Red Dead Redemption: Easy Money, No Cheats

In Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 and PS3, there are a couple different ways to make easy money fairly quickly with a little bit of skill and luck.

Easy Money Playing Five Finger Fillet

To me, this is probably the least complicated way to make some quick cash. I started out doing this from the very beginning to gain a quick advantage, and it works very well.

If it’s early in the game, go to Armadillo and use the save anywhere exploit near the Five Finger Fillet knife game. Later in the game, just go to any Five Finger Fillet game you can find. You’ll have to make it through the easy guys before you can make large bets. Once you can bet $25 and up, the pattern stays the same and you can practice through this until you have the pattern down.

Once you get the pattern down, it’s extremely simple. Betting $100 each round, you can make a hundred bucks in just a few seconds by skipping all of the cut scenes. Don’t forget that you’re timed, so do it as fast as you can.

Here are the patterns for $25 to $100 bets. I’m confident that I don’t need to list the first set of patterns since they’re fairly easy, and you won’t be doing them as much.

Xbox 360: A, B, A, Y, A, X, A, B, A, Y
PS3: X, Circle, X, Triangle, X, Square, X, Circle, X, Triangle

This pattern repeats multiple times depending on the size of your bet, and always ends with the first button pressed so don’t forget that part.

One tip that helped me is to not look at the screen, only look at the buttons on the controller once you see the first button on screen light up so you know when to start. Using this method, you can probably win every single match and pocket a hundred bucks every time.

Go check out my Five Finger Fillet guide for more patterns.

Easy Money Playing Poker

If you have the Elegant Suit, you can cheat fairly easily if you’re careful and bluff your way to victory.

If you don’t know how to play Texas Hold’em at all, you might want to look up some basic playing strategies before you play. It’s a fairly easy game to pick up though, and if you can cheat effectively then you should be able to win quite a bit.

The basic strategy here is to cheat and bluff your way to victory. Let the other players increase the pot a bit, cheat to gain beneficial cards, and then bluff to make players think you have low hands by what is called “check raising” or “slow playing”.

To check raise means that late in the round when you’ve cheated to gain your good hand, and if you’re the first one to bet, you check your hand hoping someone will place a bet, and then when it comes back around to you, you raise the other persons bet by quite a bit. This will throw them off and can likely make them fold, and if not then hopefully you’ve cheated your way to a winning hand.

To slow play, once you’ve cheated your way to a good hand, you want to try to bluff the other players into thinking you have a mediocre hand and make them bring the pot up to high numbers for you to steal it. Make small bets, but not too small, and once everyone is in you come in with a monster raise and hope to make everyone fold, or hope for the big bet from a player that thinks you’re bluffing, only to win with your monster cheated hand.

These methods won’t work every time, but it only takes a couple monster wins to make a good deal of money, so keep at it.

Remember to use the save anywhere exploit here as well so that you don’t risk losing your winnings, or worse.. losing your life in a duel if you get caught cheating.

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  1. Annoying'mouse says

    Caps lock dont have to be on for entering a correct cheat however you MUST put all the marks between letters like Don’t ( The ‘ ) and also Those ( ! / ? ) But beware as using cheats is only good for friggin around because once u enable a cheat your progress
    WILL NOT SAVE wich is dissaponting :(

  2. Evan Colie says

    Another way to make easy money is to go around and find all of the treasure. Here is a link to the website I used to find them:
    It didn’t take me very long to find them after watching some of the videos, but you have to unlock certain areas by completing missions for a few of them. You should also print out this map:
    Let me know if this helps!

  3. freak lol says

    The easy way i got money was the treasure thing and got some bonus stuff from it too so i would recommend that one…

  4. DJ595 says

    Another way to get easy money is to use the cheat code for $500 then keep turning it on and off and youll quickly gain alot of money.

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