Pokemon White: How to Catch Ditto

Ditto has been around in Pokemon since the beginning. White a lot of older pokemon aren’t attainable in Pokemon Black and White, Ditto is still around.

Ditto can only be caught in the fields at Giant Chasm, and will be between level 53 and 55 when encountered in normal areas, or between level 63 and 65 when encountered in thick grass.

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  1. TheWarhost says

    Be aware that it’s encounter rate is low, and if it copies a form of one of your more powerful pokemon (such as legendaries), he will be proportionately harder to catch. If you go after him, bring a weaksauce one that has low natural stats, then bring other pokemon that can last in a fight and have relatively weak moves so you can get ditto at very low health. A status effect doesn’t hurt, either. It’s going to take some patience, bring lots of pokeballs, and save before you start looking.

    • TheWarhost says

      By the way, you may want to get it to copy a pokemon with poor moves, as well. If you’re curious what the big deal is, ditto is very popular with pokemon breeders because it always breeds with any pokemon of any gender, and you always get the pokemon species of the non-ditto (so I hear).

    • Juniece says

      (make sure you have a pokemon that can surf and has strength) Go to Undella town,go North and go through route 13 pass the grass area (pass the two old people and the twins)and when you reach the sandy area go north again. All the way to the end where you see the bald man with the blonde mustache. Surf on the water to your right and go north again until you reach the end and go up the stairs. Keep going north until you see a cave, go into the cave go to your right and north and use strength on the boulder, then to your left until you see some stairs and the exit. The you’re at Giant chasm, also kyurem (a legendary pokemon related to zekrom and reshiram) lives there. If you watch to capture it then look on youtube.

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