Resident Evil 5: How to Unlock Special Weapons

Q: How do you unlock the special weapons in Resident Evil 5, like the Gatling Gun, or the Longbow?

A: Most weapons in Resident Evil 5 are unlocked gradually as you progress through the game, but a few of them are only unlocked by fully upgrading specific weapons.

All of the special weapons are unlocked by fully upgrading the very first weapon in that particular group. For instance, the Longbow (in the rifle group) is only unlocked by fully upgrading the S75 Rifle (the first rifle available in the game).

I have noticed that most of these can not simply be fully upgraded automatically, some of the upgrades unlock as you progress through the story, so don’t expect to unlock Chris’ Gatling Gun in the first few stages of the game, it’s just simply not happening.

Here is a list of which weapons you get, and which weapons you have to upgrade to get them:

  • Gatling Gun (Chris only) – VZ61 Machine Gun fully upgraded
  • Longbow (Sheva only) – S75 Rifle fully upgraded
  • Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun – Itacha M37 Shotgun fully upgraded
  • M93R Pistol – M92F Pistol fully upgraded
  • S&W M500 Magnum – S&W M29 Magnum fully upgraded

If you’re trying to get unlimited ammo for all of your weapons, I would suggest starting with the S&W M29 Magnum, since the firepower when it is fully upgraded will kill about any regular mob with one hit. This combined with its unlimited ammo cheat and you have one hell of a weapon. Not only that but you’ll unlock the S&W M500 at the same time, so it’s a win-win.

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  1. lahekutt says

    I upgraded the m92f to the max. I checked it and i didnt get the m93r. I upgraded the m92f to the max bunch more times but still nothing. I even bought infinte ammo for it

    • says

      I know it works because I have used all of these, however it’s been a long time since I’ve played this one. If I remember correctly, after it’s unlocked you still have to purchase the weapon, but I’m having a hard time remembering where you get it at. I feel like it’s available for purchase in the normal place you purchase new weapons after it’s unlocked.
      Donny (admin) recently posted..Dead Island: Riptide – Regular and Secret Achievements ListMy Profile

      • lahekutt says

        Well im thinking of upgrading it again at taking it into a game and then quitting maby then i will get the m93r. Il let u know what happens.

  2. jamster says

    so basically if you get the gatling gun it will have infinite ammo well if that’s the case if i get the campain will be simple

  3. cody says

    i have leveld up the first sniper rifle and an still not able to get the bow i have also levled up the first machine gun and still didnt get any thing

    • says

      What level are you on, and what character are you playing as? You won’t get access to all upgrades until later in the game. This method works, I’ve unlocked and upgraded every weapon in the game.

  4. Stu says

    @William To equip Chris Redfield with this weapon, you must fully upgrade the Škorpion Vz. 61(First machine gun) and have completed all chapters. Only after completing these two tasks will the Gatling Gun become available to purchase for 50,000 gold, find it on the item management section before you start the game. Happy uroboros hunting XD

  5. The Real Slim Shady says

    Dizle u dont hav to b playin as sheva to buy the longbow…n u dont need to play as chris to buy the gatlin gun…u just hav to b that character to equip it but can buy it as either person.

  6. William says

    I have allredy beten the game like 10 times and just upgraded the vz61 gun and still dident get the Gatling gun do I have to beet the game with the gun fully up graded

    • TheDizle says

      Did you fully upgrade the VZ61 to where it can’t be upgraded any further? It doesn’t automatically give it to you, it makes it a purchasable weapon for $50,000.

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