Pokemon White: How to Catch Cobalion

Cobalion is a special pokemon that you will only encounter once in Pokemon White.

After encountering the legendary trio in Mistralton Cave on Route 6, you’ll find Cobalion inside of the Guidance Chamber.

Cobalion is level 42 when you encounter it and has a low catch rate, so come prepared with the right level pokemon and a lot of pokeballs.

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  1. Unknown says

    This was the hardest pokemon to catch for me. What I did was weaken him with my HM slave Poliwhirl then I switched for a high health and def pokemon to take the dmg, then i wasted 1 dusk ball and 14 ultra balls then I finally caught it with the 15th ball.

  2. Pokemonnn says

    I have him in really bad health and he’s paralyzed and i have used 22 ultra balls and i still havent caught him!

  3. Matt says

    I used a rocky helmet equipped lv. 32 zebstrika to paralyze it with spark, and then i used flash while healing my pokemon intermittently, the rocky helmet gives decent damage so there wasn’t any need to actually attack him. once Cobalion is in the red I switched to a lv. 30 tranquill so that Cobalion wouldnt be damaged by the helmet if he managed to attack, I then used a timer ball which caught him on the second throw.

  4. Jess says


    1. Make sure you have pokemon equipped with both FLASH and SURF.

    2. Make sure you go equipped with a crapload of DUSK BALL (pref) Or a heaps of ultra balls. Have plenty of both to be safe.

    3. A pokemon with electric moves, False Swipe (So it doesn’t faint)And a Pokemon which can induce sleep.

    4. SAVE right before you battle.

    5. Escape rope, in-case you need to get out, ultimately just use some repel so none of your pokemon become unnessicarily weak before the battle

    6. Weaken, Sleep, throw many, many balls and good luck!

  5. Guest says

    I caught him with a heal ball!! First used thunder wave, and then flame charge followed by quick attacks to get him to low hp. (Used Zebstrika, level 33) :D

  6. Vincent says

    I was trying to catch this pokemon too but it was too hard to catch because it has a low catch rate. I tried many different kinds of pokeball and it’s still kept on broke free of the pokeball.

  7. Aimee says

    at first i thought it was electric when i tried to catch it, but it turned out it was like…steel, right? do you have to catch cobalion to catch the other two pokemon?

  8. Thomas says

    I have looked at a ton of videos and walkthroughs online to reach Cobalion and I have yet to figure out what I’m doing wrong. In the Guidance Chamber there are supposed to be two rocks to push inside the hole using strength. The rock that you have to reach first to push through to get to the second one is not even present on my game. It’s the rock that is closest to the back wall when you are in the Guidance Chamber. I dont know what I have done wrong. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

    • guest says

      ok easy way to catch i have caught all three of them using this method use thunder wave to parlyz. then false swipe to get down to 1 hp if in a cave use dusk ball other wise use ultra i have caught them between 1-6 balls

    • Guest says

      There are 2 floors before cobalion. Make sure u have dusk ball or nest ball and to get to him.Make sure you have flash and strength.

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