Red Dead Redemption: Unlock the Buffalo Rifle

In Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Xbox 360, you can unlock one of the most powerful rifles in the game called the Buffalo Rifle by completing one of the Ambient Challenges. It has the highest power value, but is slow to reload and can only holds one shot at a time so you have to make your shots count.

Don’t forget to use Dead Eye to instantly reload your weapon, especially for slow loading weapons like this one.

In order to unlock the Buffalo Rifle, you simply need to complete Master Hunter rank 5, then you can buy it from any gun shop.

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  1. myself says

    to armando, dude i haven’t unlocked it yet, but try going to thieves landing, or armadillo. i think those are the only two places that you can get the gun.

  2. chocdake says

    if your honor is as low as it can go how do you raise it higher i constantly kill people in thieves landing an the law doesnt get on you.

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