Pokemon White: Legendary Pokemon

In Pokemon White, there are seven legendary pokemon you can catch, plus several event pokemon that will only be available one at a time for a limited amount of time. I’ll update this article as they are released.

Here is the list of legendary pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon White, plus where and when to catch them. All of these have extremely low catch rates, so always save your game and bring a ton of pokemon.

All Legendary pokemon will respawn if you knock them out simply by beating the Elite Four again.

Pokemon White Specific Legendary Pokemon


Zekrom is the legendary pokemon that is on the cover of Pokemon White and is level 50 when you encounter it.s

There can be two opportunities to catch Zekrom in the game. The first time will be in N’s Castle after you beat the Elite 4, and you’re basically forced to catch it unless your PC boxes and your party is currently full to the point you literally can’t catch it.

If you didn’t catch it on your first meeting because your boxes were full, then you can see it again at Dragonspire Tower.

You will not encounter Zekrom again in Dragonspire Tower if you caught it in N’s Castle.


After you collect all eight badges, go to Route 7 and you’ll encounter a woman that mentions something about strange weather there. Head to the Celestial Tower and you will be taken into a house and told a story about what’s going on. Once you come out, you’ll see Thundurus fly onto the screen and then fly off.

Once this happens, you’ll be able to find Thundurus in Unova. Look in any route in Unova in the tall grass while the weather is storming violently.

Thundurus is level 40 when you encounter it.

Legendary Pokemon in Both Pokemon Black and White


After encountering the legendary trio in Mistralton Cave on Route 6, you’ll find Cobalion inside of the Guidance Chamber.

Cobalion is level 42 when you encounter it.


After you get the National Pokedex, go to Giant Chasm on Route 13. Kyurem is located at the very back inside of a cave.

Kyurem is level 75 when you encounter it.


After you get the National Pokedex, and once you have both Tornadus and Thundurus in your party (with one of them being caught in your game), head to the Abundant Shrine on Route 14. Click on the shrine, and as long as you have Tornadus and Thundurus in your party, Landorus will fly down and engage you.

You will need to trade for Tornadus, since you can only catch it in Pokemon Black.

Landorus is level 70 when you encounter it.


After encountering the legendary trio in Mistralton Cave on Route 6, you’ll find Terrakion at the end of Victory Road. Requires a pokemon with Strength to access it.

Terrakion is level 42 when you encounter it.


After encountering the legendary trio in Mistralton Cave on Route 6, you’ll find Virizion in Rumination Field, which is in the eastern part of Pinwheel Forest.

Verizion is level 42 when you encounter it.

Event Only Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Black or White

Victini (Updated for December 2011 Event)

Victini is now available as a direct event item. This event will be over on December 31st, 2011 for the US version so get it while you can.

To catch Victini, you need to have a WiFi connection setup on your DS, and from the main menu connect to receive the Mystery Gift, which is now a level 50 Victini.

This version of Victini comes with a new move called V-Create, which lowers defense, speed, and special defense.

This Victini also comes with Fuson Flare and Fusion Bolt, which effect each others damage. Basically, if you can do both moves in one turn, the second will do double damage.

The fourth move that Victini comes with is Searing Shot, which is just a fire based attack that has a 30% chance to leave the enemy burned.

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  1. arrow94 says

    you can use a action replay to get any pokemon you dont need to do all the wifi stuff. go to a gamestop(eb games block buster future shop best buy) they are 20 dollars but well worth it

  2. wut says

    I will give anything for just ONE victini, even my arceus, mewtwo(shiny, has pokerus, has all ribbons, has no guard so the moves hit, and 1 hit kill moves), the event mewtwo, wonder guard sableye(shiny), reshiram, and pikachu(shiny).

  3. Commenter says

    Hey, my zekrom is level 100 and i didn’t find looker in the house. I have already found all of the seven sages, and beat the elite 4 7 times. Help?

    • Hugo says

      You go inside the middle cave at the very bottom after you are inside. Next you go to the lake in the middle(it doesn’t look like a lake to me)then you will here kyurem scream or something after that you go up and find a cave once the screen goes white he will be in the cave

  4. mr. Person Man says

    Virizion: forest
    Landorus: Shrine
    Victini: basement (ps: Victini is NOT legendary it is Mythical!)

  5. meagan says

    I have a level (and how i got them)57 zekrom(n’s castle traded and got a new one),71 sammurot(starter),50and36 zorark(got from my traded zekrom and another pokemon),1and1 zoura(breeded)

  6. Want a Mew! for Pokemon White! says

    I really want someone to trade me a (Mew) onto my white version. The downside to trading online is that you have to see the Pokemon first before selecting the option to search for someone trading a Mew in the GTS!

    I have nearly every Legendary non shiny!

    Moltres Lv50, Zapdos Lv50, Lugia Lv63, Ho-oh Lv70
    Reshiram Lv55, Zekrom Lv50,
    Suicune Lv44, Entei Lv44, Raikou Lv41,
    Groudon Lv51, Virizion Lv42, Terrakion Lv42, Cobalion Lv43,
    Mewtwo Lv88, Kyurem Lv80, Dialga Lv71,
    Giratina Lv50 and Rayquaza Lv100

    All pokemon have been traded up from previous games and online trades!
    All trades for a Mew Welcome any level!

    • pokemaster says

      for a limited time victini is available to get again. only for december 2011. this time when you use mystery gift (WiFi required) and go to the mailman (one open slot for pokemon) he’ll give you a Lv 50 victini directly. plus it knows Fusion bolt and Fusion flare making this a have to get event for pokemon masters.

  7. kyky1508 says

    is it normal to have a surfing pikachu and an flying geodude because i caught one in the forest and geodude i found in dark cave sooo am i just rare or super lucky?????????? p.s i did not use an a.r

    • Bonecrunchr says

      You find your way to a pond in the middle of Dark Chasm and it will start snowing. All the trees disappear and you can get into the cave. Bring lots of ultra balls and timer balls because it will take a while to catch it.

    • sasuke12345 says

      in a little pond walk up to it and snow will appear go up maybe over a little go in the cave and there he is lv 75 make sure to save before going in battle cause he;s super strong he’s my strongest pokemon higher than my emboar lv 80 finding the pond is difficult and it’s in twist maintain you’ll need surf to get to him

  8. TheReaper says


  9. TheReaper says


  10. PokemonFTW says

    Sorry, you’ve kinda answered this already. I knnow it will return after I beat the pokemon league again, but is there any other way it will return other than that? Kyurem.

  11. freak gamer says

    With action replay you can get all the legendaries and normal pokemons from every game in pokemon black or white

  12. TheBeastSpartan says

    lol you can trade to get the event pokemon or use an action replay, btw i caught Zekrom with a pokeball with its health being in red.

  13. Pokemon White Guy says

    So close to getting all of the legendaries in pokemon white but i still need some help. I have Zecrom,Victini,Kyurem, and that is all so i do need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. red leader says

    Having a lvl 100 Mewtwo imported form Soul Silver or Heart Gold would make the elite four look like a walk in the park. Add Zekrom and Reshiram to that and there wouldn’t be anything left in the game to challenge you. lol

    • WILLIAM says

      if you are using black trade it if using white look on the news board for storms and use a pokemon with the move mean look.

  15. Wolffe16 says

    Actually you can get Reshiram in pokemon white. You have to get Zekrom to level 100. Go home and Looker is there. He takes Zekrom for a litle while and teaches him a really good move and returns him to you a few days later and you get a second master ball. Then Reshiram is either in Dragonspire tower or in N’s castle. Beating the elite four shouldn’t be hard with a level 100 Zekrom. Reshiram should be there once you have found all 7 sages. He’s also a level 100. I’m working on it and my friend showed me him capturing Reshiram in White after doing everything I said.

  16. Freaknizzle says

    Dude to get zorou you need to have gone to gamestop and get the mystery gift celebi then take him to casetella city and to get zoroak you need to have one of the trio of johto pokemon in shiny and go to the deepest part of lostlorn forest and a woman will attack you that woman is zoroark and it will be in the shape of the pokemon that would beat the trio member you brought if entei suicune will come out if suicune raiku will come out if raiku it will be entei and ya forgot to mention that you can kill victini as many times as needed to capture him hope that clears it up

    • says

      I have articlse for Zorou and Zoroark which are different than the others. Most event pokemon you just need to download an item from wifi and follow the storyline to get them.

  17. The answer is 42 says

    @yo yo
    No. If you “kill” Cobalion it will run away for i think 24 hours. Anyway the point is, after some time if you return to the cave, he will be back there. Same with Terrakion and Virizion.

  18. yo yo says

    Will you only encounter cobalon once in the game and in that one specific cave only? Is it possible to receive another chance?

    • emolga66 says

      It is possible to recieve another chance to catch Cobalion. I know thaqt, but I’m confused on how you can get it to come back. But I know you can get another chance, if that helps!!! :D

  19. That guy says

    i think you ment Zekrom in the first legendary pokemon paragraph and not Reshiram, or can you get both of them in the game?

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