheat to give you an unlimited supply of ammo (that there never seems to be enough of), so how do you unlock the infinite ammo cheat in Resident Evil 6 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360?

Well, you may have noticed an infinite ammo option that can be turned on from the start of the game, however this simply allows infinite ammo to be used in a game, it doesn’t give you infinite ammo for a weapon.

Infinite ammo has to be purchased for each weapon, and this time it takes up a skill slot for that weapon.

In order to purchase the infinite ammo skill for a specific weapon, you have to complete all four campaign stories. That means beating the game with Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jake Mueller, and the unlockable story for Ada Wong as well.

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  1. Cory says

    Me and my girlfriend played through all the campaigns together to unlock infinite ammo. However, when we started over to play again I was able to get the unlocks for ammo but she was not. Why is this?

    • says

      There are several possible reasons. Everything has to be done independently on each profile. I would suggest logging in on her profile alone and starting up the game. Make sure it has registered that she’s completed all levels, and complete any that didn’t register as being completed, if any. Make sure her specific guns are fully upgraded. Make sure she purchased the infinite ammo unlock for that gun, etc. Walk through the whole process on her profile and you should figure out why it’s not working.

  2. Drew says

    I was wondering why I hadn’t got infinite ammo yet! Almos done with Ada’s campaign so almost there! Thanks for the notes =]

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