Red Dead Redemption: Treasure Map Locations

In Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Xbox 360, there are treasure maps scattered all over the land to find for the ambient challenge Treasure Hunter. Rank five in Treasure Hunter will give you free stage coaches, and rank ten will allow you to carry twice as many consumables.

Here is a list of the treasure maps you’ll need to find to gain ranks in the Treasure Hunter challenge:

Level 1 – Obtained in a random event by saving a treasure hunter from bandits, which starts the challenge
Level 2 – Located at Hanging Rock, go to the north side and look for a gap between the rocks
Level 3 – Located at Del Lobo Rock, slide down the south face to a ledge below to find it
Level 4 – Located at Tumbleweed’s Mansion in the cellar on the north wall, below a skull
Level 5 – Located at Rio del Toro near the stone wall, by the cow skulls tree
Level 6 – Located at Crooked Toes in the tallest spire there
Level 7 – Located at Ojo del Diablo on a cliff
Level 8 – Located at Roca de Madera Cliffs at one of the dead ends
Level 9 – Located at Broken Tree near the broken wall
Level 10 – Located at Nekoti Rock in the cave on the cliff

Note that the treasure you find at each location has no real use other than selling for money.

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