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Pokemon X and Y – How to Beat the Elite Four and Champion Diantha

In Pokemon X and Y, just like in the previous games, the Elite Four are the best four Trainers in Kalos Region.

They can be accessed in the Pokemon League to the east of Santalune City, however you will need to collect all eight Badges before you can reach them.

The game allows you take on the Elite Four in any given order and have a re-match at any given time. These four Trainers are:

Malva (Fire-Type)
Wikstorm (Steel-Type)
Drasna (Dragon-Type)
Siebold (Water-Type)

After defeating the Elite Four you can take on the Champion Diantha, which we’ll talk about near the end of this guide.

Malva (Fire-Type)

Malva will be in the top-right option that uses Fire-Type Pokemon.

Pyroar (Fire/Normal) (Level 63)

How to beat Pyroar: Its main threat is as a debuffer with Noble Roar which will greatly lower your pokemon’s attack and SP. Just use a Water or Fighting-Type to beat Pyroar.

It increases the Basic Attacks and Special Attacks damage by 50% if the opponent is of same gender and decreases it by 25% if it is of different gender.

It will NOT allow opponent Pokemon to use their Berry while the battle is going on.

Torkoal (Fire) (Level 63)

How to beat Torkoal: Again, a Water-Type pokemon should be used for this fight, try to end this fight quickly because Torkoal can greatly damage pokemon regardless of type. Its Curse power up and Earthquake combo will flatten just about anything if you let it get that far.

It has Base Happiness of 70 and Experience Growth of 1,000,000 Points. The abilities at its disposal are:

White Smoke
The abilities which slow down this Pokemon’s abilities have no effect anymore.

Shell Armor
Enemies will NOT be able to deliver Critical Hits.

Chandelure (Fire/Ghost) (Level 63)

How to beat Chandelure: Again speed is the name of the game, a Water-Type is highly recommended due to Chandelures high Sp. Attack stat, devastating move list and stab damage so you can beat him before he can unleash moves like Flamethrower and Shadow Ball.

Flash Fire
This increases the damage of Fire-Type Attacks by 1.5 times and makes it immune to all Fire-Type abilities.

Flame Body
This will allow you to have 30% increased chances of inducing enemies with BURN while using an attack.

Shadow Tag
This ability will allow you to trap a Pokémon. The enemy Pokémon will NOT be able to switch or evade the area.

Talonflame (Fire/Flying) (Level 65)

How to beat Talonflame: This pokemon uses a move called Brave Bird to sacrifice a little of its life to destroy yours. To counteract this I would suggest using a Rock-Type with a high health stat to rebuff the effects of Brave Bird and to Stone Edge Talonflame to death.

Flame Body
This will allow you to have 30% increased chances of inducing enemies with BURN while using an attack.

Wikstorm (Steel-Type)

Wikstorm uses Steel-Type Pokemon. You can find him in the top-left option. His Pokemon include:

Klefki (Steel/Fairy) (Level 63)

How to beat Klefki: Watch out if you’re using an ice or fairy type move because of its Flash Cannon will really hurt you other than that just use a firetype or anything that can cut through steel like water and you got him beat.

Speed Priority of Status category is enhanced by 1.

Probopass (Steel/Rock) (Level 63)

How to beat Probopass: A strange pokemon to be sure, the hardest part of this battle is finding a pokemon that won’t be pummeled by Probopass’s moves again though a Water-Type will be your best bet.

Sturdy makes this Pokémon immune from the One Hit Knock Out attacks.

Magnet Pull
This ability restricts the ability of Steel-Type Pokémon of running and switching.

Sand Force
The power of Ground-Type, Rock-Type, and Steel-Type is increased by 33%.

Scizor (Steel/Bug) (Level 63)

How to beat Scizor: A very fast and strong pokemon also watch out for Bullet Punch which will always go first. With a pretty low special defense it will be easily beaten by a fire type.

The power is increased when this Pokémon is running low on HP.

This allows the movement with a Base Power of 60.

Light Metal
This allows the weight reduction by 50%.

Aegislash (Steel/Ghost) (Level 65)

How to beat Aegislash: This Pokemon has a defensive and offensive stance but always starts in its defensive stance, the main goal of this fight is goading Aegislash into turning into its offensive form which can be easily beaten by anything except Normal or Fighting Types.

The only ability at this Pokemon’s disposal is that it is able to change itself depending upon the situation of the battle.

Drasna (Dragon-Type)

This woman is the bottom-left option and uses Dragon-Type Pokemon during her battles.

Dragalge (Dragon/Poison) (Level 63)

How to beat Dragalge: A mostly offensive pokemon, Ground or Dragon types will have the best time with Dragalge just watch out for its Dragon Pulse and Thunderbolt.

Poison Point
This ability allows you character to induce the enemy with Poison by 30%.

Poison Touch
Melee Attacks have 20% more chances of injecting Poison in the enemies.

Altaria (Dragon/Flying) (Level 63)

How to beat Altaria: Has a move called Sing which has a 50/50 chance to put your pokemon to sleep. Other than that all you have to do is use a couple ice moves to beat Altaria down.

Natural Cure
Statuses like Sleep, Poison, and Freeze are cured with this ability.

Cloud Nine
It renders all the weather effects useless.

Druddigon (Dragon) (Level 63)

How to beat Druddigon: A monster when it comes to destructive power, it will use physical attacks to stomp on your pokemon with the move Revenge. With a very low special defense just use some Sp. Attack to beat Druddigon.

Sheer Force
Moves which have a secondary effect get 33% enhanced power.

Mold Breaker
It renders the effects of other enemy attacks to minimal, thus; reducing damage.

Rough Skin
The enemies are damaged by 1/16th of its maximum Hit Points.

Noivern (Dragon/Flying) (Level 65)

How to beat Noivern: An Incredibly fast pokemon that uses Super Fang to weaken your pokemon, Ice –Type moves will beat Noivern even more so than Altaria

Your Pokémon will be able to see the items that enemies are holding.

The protections and stat boosts by the enemies are useless.

Siebold (Water-Type)

Siebold is the bottom-right option and uses Water-Type Pokémon during the battles.

Clawitzer (Water) (Level 63)

How to beat Clawitzer: A pretty straight forward pokemon but a Water/Dragon Type so Dragons should do well.

Mega Launcher
The power of Pulse Attacks is increased greatly.

Starmie (Water/Psychic) (Level 63)

How to beat Starmie: A very fast pokemon that loves to use Surf and Light screen to debuff you. Dark-Types are best but anything that can resist water and has a lot of hp will work.

Your Pokemon will have more chances of meeting wild Pokemon.

Natural Cure
Statuses like Sleep, Poison, and Freeze are cured with this ability.

This ability allows your Pokemon to increase by 30%.

Gyarados (Water/Flying) (Level 63)

How to beat Gyarados: This pokemon is incredibly strong and becomes stronger the more it uses Dragon Dance, I would strongly recommend using a Electric-Type to punish Gyarados before it can power up.

It decreases the enemy Attack stat by 33%.

After taking out enemy Pokemon, Attack is increased by one stage.

Barbaracle (Water/Rock) (Level 65)

How to beat Barbaracle: A strong but slow pokemon, probably the easiest of the set can be beaten badly with Grass-Types but Electricity will also do well.

Tough Claws
Melee Attacks have improved damage.

This ability enhances the power of Critical Hits three folds.

Champion Diantha

You will meet Diantha in a cafe in Lumiose City. She is a Pokemon League Champion and is one of the toughest opponents in Kalos.

When you fight her with your Pokemon, know that she will leave Gardevoir last and it will always Mega Evolve.

Hawlucha (Fighting/Flying) (Level 64)

How to beat Hawlucha: Can and will hurt you regardless of your type and will power itself up with Sword Dance but has a fairly poor Speed and Sp. Defense so Psychic and Electric Types will do good damage.

Pokemon cannot be paralyzed while having this ability.

Speed is doubled once the held item is consumed.

Tyrantrum (Dragon/Rock) (Level 65)

How to beat Tyrantrum: Another high attack low defense pokemon that can be beaten fairly easily if you hit it with Ice or Fairy-Type moves early in the match.

Strong Jaw
It gives the Pokemon tremendous biting power.

Aurorus (Ice/Rock) (Level 65)

How to beat Aurorus: As the teams buffer it will use Light Screen and reflect to strengthen itself and others, Fighting-Types should do well but make sure to use Brick Break to counter the defenses Aurorus uses.

With this ability, normal-type moves become Ice-type moves.

Gourgeist (Ghost/Grass) (Level 65)

How to beat Gourgeist: Has a very strange move called Trick or Treat that turns your pokemon into Ghost-Types and then uses Phantom Force to destroy any and all ghosts on the field. The name of the game here is speed, use fire to beat Gourgeist before he can u.se Trick or Treat

With this ability, there is a 10% chance of finding and holding an item after battle.

This ability reveals opponent Pokemon’s held item.

Goodra (Dragon) (Level 66)

How to beat Goodra: A strong but slow pokemon, you should use a fast dragon type to punish Goodra with Dragon-Type moves and take the victory.

Sap Sipper
Whenever you hit the Pokemon by grass-type move, it will raise one stage and user will receive no damage from grass-type attacks.

All status effects – Burn, Paralysis, Sleep, Frozen and Poison are healed when raining.

Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) (Level 68)

Be aware that Gardevoir will mega-evolve into Mega Gardevoir every time you fight it, so be prepared for a tough battle.

How to beat Gardevoir: This pokemon is always the last you battle and will always mega evolve so be prepared. Mega Gardevoir is strong, fast, relentless, and will destroy Dragon or Dark types with ease thanks to its Moonblast ability. Try using Steel-Types with Physical moves because of Gardevoir’s lacking Defense stat and you should have the win.

It transfers its status effect to its opponent however, there are some exceptions. For example, fire-type and water Veil ability Pokemon cannot be Burned, Poison-type and Steel-type and Immunity ability Pokemon cannot be Poisoned, and Limber ability Pokemon cannot be Paralyzed.

With this ability, special ability becomes as that of the opponent. To restore its original ability, you will have to take the Pokemon out of the battle. In a double battle, a random opponent’s ability will be copied.

It’s a hidden ability which prevents damage from team-mates during Double and Triple battle.

Rewards for Beating Elite Four and Champion Diantha

Right after the game is done you will find yourself back Vaniville Town. Outside your old house Shauna will be waiting to trade her starting pokemon with you for absolutely any pokemon ( this is an excellent chance to get rid of some of the junk pokemon you have been collecting for your pokedex).

Fly to Lumiose City and head towards Lumiose Station, when you enter Sycamore’s assistants will upgrade your pokedex which will allow all to catch any pokemon that has ever existed.

Talk to Prof. Sycamore on the platform in Lumiose Station and he will give you a TMV pass which will allow you to travel to a whole new area.

Head for the Pokemon Lab in Lumiose City and speak to the scientist by the control panel to receive a Poke Radar which will allow you to track pokemon in grass.

Lastly in Lumiose City, head to the café for a chat with the ex-champion Diantha where she offers to trade her Ralts to you for absolutely any pokemon. Ralts will be carrying Gardevoirite when you receive it.

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Sources: Marriland.com and Serebii.net for pokemon & move information.

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