Pokemon White: How to Catch Thundurus

Thundurus is a Pokemon White only pokemon that can only be caught later in the game.

After you collect all eight badges, go to Route 7 and you’ll encounter a woman that mentions something about strange weather there. Head to the Celestial Tower and you will be taken into a house and told a story about what’s going on. Once you come out, you’ll see Thundurus fly onto the screen and then fly off.

Once this happens, you’ll be able to find Thundurus in Unova. Look in any route in Unova in the tall grass while the weather is storming violently. Thundurus should be around level 40 when you encounter it.

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  1. Anonymos says

    I encountered Thundurus after a few other pokemon came up and then when I found Thundurus I used Samurott’s Razor shell. Just after that he fled from the battle. Then I found him again , used a Premier ball but it didn’t work. He fled and then the storm stopped!

  2. Jess says

    Can someone help me i encountered thundurus then put him to sleep with my pokemon using hypnosis. He fled but now every time i go to the places it says an unusual storm is the weather is normal! I check the signs again and they say hes still in that area. Did I glitch the game by putting him to sleep??

    • meow says

      keep battling in the area- he usually darts between two areas to annoy you. after a few battles, a storm will start.

    • Jakk says

      quick ball 1st try get him 2 red and put him 2 sleep, dont kno if thts necessary but i did that and got him with 1 ball

  3. Kais-isis says

    The damn friggen pokemon keeps running away from me, I get the opening move but then he flees! ive had to track it down and battle it 5 times to get it to red. Thankfully its hp doesnt restore.

  4. Pits says

    Advice: Thunderous: Quick or Timer ball,Zekrom:Ultra Ball,Kyurem: Master ball, and All rare or legendary pokemon:Ultra Ball

  5. dr.octagonapus says

    I killed thundurus and virizion {on the same day} and then I got a magicarp from a guy on a bridge. I saved and when I came back all the routes said sunny and btw what is a pokedex outbreak?

  6. anon says

    What happens if you cause it to faint? Is it true that it doesn’t come back? Does that mean I’m going to have to restart the whole game just so I can an capture him?

  7. Kylectro says

    After reading all this, i decided to try out the methods.

    After chasing Thundurus for ages while he was on Red and Asleep i decided to level up a Patrat to a Watchog to get superfang, Mean look and Hypnosis.

    Opened with Mean look. Super fang to 1 hp. Hypnosis when he woke up. I threw about 4 Ultraballs and caught him this time after many balls wasted when i was chasing him.

    Advice: Don’t use the masterball. Get a Patrat, level him with lucky egg to ~lvl38 and do the above.

  8. hazza says

    can someone help me what should i do?
    i could use mean look with my watchog or use a quickball or use mean look then quick ball but would that work?

    • Pits says

      hazza, you should do mean look then any ball but not quick ball cause it will have less chance and the quick ball is only good when you don’t use a move.

      quick ball: first try
      ultra ball: somewhere around the middle of battle
      timer ball: end of the battle
      but for thundurus and tornadus, use a timer or quick ball!

      • Pits says

        Whoops! Sorry! One more thing!
        VOLCARONA:Timer ball! I’M TELLING YOU! Volcarona’s hp was full and i got it with ONE timer ball! timer ball is the top 3 favorite ball
        Master ball: best
        timer ball:2nd
        ultra ball:3rd

  9. rensios says

    i just trhew a quick ball at it the first time i saw it but it failed. but the second time i did the same thing and gotcha!

  10. Steven says

    I was on a rainy route once, using max repels. So use max repels so that only thunderus can appear, or shaking grass pokemon. So use repels or something like that.

    • derp says

      If you kill Thundurus, then just beat the elite four and he’ll appear again. No, sadly i dont think you can get a second masterball without cheats.

  11. gamba says

    i have the 8 badges but when i’m in route 7, it’s just raining and when i pass the woman’s house she doesn’t come out of it and talk to me. can somebody explain to me what i did wrong?

    • Anonymous says

      I think you have to stand infront of her house in the rain for a bit before she comes outside. she’ll talk about how standing in the rain like that will make you sick, so she’ll invite you in.

    • iliekpokes says

      talk to the man behind the counter in the gate before route 10 and then come back. the lady will talk to you then

    • peni says

      you have to go through the passage that goes towards route 10/victory road first, someone will tell you about the storm, then do it.

    • Cronite288 says

      Once you have all 8 badges, go up from Opelucid Town and enter the gate. Keep going forwards. The man behind the counter will tell you about the storm on Route 7. Go to Route 7, and there will be a GIANT thunderstorm. When you go past the house, then the old lady comes out and invites you in.
      By the way, if Thundurus faints, where can I catch it?

  12. M3dici says

    All you need is a Wobbufett. You can catch the pokemon that evolves into Wobbufett in certain pokemon outbreaks (I forget the name of the pokemon). Its ability is shadow tag, so Thundurus is unable to run away. However, if you switch pokemon or Wobbufett faints, then its ability stops.

    If you accidently cause Thundurus to faint, does it come back eventually, or is there a way to get it back?

  13. steevoo says

    Thunderus is a slippery one, but the best thing to do is get a team going, that includes a pokemon with false swipe, one with fly, and one or two pokemon that know mean look and some move that causes sleep (like sing or hypnosis). Ok, so once you have your team, go to any scrolling sign between routes and find out where Thundurus is generally hanging out, say it says route 4. Fly to a town central to that route, and then go back and forth between all the surrounding routes, 4,5 and 16, until you find some stormy weather. search the grass for an encounter, it might take a while to encounter him, but once you do, use false swipe once each encounter (cause he’ll keep running) and then once you have done that so his health is at one hp, switch to the head of your team your pokemon that knows mean look and hypnosis, haunter is a good choice. Keep searching and once encountered, mean look first and then hypnosis. if thunderus knocks out your first pokemon after it does mean look, use hypnosis right away when you use your second pokemon, that way even if he flees he’ll be asleep when you encounter him next time. keep him there with mean look and keep him asleep and then just go nuts with ultra balls til you catch him. I had to use about 10, so make sure you’ve got lots. No need to use the master ball, just be crafty and persistent, it’ll happen.

  14. pokeexpert says

    use the masterball on him if can’t do anything else, then use the quickball on zekrom(he is a slow pokemon so it will work) i have done it and it worked but i have also used quickballs in the past so not really sure what u could use.
    or get oshawott and have it know mean look, it gets it pretty early, or get golbat from ur hacked or unhacked dimond/pearl/platinum!

    • Pits says

      Sure you can! but if you don’t find it,go where you can catch Zangoose and Seviper.It always rains there even if it’s Winter.

  15. Ammar says

    listen, what you need to get him is have a watchhog lvl 55, i caught a patrat lvl 9 and trained it until it reached that lvl. So when it is that lvl it should know the moves, confuse ray,mean look, hypnosis, and the mose hyper fang which are the greatest moves for catching him. first use mean look then hypnosis, then make his power on red and if he ever wakes up use hypnosis again, and then try to catchh him, have lots of ultra balls. and he is at the north of unove at night, and south at morning, nimbasa city is the center of unova. Hope this help!!!

  16. JaK444 says

    Does he come back at all, like if you redefeate the elite 4 in other games the roaming legendarys reappear?

  17. Iccirusguy says

    just go to Route 8 and go back n forth to the entrance of moor of iccirus . it will be guaranteed that this thundurus will appear in less than 5 cycles. when he comes, get some really powerful creature with false swipe (its a tm anyway) and thundurus will be left w/ only 1 hp. then go back and forth couple of times again and cast a thunderwave (also a tm) when thundurus appears again.After that, he will be very critical and willl be left with only 1 hp and paralyzed.

    get ur golbat (mean look)or wobufet or something so that he will not run and u will have some nice time throwing balls. Always works :D

  18. ray says

    guys, just get yourself a golbat which knows the move mean look (most of the golbats know it already). then use this move on the thundurus. it keeps it in the battle. so you can patiently throw balls at it :D
    but make sure your golbat is over lv. 50, so it doesn’t faint too fast because if it faints, the effect of mean look stops :D
    good luck :P

  19. Answer says

    its level 40 he stays in for 1 turn doesnt attack he just fled
    so use a masterball i tryed every type of pokeball and he only
    have 1 hp so best to catch it is Master Ball.

  20. dRrooG says

    yussssssss, k I just wasent traveling far enough away from the crossing point i think cuz its deff raining now : D pokegasm

  21. dRrooG says

    I lowered his health down to red, he had no status changes whatsoever, he fled from battle, ( i encountered him maybe 5 times before i got him to red) now its not raining anywhere I go, i tried going back and forth in all the spots day and night and it wont rain, B4 it had taken maybe 10 times at points for him to show up but ive been back and forth over 100 times for sure now and nothing, is there a way to check if he is gone, if so im rage quiting my game… hopefully wont come to that

  22. Thadeus says

    Once Thundurus is roaming, and its daytime not evening, go to the bridge that was lowered so you could get across to the island and fight that gym leader of the underground. You know the town. Now come away from the bridge one screen. Its the performer’s area. Go back and forth between these two areas on your bike (its quicker) until the performer area is stormy and raining (the entire screen will be stormy, you cant miss it). Ride on into the grass, tall or short (it does not matter). If a pokemon not Thundurus pops up then flee. If its still raining then continue riding through the grass. As Thundurus is encoutered bring his health down a little, he will flee each time, then save and repeat. When his health is sufficiently low and/or he has a status ailment (not poison – that’d be idiotic) use ultra balls to catch him. You most likely wont catch him the first go, it took me 17 ultra balls to get him, leaving the screen and coming back when its rainy and repeating the process. You may use repel to keep other pokemon away but it will mostly likely keep Thundurus away too until it wears off. All it takes is time and patience. Oh and dont save your game if you have killed him – he doesnt come back.

  23. jez says

    it’s a roaming pokemon that will run as soon as it can. however, if damage is causes to it, the next time you encounter it that damage will still be there. I’m not sure what happens if you were to accidentally kill it, though, so be careful!

    • zekrom & reshiram says

      if you want catch thundurus just go to the bit before route 4 where the bulinton board is then go through there and go to route 4 if the weather is not thunder do the same as above until it is thunder and then when it is just walk on the sand if u run into another pokemon just run away until u run into thundurus if the thunder stops then do the technique go to the bullinton board then go back to route 4 until u catch him. Hope this helps

  24. GATO says

    im unable to even find it. every time the route is storming i run to the grass. i encounter a different pokemon and when the battle is finished……..the storm disappears. what am i doing wrong?

  25. Anonymous says

    Is it one of those roaming pokemon that run away the instant the battle starts, or does it stand and fight? If the latter, what level is it, and what moves does it have? If the former, is it possible to transfer a pokemon holding a master ball from pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum/heartgold/soulsilver (long list, lol)?

    • Makavelis says

      Things you need.

      1. The 8 gymbadges
      2. Talk to lady on route to victory road who says unnormal weather has been reported on route 7.
      3. Go to route 7 and talk to woman. She explains about thundurus
      4. Change date and time of your ds to : 11-03-2012 time 22:30.
      5. Fly to Opelucid City and save game.
      6. Check the bulletin boards on the left side of the city.
      7. Only routes hell be on are 9 ,10 , 11. When you spot it on the board rush to it. If its gone and the boards still say it there. Use fly and fly to oplucid city again and go to route 9.Most of the times it wil be storming.
      8.Damage him bit by bit. After every attack he wil escape. When his health is so low he cant stand another attack when you meat him again. Use a quick ball as soon as you see him again. I just needed 1 ball and 3 meetings.

      (NOTE) I caught it there. Board said storm was at route 11. Used fly again and go to route 9. Everytime he was there. I damaged him 2 times til he was very low health. Then used a quickbal. And i had him with the first bal i used. 3 times meating him.

      • anonymous says

        actually while i was reading comments i just threw a quick ball at him and caught him and it was my last one too. i think he just got bored or something.

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