Red Dead Redemption: The Best Horses and Their Locations

In Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Xbox 360, there are a few horses that stand far above the rest. If you’re looking for the best horses in the game, then look no further.

Kentucky Saddler – This is a goldish colored Palamino looking horse. It’s a fast, all around well balanced horse with good stamina. Caught primarily around Cholla Springs. If you bring up your map, you literally look around the area where the words “Cholla Springs” are printed. Can also be found north-east of Armadillo near Rattlesnake, though you can wait and get one as a mission for Bonnie as well.

Hungarian Half-Bred – This is an all white horse with good speed. It’s not quite as fast as the Kentucky Saddler or the American Standardbred, but has the highest stamina of the three. It can be found primarily near Nuevo Parioso in Mexico, or just south of Punta Orgullo. They can also rarely be seen south of Armadillo near Two Crows.

American Standardbred – This the fastest horse in the game, but has less stamina than the other top tier horses. It’s an all black stud, typical “bad ass” horse depicted in the movies, and naturally rather hard to break.. but well worth the effort. Can be found in the great plains near Blackwater, in the Tall Trees area by the lake, and in West Elizabeth east of Manzanita. Also spotted a little north west of Thieves Landing. Usually roams at night, so they’ll be tough to spot.

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  1. Xi Nk AsSaSsInZ says

    I found the American Standardbred by the buffalo outside of blackwater. Only took one try to break it!

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