Pokemon White: How to Catch Zorua

Zorua is a special pokemon in Pokemon White that can’t be caught using regular methods.

You can only get Zorua if you have an event Celebi in your party. Take your event Celebi to Celestia City near the gates. Look for a group of two people talking, and try to talk to one of them. They will turn into Zorua, and you will be able to engage and catch it.

Zorua can be bred however, so there should be plenty of people on WiFi willing to trade them.

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  1. jake says

    hiii ppl i just retarte after finishing the game with all pokemon except zoura and zouroak ( spelt wrong i think ) any way would some one help me get it i think it looks cool
    btw i heard you can catch it but you need to catch random because it comes into battle as a pokemon like watchog or any other

    • jake says

      you need celebi to catch zoura and on marvelous bridge(think i spelt it wrong) they are to people are standing there and go talk to one of them and you will and up battling zoura.

  2. megan says

    oh and getting celebi was an event at gaamestop. i don’t really like him because he only knows one attack move and is grass phyic (spelled it wrong) and grass is weak against a lot of things.

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