Resident Evil 5: How to Unlock Alternate Costumes for Sheva

In Resident Evil 5, Sheva has two costumes that are unlockable for the primary story mode.

Sheva’s Clubbin Outfit – To unlock this outfit, simply beat the game on any difficulty.

Sheva’s Tribal Outfit – To unlock this outfit you have to beat the game on any difficulty, and collect at least 30 BSAA emblems during story mode.

Once this criteria is met, you should see them as purchasable for 0 points in the Bonus Features section. Once they are purchased, you will be able to select them in the Special Settings section.

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  1. shawn says

    if you have gold edition will not work to unlock shevas or jill(who ever your playing with)FYI jill with the tribal outfit she is hot any way to get the tribal outfit you have to beat the game you have to beat the game on veteran or higher, to unlock chrises whatever outfit beat the game on professional for a littlemore information send me a friend request my gamer tag is assasinmaniac19 thats excakly how you spell and ill tell you how to get the samurie edge thats the gun wesker has so contact me on xboxlive

  2. guest says

    well bran u need 30 bsaa symbols for some sutff and 25 for other stuff if u really want it just get it for merencary or if story just look up at youtube

  3. Bran says

    I finished the game and found 26 BSAA symbols. For some reason the additional costumes for Sheva and Chris don’t show up in the bonus features as options. I have the gold edition, does that change things?

  4. Jacob says

    Thank you this was very very helpful in my hunt to fully beat the game with everything unlocked thank you for your help.

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