Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - Legendary, How to catch, where to find, gym leaders

Pokemon X and Y – Complete Gym Leaders & Badge Guide

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without gym leaders to defeat and badges to collect, so naturally Pokemon X and Y is no different.

In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to beat all eight gyms in Kalos Region and get your badges.

We’ll also tell you how to find the Gym Leaders, specifics about their pokemon, specialties, and rewards.

Let’s get down to it, ready for the first pokemon trainer?

1. Viola – Santalune City (Bug Type)

Viola – Pokemon and Abilities

Surskit (Level 10)

Swift Swim
Your pokémon’s speed will double up during the rainy season.

Rain Dish
It enables the recovery of 1/16th HP during the rainy season.

Vivillon (Level 12)

Shield Dust
Enemy moves which yield damage will be useless.

Compound Eyes
Increases the accuracy by 30%.

How to get to Viola – Just follow the dew drops on web maze and it will lead you to the safest route to Viola

How to beat Viola – Viola’s lvl 10 Surskit might cause some problems for those of you using fire types, since it is a Water-Bug type.

The easiest way to beat Viola is to trade for a Farfetch’d named Quacklin’. He can be found south-west of the trainer school in Santalune City; you will find a hiker who wants to trade Farfetch’d for Bunnelby.

After this all you need to do is use your Aerial Ace move and beat Viola to obtain the Bug Badge and Infestation, which is basically a bug version of fire spin.

2. Grant – Cyllage City (Rock Type)

This gym is ran by Grant, which you’ll find on a Cycle Track. There are many trainers along the way and the badge will allow pokemon up to Level 40 to obey.

Grant – Pokemon and Abilities

Tyrunt (Rock/Dragon) (Level 25)


Rock Tomb

Amaura (Rock/Ice) (Level 25)

Thunder Wave

Aurora Beam

Rock Tomb

Reaching Grant – Make sure you have some pokemon who can break stones before you enter the gym; you will need it for the rock climbing to reach Grant.

How to Beat Grant – A Steel or Fighting-Type pokemon will do serious damage to both Grant’s pokemon. If you started with Torchic all you have to do is evolve it into Cumbuskan and the battle is yours if you use his fighting-type moves.

For beating Grant you will receive the Cliff Badge and the tm for Rock Tomb

3. Korrina – Shalour City (Fighting Type)

Korrina – Pokemon and Abilities

Meinfoo (Fighting) (Level 29)

Fake Out

Power-Up Punch

Hawlucha (Fighting) (Level 32)

Flying Press

Hone Claws

Machoka (Fighting/Flying) (Level 28)

Rock Tomb

Power-Up Punch

Finding Korrina – Korrina should find you and invite you to her gym. Be aware that you will have to fight all of her lackeys so have some potions on hand.

Beating Korrina – You will want to have a strong Flying, Fairy or Psychic type pokemon to deal with her fighting types.

Be careful of your flying types during the fight with Machoke as its Rock Tomb ability can 1 shot flyers.

Also you are in a race against time during this fight, as all her pokemon beef their attack and should be killed as soon as possible.

When you beat her she will reward you with a Rumble Badge and TM 98-Power-Up Punch (the power up move her pokemon use)

4. Ramos – Coumarine City (Grass Type)

Ramos – Pokemon and Abilities

Jumpluff (Grass/Flying) (Level 30)


Gogoat (Grass) (Level 34)


Weepinbell (Grass/Poison) (Level 32)


Finding Ramos-You will have to do a lot of Swinging and climbing to reach Ramos, There is really nothing to it but doing it.

Beating Ramos- The name of the game here is fire. With a half decent fire pokemon you will wreck everything in this gym. Easy victory, easy reward!

For beating Ramos you will receive the Plant Badge and TM 86-Grass Knot

5. Clemont – Lumiose City (Electric Type)

Clemont Pokemon and Abilities

Emolga: (Electric/Flying) (Level 35)

It reduces the speed of the pokemon that performs a direct attack on your Pokemon.

Motor Drive
No damage is taken from Electric-Type attacks.

Magneton: (Electric/Steel) (Level 35)

Sturdy makes this Pokemon immune from the One Hit Knock Out attacks.

Attack Power is increased by 30%.

Magnet Pull
This ability restricts the ability of Steel-Type pokemon of running and switching.

Heliolisk: (Electric/Normal) (Level 37)

Sand Veil
Escape during a Sandstorm is increased by 1.

Dry Skin
HP is restored when hit by Water-Type attacks.

Finding Clemont – This gym is a little different in that you have to answer four trivia questions before being able to fight Clemont. The first three questions are silhouettes of pokemon and you answer which one it is correctly to pass to the next.

The last question is a picture of a pokemon and you have to pick the silhouette that matches it. If you get them all correct you only have to fight four trainers before fighthing Clement.

*Note – If you want to battle more people and obtain more xp, then feel free to answer wrong for more battles.

1 .Who’s that pokemon – (Door # 3) Pikachu

2. Who’s that pokemon – (Door # 1) Fletchling

3. Who’s that pokemon – (Door # 3) Panpour

4. Which silhouette is Vivillion – (Door # 2)

Fighting Clemont – This fight might be a little tricky; to fight Emolga you will need a pokemon that has decent resistance to Electric/Flying types so no Ground type pokemon. A Grass type with a rock move should work fine.

The rest of the pokemon are pretty easily beaten with a Fighting Type. The Lucario you get before this battle should be enough to beat Clemont.

For defeating this gym you receive the Voltage Badge and TM24-Thunderbolt

6. Valerie – Laverre City (Fairy Type)

Valerie – Pokemon and Abilities

Mawile: (Fairy/Steel) (Level 38)

Hyper Cutter
Opponent will NOT be able to lower the Attack Value of this pokemon.

It decreases the enemy Attack stat by 33%.

Sheer Force
Moves which have a secondary effect get 33% enhanced power.

Mr. Mime: (Fairy/Psychic) (Level 39)

Sound Proof
Sound moves are useless while this ability is active.

Super-effective moves have 25% less damage.

This allows the movement with a Base Power of 60.

Sylveon: (Fairy) (Level 42)

Cute Charm
Injecting enemy with ATTRACT is increased by 30%.

Finding Valerie- This might take a little trial and error on the players’ part. Getting to Valerie requires you to go through a warp-tile puzzle.

Fighting Valerie - For this fight you will need at least one Electric type and one Steel type pokemon. You might be able to pull it off with a single Steel type as both Fairy and Psychic types are weak against Steel, but Valerie has a Fairy/Steel type as well which you might want to think about using an Electric type on.

For beating Valerie you get the Fairy Badge and TM99-Dazzling Gleam

7. Olympia – Anistar City (Psychic Type)

Olympia – Pokemon and Abilities

Sligilyph: (Psychic/Flying) (Level 44)

Magic Guards
No damage is taken from moves other than direct attacks.

Tinted Lens
Not effective moves have get their power doubled up!

Slowking: (Psychic/Water) (Level 45)

ATTRACT status can’t be used while this ability is active.

Own Tempo
While this ability is active; CONFUSED status move is in-effective.

33% of Hit Points are restored when you switch it out of battlefield.

Meowstic: (Psychic) (Level 48)

Keen Eye
Pokemon’s accuracy can’t be decreased.

Protections and stat boosts by the enemies are useless.

Finding Olympia – To reach Olympia you have to travel across various platforms that are positioned like on a sphere, and navigate multiple levels.

Fighting Olympia – You will a couple different kinds of pokmon for this fight.

First you should find a good Rock Type to deal with Olympia’s Slowking and Sigilyph. Then you should use a bug, or dark type to deal with her Meowstic Type.

For beating Olympia you will receive the Psychic Badge and TM04-Calm Mind

8. Wulfric – Snowbelle City (Ice Type)

Wulfric – Pokemon and Abilities

Abomasnow: (Grass/Ice) (Level 56)

Snow Warning
When this Pokémon enters; storm starts.

Sound Proof
Sound Moves have no effect.

Cyrogonal: (Ice) (Level 55)

Ground-Type moves have are useless when this ability is active.

Avalugg: (Ice) (Level 59)

Own Tempo
While this ability is active; CONFUSED status move is in-effective.

Ice Body
HP is gained in the snowy season.

Finding Wulfric-The final gym opens up after you find Wulfric hiding near Route 21. After you find him he gives you a switch puzzle where you flip switches in a different order to create a path to his gym.

Fighting Wulfric- Fire!Fire!Fire! If you couldn’t tell by now the key to victory is fire pokemon. One good Fire type should make it all the way through no problem.

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